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The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll KnowledgeOctober 24th, 2016 at 7:22am

Today we are remembering the late Fred Lincoln 'Link' Wray, Jr. who passed away 10 years ago today on Nov. 5, 2005. Link was an American rock and roll guitarist, songwriter and vocalist who first came to popularity in the late 1950s.

Here is how part of how wikipedia describes him: "Building on the distorted electric guitar sound of early records, his 1958 instrumental hit "Rumble" by Link Wray and his Ray Men popularized "the power chord, the major modus operandi of modern rock guitarists", making possible "punk and heavy rock". Rolling Stone placed Wray at No....

The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
Jimmy Page Listening to Rumble.avi
Here's a short clip from the documentary "It Might Get Loud". Page is listening to Rumble by Link Wray and his Ray Men. It's cool to see a Rock Legend like P...
James William Junior this was my intro to Link Wray... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfTAWZL2FIg
Philip Fregly R. I. P. link Way, loved the tone of his guitar work.
Mike DeVoe I'd love to hang with Jimmy in that room and just listen to those great old records. How cool is his child like enthusiasm for one of his heroes! Too cool.
Eduardo De Lima Abricoot legends darlin'
Jim Bartram why do I fear that Page is getting ready to rip off one more song writer?
Tim Faunce Rumble on.
Fred Wallin I love this video.
Les Shifler Slinky, damn it, Slinky; was the record, and he used to play the freaking Danelectro long horn....
Michael Buser Bognar Regis
Matt O'Hagan Reginald Colin Eyre
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll KnowledgeOctober 24th, 2016 at 7:22am

"My Generation" is a song by the English rock band The Who, which became a hit and one of their most recognisable songs. The song was named the 11th greatest song by Rolling Stone magazine on its list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time and 13th on VH1's list of the 100 Greatest Songs of Rock & Roll.

It's also part of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll and is inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame for "historical, artistic and significant" value. In 2009 it...

The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The Who - My Generation
The Who are an English rock band that formed in 1964. The primary lineup consisted of Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle and Keith Moon. The band ...
Richard Jallouk I think it was really one of the greatest early songs that really paved the way , that rebellious screw you attitude , great Bass by the Ox amazing cutting edge tune . the Who the first Punk Band lol
Coni Bridenbaugh Great song by great rockers.
Jim Kress 1st Rock-n-Roll bass solo.
Jonathon Jackson Ironic that the two guys responsible for writing and singing the line "Hope I die before I get old" are the only two band members who did in fact get old.
Shan On Bass Entwistle really broke new ground for Rock bass with this one!!!
Andrew Velazquez Saw The Who back in May. Greatest moment of my 18 year old life. I lost it when they opened up with this tune!
Jane Lessard Long time fan. Watched Quadrophenia the other night...music still awesome, premise still relevant.
Laura Boyack Morrow Metzger No problem seeing video on my end
Katie KT Wright Simon Gray I can never thank you enough for expanding my Who appreciation :-)
Craig Otto Hope I die before I get old.
Bob O'Neill Ja.ja..ja.ja..generation.
Peter Calo The Best !
Lora Swett OMG, I was 11 when this came out.
Cecilio Rodriguez Cortes Our Generation, So brave, so great.
Tommygun Video http://www.tommygunvideo.com
Tom Birch It says "this vidoe is not available". Bugger...
William Blake Erickson Bill Erickson
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge with Paul Simon and 3 othersOctober 24th, 2016 at 7:22am

There are very few musicians / performers / writers / poets that we would call "American Treasures". One of the people we will call that has a birthday today.

Art Garfunkel, 1/2 of the singing duo "Tom and Jerry" who later went by the name Simon & Garfunkel is 74 years old today.

Art is one of those people who we could go on for days about, but it is best said in 4 words: He is Art Garfunkel.

If you could be at his birthday party tonight and he told...

Nick DiPalo His Breakaway album is one of my faves. Always the perfect album to "set the mood" back in the day. I'd ask him to sing, "I Believe When I fall in Love..."
Keith Waye Happy Birthday Mr Garfunkel. Please sing 'Second Avenue' for me. "I can still see you standing There on the third floor landing...."
Don Boyd Happy Birthday, Art!
Phil Caton To quote george Harrison " I bet my paul is worse than yours" Art? Sing about the bridge xx
Judy Schmaeling Erickson Thank you for all the great music. Happy Birthday!!
Chris McIndoe Mr Garfunkel is the real one of the duo.
Debbie Alvarez Darlene, Happy Birthday Art!!
Rick Widner I hope Art knows how many people love him. Thank you, Art!
Dianna Schaffer Only if he would sing with Simon.
Ed Sherman Happy Birthday Art. ...I'd select Waters of March.
Coni Bridenbaugh Thanks for the music I think of Old Friends ...
Nancy Marchbanks The most beautiful blending of 2 voices ever! Never to be duplicated. Thank you for S & G❤️
Heather Panda Marie 59th street bridge song!! Jim Meenan
Lauren Blatt Bright eyes. But I'd cry.
Jim Meenan Scarborough Fair
Kris Schwarz Walesa "All I Know".
Hallie Henry Allgood I love "The Boxer".......
John H Jandoli Bridge over troubled water
Rick Gray Homeward Bound
Jerry Dobb All I Know
George Rodriguez Happy Birthday AG. I'd request this one https://youtu.be/j3aobaPbOSc
Audrey Nelson Mangrum Happy Birthday!!!
Janell Daves Starkey Bridge Over Troubled Water. I love this and hope have a wonderful Birthday
Lora Lee Hardy Scarborough faire
Don Boyd The Boxer Song!
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge with Peter Noone and Herman's Hermits Starring Peter NooneOctober 24th, 2016 at 7:22am

Herman's Hermits' Peter Noone has a very special day today. He turns 68 years old. It was also on this day in 1968 that Peter married Mireille Strasser. It was on his 21st birthday. As we have said before, this is the part of the story that we like. Peter is still married to his bride Mireille, 47 years later.

Happy Birthday Peter and Happy Anniversary Peter and Mireille !!!!!

Rob Gibson Something tells me he's into something good....
Pete Delgado He's her first old man Peter.. Peter the first he is.
Cheri Messmore Happy Birthday and many more Peter...Happy Anniversary and many more. ..<3
Kim Keller Mrs. Strasser had a lovely daughter ;-)
Lyn Davis Williams Happy birthday Peter. You were my very first concert!
Shawn Kofluk Happy birthday Peter
Alan Pickard Happy birthday Peter have a great day
Nancy Marchbanks Lovely! He comes to the Gulf Coast frequently - always been such a popular guy. Happy Birthday Peter!
Anna M Dionne Urquhart That's awesome....my husband and I got married on his 21st birthday too 6/11/77, 38yrs and counting.....<3 Happy birthday and anniversary!! 😃
Linda Hart Myers I am 68 yrs old and have been married 47 years also!!! what a coincidence...LOL
David Whetstone ....or as Ed Sullivan called him, "Peter Herman Moon".
Barbara Joy Mullen Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!
Danielle Conley Happy birthday and Happy Anniversary
Sara Layne Happy Birthday, and Happy Anniversary!
Marilyn Darr Happy Birthday, Mr. Noone 🎂🎉🎈 And Happy Anniversary to a great couple. 🍸
Lisa Patterson I always liked Herman hermit's .. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary
Michael Reed Did he say at the time Mrs Strasser you have a lovely daughter. As she obviously was and is. Love to them both. !
Doug Korach Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary
Barbara Spear Prather I had a crush on him...lol
Rori Giles He's into something good.
Teresa Braun Here they are today. I always had a crush on him. He was so cute.
Robert Mercado Amazing, he performed at the casino a month ago. I was able to see him arrive with security before going up to his suite. I said to him "Peter! and he acknowledged with a nod and that particular smile. 😂
Ann Marie Barry My parents just celebrated their 65th Wedding Anniversary yesterday, Nov 4, 2015! Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!
Catherine Kuss Have met him three times - once back n the 60s.
Steve Mikkelson I thought her maiden name was Brown.
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll KnowledgeOctober 24th, 2016 at 7:22am

Todays history lesson from The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge:

Julie Milton Modaressi Ke-Ke Shelton, here's some black rock & roll history, man!
Charlie Primerano I have a problem with memes like this that don't quote an authority or book. The most likely source appears to be the book "Thelonius Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original". While this practice certainly took place among black men (and continues), it is doubtful it was confined to or originated with jazz musicians and it likely started earlier than the 1940's. Men regardless of race, certainly addressed each other as "man" for centuries (e.g., "My good man"). In the context of race in America, the origins of claiming the status of "man" over "boy" go back to the Dred Scott Supreme Court decision of 1857. As the Monk book describes, in the 1940s, one black man calling another "man" in the presence of a white man could be interpreted as an act of defiance. That the use of this slang term grew in the post war period said more about the impatience of this new generation of black men than whether or not they played jazz.
Jeff N Debbie Simpson Musicians are so cool, man!
Rick Lewis I had no idea, man.
Albert Coburn it is demeaning to call anyone "boy" in a derogatory sense
Harold Norris Man!! Thats useful knowlege!!
Rob Gibson Makes you wonder about "Daddy-O".
Jeff Huff I call many black musicians sir and rightfully so...
Dianne Osborne Sharing
Richard Jallouk People had no respect for people of color , these were talented good hard working men ,musicians that deserved respect , glad they did that.
Lee Ann Troy Ya learn something new every day (If you're lucky.) I didn't know that.
Jon M Berry Makes one think about the old song "Mannish Boy"!
Cheralyn O'sullivan I didn't know that Why are WHITE people world so horrible to black people in any situation
Laine Wittmayer Gee lighten up Charlie, we get it man
Doris Angermund Yeah man <3
Peter Levine One day I found an old lady in the parking lot who was kneeled down and messing with her car tire, I quickly went over to ask if she needed help, to find out she was stuffing a loaf of bread under it. Maybe so she can run it over? , she looked up at me and yelled "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS BOY!!! "
Charlz Ruggerio Who knew
Bill Wiltfang What did they call the ladies?
Randy Young Pretty straight forward eh!
Rick Anthony I first heard this claim on the Ken Burns documentary on Jazz.
Scott Allen man i say "man" a lot man
Bill Tristan And modern rap & hip-hop 'artists' have jumped back to square one by calling each other " boy".
Ken Stephens Another day, another nugget of trivia. Cool man!
Winnie Elkin Herzog Interesting
Mike Capesius http://youtu.be/vmVaCbxkd34 40 seconds in
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans SaintsOctober 24th, 2016 at 7:22am

Touchdowns from Sunday.

Cooks: http://bit.ly/CooksTDKC

Ingram: http://bit.ly/IngramTDKC

Coleman: http://bit.ly/ColemanTDKC

Tony McKinnon I see a cleaning of the house after this season. It was already common knowledge that heads would roll, if we didn't improve. Start with Mickey Loomis. Spare NOBODY !
Jeffrey Septimo The players never gave up. They played for 60 minutes. Just mental mistakes, and frustrations arose. This group of players havenʻt been together that long. In fact, it has been quite a while since this team has had any sort of continuity on the defensive side, so they cannot gel or get to know each otherʻs nuances. The GM and the Coaches have to be on the same page with this, otherwise this team will always be plugging holes instead of building something. They have an elite QB and they are wasting his talents. Proud Saints fan! Geaux Saints!
Arlene Shattles Brewer They should have got rid of Ingram a long time ago. Mostly is only good for 4 or 5 yards at a time. Fumbles are his best. A touchdown every now and then. But, hey even a blind squirrel finds a nut. It is a time for a trade on his butt. I don't understand why they got rid of so many great ones and have keep him. He is useless. Just give the ball to Hightower. Throw to Lewis, Cook, Snead. Just disgusting sometimes! 😡 Sorry I'm 😤 angry! I will get over it! 🙃😬
Matt Fillingim Sure looked good out there on offense besides shooting ourselves in the foot. We need better play calling and a better coached defense cause we've seen what they can do before. I won't be like fairs weathers and give up, I love Saints Football and all the players.
Josee Beland Who cares about looking at the touchdowns, these guys get paid to score touchdowns. Until they start scoring more touchdowns than the other team, I don't care to see them! Defensivly they couldn't stop Alabama, so they really do need to look at every member of this organization and figure out who wants to be a Saint and who doesn't!
William Boatner Ingram I hope you understand we drafted you in the first round and gave up a great RB in Chris Ivory who took advantage of every opportunity. We need more from you big dog because you are falling in that Trent Richardson circle.
John Vinet Your photo should be of Ingram's fumble. It's more indicative of the bum's career. We let Khiry Robinson go for this clown. Unreal.
Chance Webb I still have faith in this team. I think lasco and hightower will get more snaps and fleener hopefully can make some noise. Rankins breaux and ellerbe can make a difference if they get healthy
Daniel Petrusaitis Mark Ingram says, "I know I'm not the greatest but neither is our defense. Will we ever have a defense that wants US to win the game instead of the opposing team?"
Odessa Benoit Not enough touchdowns to win that dang game though..... 😠😠😠
Kelvin Douglas Send Ingram back to Alabama
Jacques Couret Lost game. Losing record. Yay, look at Ingram. Shakes head.
Gary J. Curtiss A DEFENSE would be an innovative idea! In my best Adam Sandler voice: Ohhh, nooooo. We suck again!!!
Tony James We know we have a offense but a horrid defense that has been neglected.
Sarah Augustine Touchdowns, as great as they are, don't give us victories.
LeeAnn Amber Anderson This is amazing!!! Praise the Lord!!! This picture speaks volumes!!! Praise on Ingram praise on!!! Look at you taking a knee n lifting your hands ha yes!!!
Ron Scherfel Please no more I am sick enough
Jacqueline Bergeron It would be great if they could run a 2 minute offence!
Dârth Gěmini WHO DAT
Bobby Interception Get rig of Ingram seriously.
Odessa Benoit Oh yea.... WHO DAT!
Justin Accardo Really?
Greg Brunson Why do you post this after we lost?
Johnny V Reed Thank.s # 90 for the lose
Matthew Bartee Love the fans, smh
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans SaintsOctober 24th, 2016 at 7:22am

More milestones for Drew.

Martin Guillot I'm happy for Drew. But Loomis and Payton are wasting one of the best QBs to ever play. One ring with this QB is a waste of his talent.
Robert Flynn As the biggest Saints fan in the world, I feel sorry for Brees. He should have won 5 super bowls by now and been the #1 all time. Loomis ruined his chances
Victoria Leonard I truly hate when people knock the record Drew breaks, due to the losses we suffer. Anyone with an ounce of football sense knows this man is doing what it takes to WIN. He just happens to be breaking records in the process. That process includes bailing out an injury prone, ailing defense and lackluster Offensive line. He tries to carry the burden of the team and yet and STILL people put him down. You people don't appreciate quality when you have it. I'm proud of all of his accomplishments because he EARNED them. He deserves SO, so much more than this teams record and some of you ungrateful fans.
Vince Diamond Who cares, we want wins! All the records don't mean a thing if you're losing. The Chargers just took down the Dirty Birds. If we won today it would be a great feeling. Instead, same old out coaching and horrible decisions.
Justin Britt Have to have a lot of respect for Drew. He knew he wasn't going to be equipped with a winning team anytime soon but he still extended his contract to stay with the WhoDat gang. I know he loves winning games but he loves NO a little more. So every time he does win with the Saints that makes it so much sweeter.
Bobby G. Owens But he still lost again!! I bet he would rather win games instead of lose. No matter he could throw 1,000 yards in a game and lose. He would rather throw for 100 yards and win instead of throwing for 350 yards and lose
Forrest Collins Win or lose. It's amazing watching such a great athlete play ball. Lots of great players played for sorry teams. Barry Sanders, Marino etc.. I'm proud to call him my QB win or lose! No one will ever break his records of 5000+ yard seasons. So you will forever see his name in the books!
Eduardo Castro Defense is a mess. No matter if you have one of the best QB in history if the defense doesn't do the job. Many points allowed per game. It's a shame.
Aaron Meaux More L's for Brees as well. If this man had half of what Manning and Brady had/has, there'd be a ton more wins and championships.
John Dickson At any halfway balanced team he'd have won multiple super bowls. Somewhere like new England and he would go down as the greatest. Wish he had some help at new Orleans.
Jimmy Mazerat Loomis has failed this team. The mismanagement has us in the position of another losing season in the making. Saints will be lucky to win 4 games at this rate. Magnificent losing performance is still losing.
Jane Martin Yeah, Drew is a franchise QB,but we don't have enough of great players around him!! Mr. Benson needs to hire another GM that can make quality picks!! Our Offensive Line is weak at the two guard spots and the right tackle and tight end!! Then our defense looks better this year,but don't have a push up the middle!! Why do we still have safety Byrd on this team?
Norman Broussard No doubt drew is a awesome QB but without a equally sting defense it's only good for the record books reminds me of another great saints QB Archie Manning😞
Robert Chambers Blame whoever you want I blame Dree for this, I have seen great QB take a pay cut to get better players so the team could have money to reach out for players in FA but noooo not him, I love my Saints but he is looking for individual achievement. If he is the franchise QB then he need to be thinking about the team and not just trying to break records and looking for his HOF bid. Look at our secondary, we have overpaid useless players but we can't do anything better because of what we pay Drew, get real, he is going to be the reason for the season
April Bourgeois People keep saying, "He this" and "He that". I think he is doing his job the best he can. Drew Brees is not the team. The Super Bowl win spoiled us. I have to give the man credit for being so loyal. He could have easily said "I'm outta here".
George Patterson Like a true saints fan. Oh I believe!!!! Rankins, Breaux, and Ellebre will be back real soon to help the defense out. 2-4 in our division and with 10 games remaining. We are not done yet. The team is starting to gel!
William Dennis People have to remember that they just played in a very tough environment in Arrowhead and the Chiefs are a pretty good team. The Saints really don't have much to be ashamed of here. They really played a good game, just a couple of mental errors and lucky breaks for the Chiefs(the tipped pick six) lost them the game.
Kelly Allison Townsend Congratulations Drew. We love and appreciate you and all you have done for the Team, the City, the Area, and All the Who Dat Nation. We are So Proud you choose to be here and continue to share Your gifts and talents with Us. Thank you. Thank you for Showing Up, and for Staying. Love and Loyalty. Salute. 😇
Sharon Johnson He should have asked to be traded when he saw what they did with trades and free agency. NO improvement from last year. Loomis is terrible. The Pelicans are bad and he is in charge of them also. So sad .
Anthony Caruso All these records on a losing team every year. I see something better in his future. Saint's front office keeps him to sell out tickets. Nothing more, nothing less. They refuse to get him an OL that can protect him and a defense to support the team's offense.
Josh Caro It's sad that the Saints are not taking advantage of Brees talent in his last years of his career. If only we had a decent defense
Patricia Stevens Congratulations to Drew but none of those records are helping them to win games ....... hard to be excited as a fan while watching mediocre play.....
Manny Paulet I think Drew is amazing. I have been a fan since Purdue. The only autograph I have ever wanted and did get was his from those days. However, he should take a pay cut, so that they have cap room to hire a better supporting cast. Records don't matter as much as wins. Would Drew really be hurting if he only made 15 million per year? I know he deserves the extra money, but wins should be more important than money at this point in his career.
Kenny Calderon Well you should of told Drew Bree's and jimmy graham,Darren paroles and Malcolm Kenkin would still be here.. Blame Drew Bree's.. he took all the money..no talent..
Ferdie Cassel Don't expect Super Bowls when your QB makes the salary of the whole defense. Defense wins championships. Payton knows that. He's not interested in anything but padding Brees' stats and the acclaim (this article) that goes with it.
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans SaintsOctober 24th, 2016 at 7:22am

"We can overcome anything, but the odds go against you when you get pre-snap penalties, when you put yourself in third-and-long situations."

Roger Musemeche Despite these things happening it is just part of football. Our jobs as TRUE fans are to support our favorite team despite things that happen. You can for sure overcome anything, hopefully more reinforcements to be put on defense for the next game. Once a fan always a fan! #WHODAT!
Kimberly Bullock Having been there in person, I can tell you the false start penalties are completely understandable. The Dome can't hold a candle to the volume in this stadium. Still proud to represent the black and gold, there were more Saints fans there than I expected and I just enjoyed having a little bit of "home" come to me.
John Reed I'm a true fan of the Saints and have been for All 50 years and yes they did make a few mistakes like the fumble on the goal but the Chiefs new uniforms should be black & white stripes because the refs made a bunch of bad calls or in some cases didnt make the correct calls. The Int. was caused by the DB running through the receiver causing the ball to be pop up and intercepted forna TD. Loss is a loss but just saying.....WhoDat.....Refs Dat.
Countvet Pinkney The defense played decent today, the offense played decent, but that's not good enough to win against most teams in this league! For everyone that says Drew did so good, I disagree, he did decent! That pick 6 was huge and he almost threw another one! This team is not balanced enough and when they are balanced they look like a well tuned machine! Ingram doesn't need to be the starter, because he doesn't make decisions fast enough! Stop dancing and hit the hole! Hightower is a true running back, but it will be hard for him to ever start unless Ingram is hurt! Hightower finished the season strong last year and gave fans hope for this year! Play that man! I can't be so hard on the defense because of all the injuries there but those guys are trying hard out there, so once we get some more key pieces back they will be better!
Timothy Romero The last two plays of the game were terrible. Throwing down the middle when you're out of time outs and then the on the last play the runner should have ran out of bounds instead of trying to get a few extra yards.
William Dennis Was still a hard fought game. The Saints looked good out there despite everything. Arrowhead is a tough place to play, too. Even with the loss, there's a lot of positive out of this game. Defensive players will be coming back to help out and the offense really played well(turnovers and unlucky breaks hurt the team)
Keith Landry A waste of talent. Too bad Tom Benson is a bit too old an has memory problem, I,m sure if he could see or knew how Loomis an Payton has wasted his money of busts. Players who shouldn't even be on the team example Jaruis Byrd made a effort on a tackle that said *uck it, but Byrd makes $280k a game.
Shaquille Stovall Tanking the season for myles garret sounds like a plan ...him rankins and cam jordan with kikaha back makes an elite defensive line ..our talented secondary and a we draft a speedy lb to go with anthony robertson ...well be solid on d and the offense is great as always ..were not that far off from being great again
Trey N Michele Boo Win or lose. Building a team or winning a championship I ❤️ my Saints. Loved you when you brought home the Lombardi love you now. I share responsibility in your loss today our family should of traveled to support you and get loud. We will do better next time and so will you!! ⚜️⚜️⚜️
Yolondis Gilmore We have got to stop shooting ourselves in the foot....penalties and giving them the ball killed us today..The Chiefs didn't look all that impressive on their own..we helped them...ughh
Linda Martin Leblanc Watching that last field goal for KC barely between the goal posts -that was the luck the saints had today??
Kinsey Langley It is what it is but they could've done a whole lot better. We are capable of winning with the players we had. We can rebound next year. We really need to draft Myles Garrett.
Mark Walker Yea but the odds REALLY go against you when the defense can't hold up while you're putting up between 30-40 points a game.....
Dhen Ekho Suicide Squad http:// rezekine.sabaroati.site/streaming-film/suicide-squad-297761.html Don't Breathe http:// rezekine.sabaroati.site/streaming-film/don-t-breathe-300669.html http:// rezekine.sabaroati.site/streaming-film/miss-peregrine-s-home-for-peculiar-children-283366.html http:// rezekine.sabaroati.site/streaming-film/jack-reacher-never-go-back-343611.html http:// rezekine.sabaroati.site/streaming-film/the-girl-on-the-train-346685.html http:// rezekine.sabaroati.site/streaming-film/inferno-207932.html http:// rezekine.sabaroati.site/streaming-film/bridget-jones-s-baby-95610.html http:// rezekine.sabaroati.site/streaming-film/the-magnificent-seven-333484.html Deadpool http:// rezekine.sabaroati.site/streaming-film/deadpool-293660.html Zootopia http:// rezekine.sabaroati.site/streaming-film/zootopia-269149.html The Boss http:// rezekine.sabaroati.site/streaming-film/the-boss-323676.html Angry Birds http:// rezekine.sabaroati.site/streaming-film/the-angry-birds-movie-153518.html Pete's Dragon http:// rezekine.sabaroati.site/streaming-film/pete-s-dragon-294272.html SULLY http:// rezekine.sabaroati.site/streaming-film/sully-363676.html Ghostbusters http:// rezekine.sabaroati.site/streaming-film/ghostbusters-43074.html The Jungle Book http://rezekine.sabaroati.site/streaming-film/the-jungle-book-278927.html Finding Dory http:// rezekine.sabaroati.site/streaming-film/finding-dory-127380.html Captain America: Civil War http:// rezekine.sabaroati.site/streaming-film/captain-america-civil-war-271110.html X-Men: Apocalypse http:// rezekine.sabaroati.site/streaming-film/x-men-apocalypse-246655.html ________________________________________________
Jacob Perez You Deserve a better team. But I'm grateful for your loyalty because u knew the situation this team would be in.
Pierre Choplin I know he is too good of a guy to do it but once id like to hear him rip the def a new one
Jay Turner NICK FAIRLEY, you are a heck of a player but why such a bone-headed penalty at the end...C'mon Man!!! 😢 #WhoDatNation
Regis Palmer I still think Ingram should be traded or cut He never showed us anything lasco and Hightower are way better than him
Frank Schultz Drew is,a class act. I'd rather lose with Drew then win with Ca ... uh ... other QBs
Matt Fillingim Our offense is so talented, I can't wait to see how they play against another good defense.
Paul Killian Will what happened to Les Miles happen to Sean Payton for much the same reason? After all the numbers he's put up, it's not fair to Drew 'Call Me The' Brees or to Who Dat Nation!
Don Barr I really think Drew is gonna throw for over 5000 this season, hes having a monster season.
Leonard Luc That pic by drew was eh, the killer was ingrams fumble and fairleys boneheaded penalty
Robert Hahn Or how about when your defense sucks so bad that you would feel safer with the pee wee football team defense.
Pee Jay Williams Atlanta lost so that means we still got a shot, on to the Seahawks to get this W!
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans SaintsOctober 24th, 2016 at 7:22am

That'll do it from Kansas City.

Recap: http://bit.ly/2eyxvHJ

Linda Miller As a Chiefs fan it was a honor to play you guys nothing but respect for drew !!! Sorry about all the injured players god bless ---
Jasmyne Hyatt Be clear penalties ruined this game, and the dumbest most selfish penalty of the game by Nick Fairley it was completely unnecessary, down in a 3rd and long, with over 2 minutes and you make a dumb move, completely unnecessary!!! Either way they was gone get a field goal, but we would've got the ball back with at least 1:30 or 1:40 left, plenty of time for brees, but you make a dumb move for no reason.
Greg Guillot I love my Saints...but yet another week of shooting ourselves in the foot. Sick of it. Until Payton gets tired of it and becomes the alpha-dog in that building that he used to be, it's not going to change.
Shawnan William Roger Townsend Alright New Orleans Saints. I want an explanation. Not a press conference from Sean Payton saying the same thing as every other week. I want to know why fans are paying money, and having players on this team make millions of dollars to lose the EXACT SAME WAY every week. They don't care. Honestly. If they cared, something would change. There would be SOME difference in play week to week. Cornerbacks that can't cover a JV high school team. I want an explanation. As a fan and a paying customer, I am owed at least that
Uraeus Millet Saints beat themselves this week: Unfortunate tipped INT, offensive penalties, Ingram fumble, unnecesarry penalty late by Fairley, and the rookie wants extra yards instead of going out of bounds right away...
Tim Shull Chiefs fan here, game was way too close for comfort and I had a feeling that if he threw a Hail Mary you guys would've scored. What can I say we lucked out today. Good game guys.
Eugene L. Johnson Said it three years ago...........INGRAM IS STRAIGHT TRASH and should have been cut or traded.............TRASH........season is over....get a good pick because we are going to need it.........Who Dat!!!!
Karl Merritt Hey Saints fans, Lifelong CHIEFS fan here. You didn't play that badly today. When you came within 3 and lined up for the onside kick, I was nervous lol. Yes there were some bad plays. Fairly body slamming our boy was a dumb costly move. Mike Thomas trying for yards instead of getting out of bounds was another screw-up. The Ingram fumble though, I wouldn't hold Ingram to that. Ron Parker knocked the hell out of that ball. It wasn't a bad offensive play, but a really good and well-timed defensive play. We had you 21-7 at the half, but you came at us 14-6 in the second half. Arrowhead is a tough place for any team to win. Your guys did pretty good. Our guys just did a little better 😉. Sorry about all the injuries your guys got. Hope they get better soon.
Carti'a DaJohn Ferrand Ingram sucks Nick Fairly made a stupid decision so many bad penalties stupid plays by stupid players dk why I keep rooting for this team after all these years. #StillRidingforSaints
Danny Banks This is not a rebuilding year and those penalties were killers!!! The only game that was a complete lost was to em birds!! Otherwise we make mistakes and on the road too. Defense gave up 21 too early but kept us intact the rest of the game. Mistakes and fumbles is something that can be fixed and the fact we left Kansas City losing by 6 in that environment..let it pass because at 2-4...got Seattle in the dome for payback time....being 3-4 won't hurt. Lets get at it Saints and on to the next one!! #whodatnation
Chris Waltz Tough loss with penalties, but come on guys I see so many people down Ingram, dude was running hard today and if you watched the fumble, the way Parker punched that ball out, it was just a really good play by KC. I can't be mad at Ingram for that, that's hard to control in that moment. But fairly though...smh. That was what I was disappointed about...that was just not needed in any way
Kerin Anselmo Zulli I just wanted to voice my opinion on today's game. Kansas City is a very good football team. Yes we made a lot of mistakes. With that said, we were still in the game till the end. You got to give it to our guys. They never gave up and played hard. Give the team some credit people! WHO DAT FAN!!!!!
Devin Mathew Malcom Gates Michael Thomas and Nick Fairley lost this game for us. Michael could have stepped out of bounds earlier but he decided to keep running. It's all good though. Defense didn't do half as bad as the last few games.
Alek Morris You know what this wasn't a horrible game. Yes the defense didn't play well but what can we expect with all the injurys. We need to work on the penalties which is an on going problem. Offense is still looking solid other the a few miss steps. KC was just the better team.
Samuel Aronov Penalties turnovers are hurting us. They have to work on ball security and rushing the passer because they face Seattle. Saints just need to fire their secondary d line and their Defensive coordinator.
Olivia Ajack Why did yall keep letting mark ingram run an not Hightower Hightower made results igram messed up, had he not we could have won that game.
Steve Zvolanek Until Mark Ingram starts getting 20 carries we are going to lose. The proof is in the numbers. But Payton wants to throw it 50 times each game. No wonder we give up 30 points per game.
Daniel Petrusaitis I wonder if we will ever have a winning team, and most importantly a defense that wants US to win the game instead of the opposing team.
Elricus HighlyFavored Mcmorris Saints really had their chances today. As for mark Ingram,he know better. We had a good drive going until the ball was punched out by a chiefs defender but the penalties really killed us today. Luckily it wasn't a blowout. As for brees, I know he felt bad throwing that pick six for a td. You cant win games like this but I hope next week when Seattle comes to town,these things get cleaned up because we know what the hawks can do. Get it together guys.
James Dusty Grashot Penalties and turnovers, we ruined it for ourselves! Have to say, first time in Arrowhead was great! Accepting fans on the Chiefs side.
Joey Henderson Brees gonna lead the league in passing again this year, to bad 75℅ of them are garbage yards. Need to start benching some folks and have open tryouts on a weekly basis in Metairie...I've never seen a team that can religiously step on their own dicks week in and week out. I'm truly amazed that they have won 2 games.
Harrison Garrett I will vote for the lesser of two evils to win the game today...The Chiefs...You both blocked me from commenting directly on your wall...but the thing is that the first posting I ever put on your photos or your pages was today! How did you hear about me? I choose not to listen to certain rumors that roam about...Mr. Putin did not block me from commenting on his wall...Mr. Obama did..so did Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley and Trump and Britney Spears...Steve Vai did not..Christina Aguilera did not etc...Blessings to you! Sean Hannity did for a short while etc...They did this shortly after The elections in 2012..that is when so many blocked me from their walls...They did this in January of 2013 shortly after elections in 2012..etc..Many did this approach of things!
Daniel Filipe Thanks for costing us the game Ingram! That fumble in the Chiefs Red Zone ended up being the difference... I dunno how much more Brees can do, he already passes the ball a ridiculous amount cause our running game is soft. Just hoping our defense and offensive line get healthier soon!
Charlie Horton Sunday was a good effort by all, players and coaches. I had the advantage of an arm chair and pause and replay ability to observe and make the following comments. All are made out of love for my nephews team. I was screaming in the second challenge "don't do it". But I had a better view than coach. I know why he did it. I was yelling at the line on guys getting through, but as a former lineman, I felt the pain in their mistakes. The dropped pass...almost had it. The tempers flaring...been there, got to get it under control. Brees, some missed passes when a man was open for the first down, but tried to force it and lost the gamble. Lutz, skimming the uprights...come on. You can kick better than that, but, you had the power to blast on through when a KC gorilla put his meat hooks on it as it passed the line. Again, much love, and looking forward to the great effort next week after you review the good effort you just put forth and work to build on top of that. Remember, last week is gone, work to take it out on the Seahawks this week. Who dat!
Kevin Daley Sad! Another loss :-( Well at Least the QB set at least one new record in the losing effort. And, it was not just that one stupid personal foul penalty at the end with our guy slamming the player to the ground, even if that did pretty much kill any last ditch miracle hope we may have had. :-( Forget about the Chief's game and start planning for next week!
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans SaintsOctober 24th, 2016 at 7:22am


Derrick Aufrecht I'm just praying we actually win a game by more than 10 points and doesn't come down to the last play. My heart needs a rest.
Yusuke Kuramae I'm true Saints fun but Ingram hater. I've been convinced he's not productive neither beast at all. Get Hightower in or new RB. Saints running game is crazy like our defense
Jonathan Prothro Well this game is over and not even the 2nd quarter! If it's not the worst defense in the league screwing it up, it's another guaranteed interception thrown by Brees. Why can't this team just have a dominating performance for once??
Victoria Marie Thorp I live near KC but gotta root for my home town Saints! Whoo Dat!
Джон Мінарік Too bad our defence is the absolute worst I've ever witnessed..... seems like no matter how many touchdowns we get, we give up some huge plays on the back end right after.
Aaron Ellsworth Defense once again isn't doing its part. Theyre kind of stepping up but it's too late. When the saints go into a game it's really about what qb they're playing against. Not the team, if he's even a decent qb he's having a great game.
Jim Bob Looks like the saints need to do the Oklahoma drill. The defense looked like a bad pop warner team on that first KC touchdown trying to make a tackle!!!
David Stutes Saints need a defense if we had a defense we would be super bowl bound. How do you score 30-40 points per game and lose
Reena Sani saints @ Chiefs live stream http://watch-nfl-week-7-all-games-live-free.blogspot.com/2016/10/watch-all-game-online-free-click-link.html http://watch-nfl-week-7-all-games-live-free.blogspot.com/2016/10/watch-all-game-online-free-click-link.html
Humayoun Zeeshan Rauf Saints@ Vs Chief Live Streaming http://fantacysport.halasports.com/index.php/2016/10/23/saints-chiefs-nfl-week-7-online-live-stream-free/ http://fantacysport.halasports.com/index.php/2016/10/23/saints-chiefs-nfl-week-7-online-live-stream-free/
Leo Figueroa Bout that time boys, let's get it WHO DAT!!!!NEED THAT D TO SHOW UP TODAY!!
Carrie Harrison Hall I wish he still did the chants.
Michelle Davis Brangan God, I love hearing him fire them up!! Go get em, boys!! Who dat, baby!
Ronnie Ducote With LSU winning yesterday it would put the icing on the cake with a Saint win.
Nick TwoDat Marchand Derrick Forney our pregame huddle aren't what they used to be. We used to get CRUNK
Ester Drakes Do it again Lord!!! I don't care if it's by one point. Please do it with another win. Thank you
Wendy Bergeron Love it but was really hoping JJ would have done it!
Kyle Coleman Are we suffering because we paid Drew to much to stay which left nothing for anyone else....Defense not DrewFense
DesireDesmonia Dannunzio oh just great they lost the ball ...just what we needed
Raynard Sargent We can never have two things that go together...redbeans, no rice...night, no lights...offense, no defense!!!1
Candice Bedford That youngin Thomas is a beast. The boy can flat out play.
Frankie C Cornwell Sean Payton, please play another running back besides Mark Ingram!
Tyler Mayle Does anyone know how I can watch the game? I rarely get to see them play!
Mike Leblanc O no, we suck again. Well they want have too wait until last 2 minutes to lose. 😥
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints with Ochsner Health System.October 24th, 2016 at 7:22am

Paul Kruger and Terron Armstead: ACTIVE.

Senior writer John DeShazier's take on today's report: http://bit.ly/2euoNvf

David Anderson I like Kruger but we were getting so much pressure with Edibali starting over there. The last two games we had something like 17 QB hits and 25 hurries.
Sean Cutter Babineaux Ellerbe sucks man. What kind of quad injury does he have? Tony Romo will make it back before him with broken back.
Shaun Smith So we get Armstead back and now Sterling Moore is inactice... Going to be a long day for DB's...
Adrien Holloway They got to win today
Bob Cordova Put in Jarrius Robertson for Jairius Byrd, nice tackle on that KC td. Earn your money!
Pierre Choplin Kruger is a slow p.o.s and Armstead gets hurt lacing his shoes
Oscar Powers Did anybody on the plane look back to see if y'all left the defense on the tarmac at Louie Armstrong
Niko Castro Okay okay, looking better. Hope Kruger can help that Defense.
Bo Taylor Ellerbe = waste of roster spot.
Angela Marie Nemec I'm excited!! I feel a win!!! Whoop!!! Who Dat baby!!!!
Real Ybc Nino #WHODAT
William Miletello Most injury prone team in the NFL
Renaldo Epps Will Rankins play today
Shelli Leibin Who dat!!!!
Ben Petrone Both of them are out injured now
Daniel Furlow WhoDat now lets geaux and get this win !!!
Keenan Roberts But no Moore today
Debara Smith-Powell Luv me some SAINTS💝💝💝💝
Warren Martin Jr. The offense needs to score
Hank Fletcher Rankins playing today?
Ricky Peleaz I see us blitzing alot today! Whodat!!!
Steven Smith Already hurt what the hell
Matthew Wood Cut Ellerbe
Red Flint WHODAT
Candy Thomas The Saints Suck!!!!! GO CHIEFS!!!!!
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans SaintsOctober 24th, 2016 at 7:22am

Jarrius "Little JJ" Robertson updates us from The field!

Dorothy S. Manning Best reason for Organ Donors and Transplants!!!! Great kid!!! Let him live to be a Saints fan forever!!!!! Take a second look folks, be a donor!!! Give all of us reason to smile and be hopefull!!!!!
Angel Gallegos Not a saints fan but hope the saints win to put a big smile on that kids face!!!
Kandice Leigh Stafford Kevin L. Stafford can't give anything away but the chiefs are goin downnnnnnn 😂😂😂😂 love this kid!
Melissa Herron Thanks for the update Little JJ! Chiefs are going down #WHODAT #GEAUXSAINTS
Lisa McDowell Hey Lil JJ, I remember seeing you on the elevator didnt know who you we're at the time, but you keep doing what you doing you are AMAZING
Holly Shoemaker "Little JJ" you are adorable, thank you for representing :) dream big, live happy!
Damon Brecheen All kinds of positive energy coming from this young man.
Virginia Pepis Have a good time JJ. Keep those guys in line for the win!!
Moises Lugardo Little JJ should be a commentator. This kid had already put a smile on my face before the first video I saw. WHO DAT!
Anthony Quinn The courage and positivity coming from this kid reminds me to ask myself "WTH am I complaining about?"
Javonte Foxworth 😂😂 @ Can't give nothing up... J.J you ROCK keep up the GREAT work.# WHO DAT??#
Sandra D. Robbins Antoine Lol!! He said: I just talked to the coach... I love it!!
Zeb Ruff Force a couple turnovers today defense and we will win this game
Kaila Johnson This child would be a good sports spokesperson lowkey.
Karen S. Waits This kid brings joy to all, go Lil JJ -- WHO DAT!🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈♥♥♥♥♥✌👊
Myrtis Tyler Perry Little JJ you're going to be a awesome sportscaster one day. Who Dat?
Joan Gaudet Good Morning JJ!! Have a awesome day today!! Bring us a win!!!🏈⚜️🏈⚜️🏈
Becky Lewis Love this little guy and I look forward to seeing/hearing him everyday! Little Handsome guy!
Linda Wilson Green #TeamJJ! Let's go Saints! The best coverage award goes to Little JJ!
Patrica Bateman Great job j,j saints will win this for you and all organ donors and transplants patients we all love you
Barbara Smith Love that kid!A great personality and always up beat!
Seth Ruter Yea!! "Chiefs are goin' down"!!! LOL Keep up the motivation JJ
David Taylor I am not mad at you little fella. Now go t o my announcement debut on YouTube
Debra Brookshire Tell the defense they have to play better offense need to protect drew