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The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge9 hours ago

Tommy James, yes the Tommy James of Tommy James and the Shondells is celebrating his 70th birthday today. Tommy has had major hits with songs like "Hanky Panky", "Mony Mony", "Crimson and Clover", "I think Were Alone Now" and many others.

Here's the interesting part. Tommy is still performing concerts today and he was pronounced dead in 1970. He collapsed after a show in Alabama in 1970 from exhaustion combined with drugs and taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. The diagnosis was a little premature.

So, aaahhh, did you ever do...

Michael Brauning Our band opened for Tommy James at the Cleveland Agora in 1976. He and his band were great. The highlight of the evening was to listen to his stories backstage- and had stories to tell about records, record-companies, recording business, the mob, music industry in general which owed him millions. At that time he was actually doing better as a garage mechanic in PA.
Pete Haffey Happy Birthday Tommy, many thanks for all the great music, Cheers, Crystal Blue Persuasion is one of the most beautiful songs in the world, and one of my all time favorites, every time I hear this song it takes my mind to a wonderful feelings
George Cothran Say what you will, but this dude could write a song. Crimson and Clover always got me turning the volume knob up whenever it came on the radio. And in my first band Mony Mony always filled the dance floor. And it was fun as shit to play on bass.
Chuck Lawhorn he should be in the R&R Hall. was on the charts right along with the Beatles and others. saw him a few yrs. back. great show! he's also a local hero here. started out in Niles Mi.
Hal Bogart Tommy, have a great birthday. You always bring the house down. No act can follow you in concert. From the norm n. nite reunion special that was later on PBS to various Moondog Coronation Balls, to your viral video dinner with Gene and Debbie where everyone sang Crimson and Clover, you still have it. Keep on rockin. Happy birthday
Steven Schraeder Solo "Draggin' The Line. Also "Do You Wanna Touch Me", more notable by Joan Jett. And originally done by Gary Glitter, which took on a creepy connotation when Glitter was arrested as perv for child porn and other offenses.....
Troy Hodges Here is something else interesting... in 8 years when the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame is inducting Beyonce and JayZ, Tommy James will still be on the outside looking in...
Dan Jason Price Over 300 musicians have recorded versions of James' music. TJ can currently be seen on late-night info-rmercials, selling collections of music from the Woodstock era for Time Life.
Tim Masterson "Draggin' The Line" (one of the many others)
Nocturno Hayes "Crystal Blue Persuasion" seems like it was a big one too. :-)
Robert Rose July 12 we look forward to Tommy James & The Shondells rock Cape May NJ Convention Hall.
Roque Volpe What OTHER Tommy James of Tommy James & The Shondells would there be??? Duh...
Victor Milke Enseñat "I Am a Tangerine"
Scott Jackson I saw Tommy once in East Lansing, Michigan in the summer of 1987. One of my favorite all time songs by anyone is his great "Mirage."
Darrell Finn A hit songwriting machine. Doing pretty good for a dead guy!
Tom Ohms caught him last year at The Surf Ballroom, he still sounds great and put on a great show.
Frank Wishinsky First concert I went to. They played my parents banquet hall in Cleveland. Sometime mid 60's
Sparky Litteer Saw him and the Grassroots great show! Dam that makes me old!
Don Wallace Just saw Tommy 2 months ago at the Golden Nugget here in Vegas. Still sounds great, and put on a great show.
Frankie Roberts My favorite band when I was 15. I had most of there "hit singles & albums".1968-69.
Michael Barraco I'm glad you're still with us and happy birthday Tommy
Robert Atwood Why isn't he in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ?
Larry Douglas During his "blond" years...1984 in Kitchener Ontario.
John Farrell happy birthday an integral part of my youth Shondells music
Bill Harrison He's a great follow on Facebook!
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge10 hours ago

Willie Nelson's music may not be complete Rock and Roll, but his attitude is.

Wille is celebrating his 84th birthday today.

Happy Birthday Mr. Nelson!!! You are a true American treasure!

We'll ask the usual question… If you could be at his birthday party tonight and he said he would play you just one song, what song would you choose?

RC Casas Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain. First time I ever heard of Willie and first time I recognized the power of Texas Country Music's relevance. God bless Willie and happy birthday!
Sticky Beets I'm not a great fan of country music but i admire and respect Willie..i had a friend who passed away months before my mother in the year of 2000..the song 'Always On My Mind' crossed over to friend would always turn up the radio to sing the song when it came on..i heard it so much that i learned the words to sing it with her..when she passed away, i sang the song alone..still today, she is 'always on my mind'...
Quentin Lang Ain't it Funny How Time Slips Away. It was one that my dad used to always sing when he got a hold of a guitar. The song really hit home when I witnessed time slipping away on him. I would give anything to hear my dad sing it one last time, but I would settle for Willie.
Rita Brewer So very many loved of his. Would probably beg for a medley of Seven Spanish Angels, You Were Always On My Mind, and Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain!
Linda Kay Kidd Christian Never listened to country much but I did like Willie singing this. The first one I heard sign this was Elvis 🕺 but I liked Willie best.
Melissa Faulkenberg Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground.. happy birthday, Willie!
Bobby Lewis You sure don't look 84 Willie, but we all remember when you did! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU <3
Pete Haffey Many thanks for a lifelong commitment to making great music, Happy Birthday Willie, Cheers
David Williamson Red Headed Stranger...Happy Birthday Willie. You my idol.
Valerie Wagner Happy Birthday, Willie! Love all the musical gifts you've given us over the years! Thank you and God bless!
Rex Thompson One of the best shows I have ever seen with my buddy Craig Elliot sometime in the mid 1980s Happy birthday Willie!
Deb Parker Happy birthday willie nelson. You are so loved you are a living legend your songs masterpieces
Janice Blair Angel flying to close to the ground and the last thing I needed first thing this morning
Keena Elliott Easy....Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain so I could not only listen but watch him play 'Trigger', his beat up guitar, because the melody is almost haunting!
Andy Collins That's been a rugged old man for "Always on my mind"🤔
Mary Hamm Armellino Seven Spanish Angels but he will ha've to channel Ray Charles.
Greg Gee Seven Spanish Angels or Pancho and Lefty. Two fantastic songs.
Michael Lewis Garnick I live one day at a time. Yesterday's dead and tomorrow is blind.
Charles Ridings He hasn't aged a day...of course he's looked 84 ever since I've heard of him.
Svetlana Tillinghast I guess it would be Angel too close to the ground or would it be angel fly away I have no idea but Wet Willie Nelson just because you're 84 you're not in the dust and guys don't die 84 either so just remember keep the wind to your back God will always come through for you you're a good man Willie Nelson have a happy birthday get drunk like a skunk and how at the moon sometimes that's all I'm saying here God bless you and have a beautiful weekend and happy birthday Willie Willie Nelson
Cyril Danger Hercules Complete? I love Willie, but his music is 0% rock&troll.
Dan MacLemore "Stardust". One of my favorite albums of all time. Also has "Georgia's on My Mind"!
Alena Lejeune Happy Birthday Wishing you health and a great day.
Lisa Long Blue eyes crying in the rain!!! Happy Birthday Willie!!!!!
William Barbier Angel Flying Too Close ... Happy Birthday Willie !!!
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints23 ago

The Saints Draft show has started! John DeShazier and Jennifer Hale covering the final day of the NFL Draft!

Jay Diggity We are starting to look just like our 2009 team... I love it.. WHO DAT!!!
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints shared a link.3 hours ago
Brent Peltier I like the later rounds of the draft. Some of our biggest playmakers are products of late picks. Colston was a 4th or 5th rounder out of Hofstra. So,you never know what kind of diamond may be hiding in the rough.
Paul Evans I think the Saints have done pretty well...addressing several needs for Defense with a great corner and potentially very good lineman and linebacker...some of you just too negative! The OL picked can really help the run game, which can help the Defense, in a way. I think the Saints picked wisely in each position of each round, and this is not WalWart whereby you just pick want you want w/o any restriction
Jeff Zander According to Mayocks top player list we did good. We addressed needs, although I thought pass rusher should have been picked earlier. That being said....we got the top CB. Second rated OT. Third rated RB. Not sure where the Safety rates, but he is a ball hawk . The other picks, if they can stay healthy will fill needs. Trying to stay positive!
Greg Mf'n Ssj Helmstetter Jr. malachi dupre be 🔥 in nola
D'Anthony Tabb I was really hoping we could of drafted T. Williams from Bama.
Steve Simoneaux Bust draft
Jayden Tones We are being run by 2 absolute morons
Olivia Ajack Get Bucky The TE.
Damon Brecheen Round 6 #12 right?
Ron Scherfel Hunter Dimick
Ernie Velasco Y'all need Trent Nelson Taylor out of Louisiana Tech!!!!
Branden Neumann New Orleans Saints Go get Davon Godchaux.
Kenny Sutton Chad kelly
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints4 hours ago

GM Mickey Loomis recaps Day Two!

Robert Pope This sucks they don't have anymore picks . Not I m aware of .
James Chambers There were a couple of impact linebackers a left in the 3rd. The guy we got isn't one of them. Disappointed, but not surprised.
Kendall Brown While I'm content with this draft i guess, we REALLY left great players on the board. i don't believe nothing this guy says. So really what he's saying is that the players were there he just didn't take them. 11 you had Foster and Barnett. Didn't need to take a injury prone CB. 32 could've had King, Wilson, Jones. 42 could've still taken Cam or Ramzyck. Then you traded up for kamara and after that refused to get Duke Riley and Willis. but got another injury prone linebacker. 🤔🤔 ok mickey mouse... ok
Gabriel Rochon There are two schools in the south that are defensive powerhouses Bama and LSU why the hell the Saints didn't go after any of those players I kno they were interested in Reuben Foster but Ryan Anderson, Tim Williams and Duke Riley were still on the board Loomis needs his head screwed on right
Kevin Cooney So he admits that they didn't address the biggest need because players didn't "Fall" to them... Sometimes you need to stretch a little to get a player you need. And the fact that he admitted that the hole is still there proves the point I have been making these last couple days.
Adam Smith Should have took Barnett at 11 and a top corner would have still be there at 32 and ramcyzh would have been there at 42
Casey Christian I was fine with the first 3 picks, I liked them, but how do we not get Riley or Beckwith? Please someone tell me becuz I don't get it, (and could have had foster in the first didn't understand that at all) I don't understand what it is with Loomis and not drafting LSU players, guy should have been fired 5 years ago and still needs to go now, we didn't need the RB even tho he is good, Loomis needs to go
Phillip Flurry When the Saints pick rolls around, it's a MUST to take the best available talent there. What happens if you pass up the best talent available, just to fill a need? Then the other teams in the league wind up with the best available talent, the Saints wouldnt have it. 5 of the 6 picks the Saints made, in the first three rounds, were all rated in the top 5 at their position. That is doing it right! They are acquiring the best talent available, and it pays off in the long run. The DE we ended up with, he was still rated in the top 70 players available in the whole dang draft, so overall I'd give the Saints a great overall grade for what they did, what choices they had to make, according to the way it played out. Remember, 31 other teams are trying to get the same players we are trying to get!
Gregory Walker The biggest move we can make next year is trade Loomis to the moon for 0 picks.
Dylan Beam Why you complain? Trust the process
Brady Pechon Here come the Facebook GMs
Kenneth Brewster His look in the picture could be captioned, "so what am I going to do with my life after they fire me mid season?"
Thomas Johnson As bad as we are on defense it'll take more than one year to fix it.
Jay Diggity I'm not complaining.. we,are starting to look a lot like the 2009 team.. #whodat
Cyd Howard Weeeee need a new GM and sad to say it but Payton isn't much help when it comes to draft picks its almost like they have a plan but never stick to it or there plan sucks period
Paul Evans Good picks at each position in my opinion. I have not been a fan of the GM and he has made some very bad choices in the past 5 years in the draft, trades and free agencies. But, I like these draft choices and they do address a number of the needs of the team.
Ashley Goldsmith Why did we get yet another safety when we needed DE
Bill Culver Loomis is bad mojo the Saints don't need!!
Billy Folse Let's draft 3 more running backs Mickey. Why not we don't need a defense d.a.
Gregory O'Neal II Bump Mickey Loomis!!!
Jayden Tones This guy and Payton are morons
Francois Robichaux We need Charles Walker OU DT
Mulli Jason How we not gonna get Riley on our D....
Andrew Vetter Did he explain why they never draft LSU players?
Berteau Travis Rw. Alonzomoore yes sains
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints16 hours ago

Loomis is about to recap day 2 of the NFL Draft

Watch Live:

Corey Sessions I feel like this has been a great draft, got two good defensive backs to help big time, got help on the offensive line to help protect brees, got a good multi threat running back to make a 3 headed monster in the backfield with Ingram, Peterson, & Kamara, got a good outside line backer and a good DE to help with our edge rush and we have guys who was injured last year that we will be back this year on the defensive line and line backers and secondary, I think this is gonna be the season we've been waiting on for a while Who Dat Nation! #WhoDatNationRiseUp #GeuaxSaints
ELden Harris Forgive me I could be. Wrong, but. A.lot.LSU Players be having a.lot the field Problem like Odell Beckham not all but some
Dallas Edison Sharp Vols van here y'all got a great pickup in Alivin Kamara! And you guys gettin mad cause he's a "Running back" I can easily see him playing a slot or something! He's gonna be a stud! Goodluck! #GoVols #TitanUp
Robert L. Brady Jr. I have nothing good to say about Loomis. I'm trying to figure out why we drafted a running back when we need defense and already have Ingram and AP.
Daniel Petrusaitis 3 f'ing running
Star Norris I have one Big question: Why don't the Saints ever draft any LSU Players?
Jus Dou you dropped the ball this year on pass rushers, thak god you got lattimore to take the pressure off
Kenneth Luquette I think they are doing a bang up job in the draft. A- or B+
Emmanuel Proud of the approach in this draft. It will yield huge gains
Colby Martin I think Trey Hendrickson will transition into the Line Backer position.
Eric Broyard Why no LSU players???
Keith Gordon I only wonder why no wide receivers drafted so far
Charles Rayborn Loomis is a bum.
Mike McGrath Idiot...
Freddie Holton 👌
Freddie Holton 😎
Nicky Thibodeaux LSU Tiger's please well too late now
Jorge Luis Castillo #petencito #broncosin60



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