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The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll KnowledgeSeptember 25th, 2016 at 9:12am

Today we are remembering the late Fred Lincoln 'Link' Wray, Jr. who passed away 10 years ago today on Nov. 5, 2005. Link was an American rock and roll guitarist, songwriter and vocalist who first came to popularity in the late 1950s.

Here is how part of how wikipedia describes him: "Building on the distorted electric guitar sound of early records, his 1958 instrumental hit "Rumble" by Link Wray and his Ray Men popularized "the power chord, the major modus operandi of modern rock guitarists", making possible "punk and heavy rock". Rolling Stone placed Wray at No....

The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
Jimmy Page Listening to Rumble.avi
Here's a short clip from the documentary "It Might Get Loud". Page is listening to Rumble by Link Wray and his Ray Men. It's cool to see a Rock Legend like P...
James William Junior this was my intro to Link Wray... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfTAWZL2FIg
Philip Fregly R. I. P. link Way, loved the tone of his guitar work.
Mike DeVoe I'd love to hang with Jimmy in that room and just listen to those great old records. How cool is his child like enthusiasm for one of his heroes! Too cool.
Eduardo De Lima Abricoot legends darlin'
Jim Bartram why do I fear that Page is getting ready to rip off one more song writer?
Tim Faunce Rumble on.
Fred Wallin I love this video.
Les Shifler Slinky, damn it, Slinky; was the record, and he used to play the freaking Danelectro long horn....
Michael Buser Bognar Regis
Matt O'Hagan Reginald Colin Eyre
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll KnowledgeSeptember 25th, 2016 at 9:12am

"My Generation" is a song by the English rock band The Who, which became a hit and one of their most recognisable songs. The song was named the 11th greatest song by Rolling Stone magazine on its list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time and 13th on VH1's list of the 100 Greatest Songs of Rock & Roll.

It's also part of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll and is inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame for "historical, artistic and significant" value. In 2009 it...

The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The Who - My Generation
The Who are an English rock band that formed in 1964. The primary lineup consisted of Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle and Keith Moon. The band ...
Richard Jallouk I think it was really one of the greatest early songs that really paved the way , that rebellious screw you attitude , great Bass by the Ox amazing cutting edge tune . the Who the first Punk Band lol
Coni Bridenbaugh Great song by great rockers.
Jim Kress 1st Rock-n-Roll bass solo.
Jonathon Jackson Ironic that the two guys responsible for writing and singing the line "Hope I die before I get old" are the only two band members who did in fact get old.
Shan On Bass Entwistle really broke new ground for Rock bass with this one!!!
Andrew Velazquez Saw The Who back in May. Greatest moment of my 18 year old life. I lost it when they opened up with this tune!
Jane Lessard Long time fan. Watched Quadrophenia the other night...music still awesome, premise still relevant.
Laura Boyack Morrow Metzger No problem seeing video on my end
Katie KT Wright Simon Gray I can never thank you enough for expanding my Who appreciation :-)
Craig Otto Hope I die before I get old.
Bob O'Neill Ja.ja..ja.ja..generation.
Peter Calo The Best !
Lora Swett OMG, I was 11 when this came out.
Cecilio Rodriguez Cortes Our Generation, So brave, so great.
Tommygun Video http://www.tommygunvideo.com
Tom Birch It says "this vidoe is not available". Bugger...
William Blake Erickson Bill Erickson
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge with Paul Simon and 3 othersSeptember 25th, 2016 at 9:12am

There are very few musicians / performers / writers / poets that we would call "American Treasures". One of the people we will call that has a birthday today.

Art Garfunkel, 1/2 of the singing duo "Tom and Jerry" who later went by the name Simon & Garfunkel is 74 years old today.

Art is one of those people who we could go on for days about, but it is best said in 4 words: He is Art Garfunkel.

If you could be at his birthday party tonight and he told...

Nick DiPalo His Breakaway album is one of my faves. Always the perfect album to "set the mood" back in the day. I'd ask him to sing, "I Believe When I fall in Love..."
Keith Waye Happy Birthday Mr Garfunkel. Please sing 'Second Avenue' for me. "I can still see you standing There on the third floor landing...."
Don Boyd Happy Birthday, Art!
Phil Caton To quote george Harrison " I bet my paul is worse than yours" Art? Sing about the bridge xx
Judy Schmaeling Erickson Thank you for all the great music. Happy Birthday!!
Chris McIndoe Mr Garfunkel is the real one of the duo.
Debbie Alvarez Darlene, Happy Birthday Art!!
Rick Widner I hope Art knows how many people love him. Thank you, Art!
Dianna Schaffer Only if he would sing with Simon.
Ed Sherman Happy Birthday Art. ...I'd select Waters of March.
Coni Bridenbaugh Thanks for the music I think of Old Friends ...
Nancy Marchbanks The most beautiful blending of 2 voices ever! Never to be duplicated. Thank you for S & G❤️
Heather Panda Marie 59th street bridge song!! Jim Meenan
Lauren Blatt Bright eyes. But I'd cry.
Jim Meenan Scarborough Fair
Kris Schwarz Walesa "All I Know".
Hallie Henry Allgood I love "The Boxer".......
John H Jandoli Bridge over troubled water
Rick Gray Homeward Bound
Jerry Dobb All I Know
George Rodriguez Happy Birthday AG. I'd request this one https://youtu.be/j3aobaPbOSc
Audrey Nelson Mangrum Happy Birthday!!!
Janell Daves Starkey Bridge Over Troubled Water. I love this and hope have a wonderful Birthday
Lora Lee Hardy Scarborough faire
Don Boyd The Boxer Song!
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge with Peter Noone and Herman's Hermits Starring Peter NooneSeptember 25th, 2016 at 9:12am

Herman's Hermits' Peter Noone has a very special day today. He turns 68 years old. It was also on this day in 1968 that Peter married Mireille Strasser. It was on his 21st birthday. As we have said before, this is the part of the story that we like. Peter is still married to his bride Mireille, 47 years later.

Happy Birthday Peter and Happy Anniversary Peter and Mireille !!!!!

Rob Gibson Something tells me he's into something good....
Pete Delgado He's her first old man Peter.. Peter the first he is.
Cheri Messmore Happy Birthday and many more Peter...Happy Anniversary and many more. ..<3
Kim Keller Mrs. Strasser had a lovely daughter ;-)
Lyn Davis Williams Happy birthday Peter. You were my very first concert!
Shawn Kofluk Happy birthday Peter
Alan Pickard Happy birthday Peter have a great day
Nancy Marchbanks Lovely! He comes to the Gulf Coast frequently - always been such a popular guy. Happy Birthday Peter!
Anna M Dionne Urquhart That's awesome....my husband and I got married on his 21st birthday too 6/11/77, 38yrs and counting.....<3 Happy birthday and anniversary!! 😃
Linda Hart Myers I am 68 yrs old and have been married 47 years also!!! what a coincidence...LOL
David Whetstone ....or as Ed Sullivan called him, "Peter Herman Moon".
Barbara Joy Mullen Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!
Danielle Conley Happy birthday and Happy Anniversary
Sara Layne Happy Birthday, and Happy Anniversary!
Marilyn Darr Happy Birthday, Mr. Noone 🎂🎉🎈 And Happy Anniversary to a great couple. 🍸
Lisa Patterson I always liked Herman hermit's .. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary
Michael Reed Did he say at the time Mrs Strasser you have a lovely daughter. As she obviously was and is. Love to them both. !
Doug Korach Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary
Barbara Spear Prather I had a crush on him...lol
Rori Giles He's into something good.
Teresa Braun Here they are today. I always had a crush on him. He was so cute.
Robert Mercado Amazing, he performed at the casino a month ago. I was able to see him arrive with security before going up to his suite. I said to him "Peter! and he acknowledged with a nod and that particular smile. 😂
Ann Marie Barry My parents just celebrated their 65th Wedding Anniversary yesterday, Nov 4, 2015! Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!
Catherine Kuss Have met him three times - once back n the 60s.
Steve Mikkelson I thought her maiden name was Brown.
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll KnowledgeSeptember 25th, 2016 at 9:12am

Todays history lesson from The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge:

Julie Milton Modaressi Ke-Ke Shelton, here's some black rock & roll history, man!
Charlie Primerano I have a problem with memes like this that don't quote an authority or book. The most likely source appears to be the book "Thelonius Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original". While this practice certainly took place among black men (and continues), it is doubtful it was confined to or originated with jazz musicians and it likely started earlier than the 1940's. Men regardless of race, certainly addressed each other as "man" for centuries (e.g., "My good man"). In the context of race in America, the origins of claiming the status of "man" over "boy" go back to the Dred Scott Supreme Court decision of 1857. As the Monk book describes, in the 1940s, one black man calling another "man" in the presence of a white man could be interpreted as an act of defiance. That the use of this slang term grew in the post war period said more about the impatience of this new generation of black men than whether or not they played jazz.
Jeff N Debbie Simpson Musicians are so cool, man!
Rick Lewis I had no idea, man.
Albert Coburn it is demeaning to call anyone "boy" in a derogatory sense
Harold Norris Man!! Thats useful knowlege!!
Rob Gibson Makes you wonder about "Daddy-O".
Jeff Huff I call many black musicians sir and rightfully so...
Dianne Osborne Sharing
Richard Jallouk People had no respect for people of color , these were talented good hard working men ,musicians that deserved respect , glad they did that.
Lee Ann Troy Ya learn something new every day (If you're lucky.) I didn't know that.
Jon M Berry Makes one think about the old song "Mannish Boy"!
Cheralyn O'sullivan I didn't know that Why are WHITE people world so horrible to black people in any situation
Laine Wittmayer Gee lighten up Charlie, we get it man
Doris Angermund Yeah man <3
Peter Levine One day I found an old lady in the parking lot who was kneeled down and messing with her car tire, I quickly went over to ask if she needed help, to find out she was stuffing a loaf of bread under it. Maybe so she can run it over? , she looked up at me and yelled "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS BOY!!! "
Charlz Ruggerio Who knew
Bill Wiltfang What did they call the ladies?
Randy Young Pretty straight forward eh!
Rick Anthony I first heard this claim on the Ken Burns documentary on Jazz.
Blunt Force Trauma man i say "man" a lot man
Bill Tristan And modern rap & hip-hop 'artists' have jumped back to square one by calling each other " boy".
Ken Stephens Another day, another nugget of trivia. Cool man!
Winnie Elkin Herzog Interesting
Mike Capesius http://youtu.be/vmVaCbxkd34 40 seconds in
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans SaintsSeptember 25th, 2016 at 9:12am

A must watch for Saints fans!

"The Saints Are Coming" documentary on the return to the Superdome: http://bit.ly/TheSaintsAreComingFilm

Greg Chapman I CANNOT believe it's been 10 years. For those that were in the stadium that night.....THANK YOU. I felt that from my house in Florida. My beloved boys were BACK! Love you NEW ORLEANIANS! I am truly blessed to bleed BLACK & GOLD! WHODAT??!! GEAUXSAINTS!! #91!! I Hope Mauti blocks it again and we stomp dem dirty birds!!!!
Chris Doll Thanks for posting. Wanted to see this but as an out of state fan wasn't sure how. Who Dat! ⚜
Daniel Petrusaitis Is it only in new Orleans or will it be nationally televised??
Carol Simpson Aussie Saints fan here, thanks for posting this! Geaux Saints!
Cheryl A. Winn This was awesome!!!!
Erin Pate Just watched and could not be more moved and proud of this documentary. Well done all the way around!! 😍
Joanna Matherne Anderson THIS IS GREAT!
Denise Berel It was great!
Sadie Stoufflet It is a wonderful documentary. Loved it.
Vivian Madison Love my New Orleans Saints!!😄😄
Valentina Smith sure wish we could see it here in TX
Joseph Jones Where Can We Watch It On TV??
OleBoi PookieLee who cares
Michele Robinzine Smith Kevin Kevin Smith
Victoria Malcolm Randall Thompson
Brandon Winkler Chris Drott Kim Balina Drott
Stacie Fontenot Damien Jackson, Jamie Pelsia, Brennan Scott Morgan
Becky Cotner Kenneth Duvall Rena Hall-Huffman
Melissa Evans Dempsey Etienne Michelle Akens
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Josh Garcia Luis Torres
Betty J Robinson Purchase a SAINTS Wreath @ Bettysglamboutique.etsy.com
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans SaintsSeptember 25th, 2016 at 9:12am

10 years ago today....Rebirth!

Shane Carner This team needs a rebirth.....I love the Saints but this team lacks some of the grit and heart of that team.....
Holly Martin i watched that game...amazing....on the first play of the 1967 regular season, wide receiver John Gilliam returned the opening kickoff 94 yards for a touchdown..
Kristi Cockman I miss watching Jimmy Graham dunking the goal post. WHO DAT!
Grant Menard Ooooo...can't dunk on dem goalposts today sha. Dey fine you for dat, mais ya...
Lauren Scrish Burns Saints all day long! Who Dat! Love from across the pond UK! 😍🏈
Brenley Ransome Sedric Haynes I know you are a huge saints fan. Thought you'd enjoy this.
Zavier A. Martin That was a good play but lets not focus on the past. We need to look ahead.
Asim Hawkins Gleason, you will always be one of my favorite players for that play, from a Panthers fan.
Holly Martin Philippe Angelini: lol....the sound and energy in the dome was amazing that night
Russ Colavecchio It's sad that we have to watch throwback plays of the Saints because there aren't any good plays so far this year.
Mariel Bickwermert I was at this game. The crowd was insane. Best NFL game I've ever been too. Who dat!?!!⚜️
Pat Prosper Waechter God gave his blessing on New Orleans that day. He must have said it's time to get this city back on track.
Jeremy Christopher Realmuto This must be back when they actually won games. Hmmm.
Matthew Burgess The good old days when you Could dunk a football like a man.
Sedric Haynes You mean the season where the NFL let you guys break the rules so you can win ?
Samantha Erickson This play brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it! Team Gleason forever. WHO DAT! ⚜️
Shawn Menoud Mike Brown I know u have to remember this!!! Love them saints!!
Ellen Sonnier Tomorrow we will bring it all back again. We can and will win.
Dale Davis Fraser Donnelly you buzzing? Have to attempt some 80 yard field goals this weekend
Danielle Cassidy Still gives me chills watching it all these years later!!! ♡ #whodat #teamgleason
Mark Wells Absolute beautiful and emotional moment for the WHO DAT nation and we gonna get back on track after we take out those dirty birds #WHODAT4EVA
Danilo Oliveira "Olha só o bloqueio. Essa bola vai ficar com o New Orleans Saints que vai anotar o touchdown. TOOOOOOOUCHDOWN NEW ORLEANS SAINTS! Curtis Deloatch". Portuguese announcers 10 years ago #WhoDatNationInBrazil
Kalynn Rouyea Templet Steve Gleason was an inspiration on the field and is one off the field. #teamgleason #nowhiteflags #neverpunt
Jason Johnson ReBirth Of Team Gleason!! Who DAT!!! Say, We need a Win!!! Whowooo!!
Bonnie Lomax my team
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints with Ochsner Health System.September 25th, 2016 at 9:12am

Dannell Ellerbe: Questionable.

More from the latest injury report.

Russ Colavecchio ******* BREAKING NEWS !!!! ********* The entire Saint's team is on the inactive list. Coach was tired of giving the same excuses for loosing another game, so he wanted to change it up this week with a brand new one!!👍👍
Bill Crowley What's the word on Snead down there? Need him out there.I know he's questionable but ya'll think he will suit up and make an impact.
Ecton Theriot In the past two years, I've played at LB almost as much as Ellerbe has!
Anthony Caruso Falcons always show J Jones as questionable. Want Saints to make mistake in their game plans.
Matthew Bartee Jordan, Snead, Vacarro, and Armstead, bro this is not good by any means.
Scott Delatte Keep them all out. Play the scrubs so that we go 0-16 to get rid of Payton/Loomis. This is the only way the Saints will get better again.
Deneen F Walters I agree, to many, on injury reserved, well they betters, WAke UP and Smell the Roses the program, is on Thin Ice
Johnny Jam Armstead is becoming injury prone too..nobody wants to say it smh
James Cash Cut him. Never plays. The reason the dolphins let him go
Asad Malik as Jeff said I'm surprised that anyone can make $9248 in four weeks on the computer . you could try here>>>>>>>>>>>www.4jobshoney.ℭom
Joel Billeaudeaux Just say Ellerbe is out. We aren't shocked.
Larry King-Creole Williams Saints gonna win on monday just believe #whodatnation
Michael Jamal Murray The Saints Will win. And that defense looking good
DeShawn Phi Nu Crawford Ellerbe is a waste of money
Robert Dear Ellerbe.......
Simon Robert Ellerbe injured again no surprise
Michael Jamal Murray Craig been playing well.
Ramiro Gutierrez The best tackle out for the most important game 😒 sigh
Codey Broussard Cut him he stays hurt every game
Simon Bloom The Saints are back to being the Aints.
Joan Saddul Pascual hope everything okay
Joel King Hanks Ellerbe is the waterboy now. Visualize and attack
Robert Jensen Time to let Elerbe go. He's doing nothing to help this team . Sorry, if you can play after 3 years cut him loose!
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New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints shared Team Gleason's post.September 25th, 2016 at 9:12am

Airs 5 pm and 10:30 pm tonight on FOX-8 locally! (it will be available online after the second show airs)

Billy Miller I just finished the 30 for 30 documentary on the Saints reopening the Superdome after Katrina and it brought to mind memories of watching that game. I had bought an Ishee house for my family to live in while my house was being rebuilt, and, like most Ishee houses, it featured glass walls. Since I had developed a taste for cigars for which I was banished from indoor living, I watched the game from the back deck with wireless headphones, peering through the glass to see the television. The opening music ..."The Saints Are Coming"....engendered an unfamiliar physical response....ha, Ok, I'll admit I started crying....and then the blocked punt...and then the Saints totally domination of the game, as if nothing could go wrong on that most magical of nights. While my babies slept inside with my wife who cared not for football, I, alone sitting on the rail of that back deck, found release from the chains of Katrina emotions, headphones wrapped around my head and cigar in hand. Such is the power and the allure of a lifetime allegiance to the concept of what one calls "your team." I had carried the loss of the home to which I had brought my babies from their birthings, and the destruction of things which only had value as children's memories...awards, cherished stuffed animals, tiny chairs...as well as the devastation of my law office representing twenty years of everything I had built...inside a defiant chest, as men often do. Emotion shunt aside, I set out to rebuild bigger and better in defiance of nature. And then...in that one night of pixie dust spread over all of us who had suffered for so long....I, and hopefully many others, grasped the enormity of what we had all been through and cried for the suffering and rejoiced in the feeling of rebirth and the unconquerable spirit of hope. Ha...makes me feel sorry for those who aren't Saints fans.....
Bobby Power Yeah that's fine n all...but the way we have performed as a team and organization over the last 3 years Is atrocious and disgustingly awful!!!! We're not in the mood to be living in the past when our present is so awful!!!!!!!
Michel Messier May 7, 1718 the Jean-Baptiste-Sieur de Bienville-LeMoyne-LeMessier-Saint Louis IX-VIII Louis (Philippe) d'Orleans-Saint David-Saint Clotilde... Family brought the Saints marching into Nouvelle (New) Orleans...Let the Good Times Roll...
Shelby T Mitchell Glad the Saints brought back football after Katrina
Chester Brown Can someone tell me. How do you go by to getting autographs before or after games. Do u gotta pay more or something.
Asad Malik as Jeff said I'm surprised that anyone can make $9248 in four weeks on the computer . you could try here>>>>>>>>>>>www.4jobshoney.ℭom
Shana Dean Wish I could see it. Don't get it in Texas!
RNykki Vaughn Awesome!
Gary J. Curtiss Schwegmann's bags in there?
Johnny V Reed Same old shot as last year.we need some CHANGE
Stephanie Yeager Bruce Parson
Sarah Worrell Carla Tanner
Jennifer Stanley Lavigne Thomas Hutto
Marissa DeConte Adam Kollar
Wendy LeBoeuf West Curt Pitts
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints added 2 new photos.September 25th, 2016 at 9:12am

Tonight our "The Saints are Coming" Documentary airs on FOX-8 locally and other Raycom stations! It will be posted online after the show

Jordan Victor Just win
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans SaintsSeptember 25th, 2016 at 9:12am

Our documentary on the return to the Superdome "The Saints are Coming" airs Saturday on FOX-8 and more Raycom stations http://bit.ly/2d0MQOj

Mike Tirico on saying "Touchdown New Orleans!"

Mo N Jimbo Excited, thanks for airing on your website for the out of market Who Dats. We were in Nola for the season opener this year. The Saints 5k and 9/11 opener was MAGIC.
Meredith Tipton Is this the same special that aired on NFL network on Thursday or is it different?
Carlos Louis Wegner Remember this like it was yesterday, Who Dat lets get that W on Monday night!
Greg Faries Watched last night. Very moving. Very well done.
Jason Reynolds Anywhere his can be viewed in the U.K.?
Nicole Marie Preston How can we watch this in Houston?
Mitesh Patel I gotta see this documentary !!!
Daniel Samuels How can I watch this in Oklahoma?
Carlos Contreras I remember after all the screaming was done from the blocked punt I said to myself..."Tirico was a genius at that moment." He purposefully stayed quiet and just let the roar consume my living room. It was awesome...and he played the moment perfectly. Props Mike!!!!!!
Ryan Hall It's the greatest moment in NFL history. Nothing else compares.
Cay Wiser I cried my eyes out. Will never forget!! ❤️
MIchael Bryan Actually I think at one point in time saints fans had put paper bags over there heads cause they were really in a slump. Theve been working on that since but do they really need a tradity to happen so they can play at there fullest no I don't think so they just gonna push through this season right come on saints.
Jeannette Major It was put together beautifully...we need to recapture that spirit and do it again...for NOLA, For Gleeson, and for all our #whodatnation
Chris Armando It's a bust. Kinda feel like 1980's Saints if you'll remember the days of people putting their season tickets on the windshields of parked cars to get rid of it and not litter. That's how much the tickets should be. Talking about the current situation
Karen Kellogg Please don't disgrace new orleans by not standing for the national anthem.we have stood with this team over 40 years good and bad but this would be awful
David Moore that was on here a few nights ago... very good!
Jillian Street ⚜️⚜️‼️
Jillian Street 🤔magical 🎉
Jessica Peacock Charles Want To See It .
Patricia Warr If they do something for the anthem I will never watch or pull for them. Grandma of a Marine fighting for that flag
Carolyn Allgood So True! Who Dat!
Lorenzo Johnson A must see Who Dat event!
Baybe James Mclain Kris Scott have to try and find this.
Gabriel Gordon Gustavo hay q conseguir esto
Walter Willis Bet
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans SaintsSeptember 25th, 2016 at 9:12am

The Falcons returned some tickets for Monday night! Available here: http://bit.ly/2cJoEQJ

Jordan LaFrance Pittsburgh and Oakland had so many travelling fans. Guess Atlanta fans don't really care about their team that much to drive 8 hours/fly 1 hour.
Lois Robertson Will not be watch the losing Saints Monday night. Or watch Brees try to break more records. He needs to try to beat the falcon. The debate will be a better game. GO Trump he will be playing to win.
Jeanne Vinet I want to win :::: Let's all Who Dat's get together and say Win Saints Win!
Chuck Bowie That's because they don't want to travel down here and watch 'dem dirty bird LOSE!!!!
Anthony Caruso Dirty birds make good gumbo. Its on my 4 ft wide sign.
Stephen Price I'm just ready for the season to end bc neither one of these teams will make it to the playoffs
Tiffany Ann DeLatte Win or lose I love my team . And if we don't win will get them next time. And would help if they take the politic out of it!!!!
Chalie Hughes I'll be watching for sure! With my bottle of jack and tissues....
Melissa March Ricco March...i hope you get to see this game...you know i'm on it
James Heffker Maybe the NFL should reconsider playing the Star Spangled Banner before the games in 2017! You think!
Sam Welch Until the NFL high archey and owners DAMAND RESPECT, I won't be watching, in the stadium or on TV. Enough, time to CLEAN HOUSE
Chester Brown Can someone tell me how do u get autographs before or after the gsmes.
Flacco Duenes Another blocked punt! 👐🏈
Gary J. Curtiss Maybe the defense could use them. They don't show up anyway. Might be a way to get them in the Dome! And the NFL and their BS?! KMA! Gary J. Curtiss, SN USN K-9 Erich 81X2 🐾❤️ DaNang, Vietnam '67-'68 Louisiana Patriot Guard Riders
Dakota Scott Hughes We probably won't see a win until November 6th when we play the 49ers. That's probably the only win well see too.
Tiffany Ann DeLatte Let fried some dirty birds and win !!!!
Vince Diamond Falcon fans know what's coming! Who Dat?!
Trebmal Jordison Smith Lets get a W please.Who Dat!..
Johnny Michael Winton Please. Just. WIN.
Darlene McCracken Would be so nice to get that win.
Angela Culver Spence Good more for us
Paul Williams Ill be in the building
Sandy McKibben The question is, is this because of the economy, because they can watch on tv, because they think we'll win or because the DEBATE is on the same night??? Thanks Roger Badell..... Found another way to hurt the Saints. Schedule our MNF the same night as the debates. Why would those idiots setting up the debates pick a Monday night in football season? Not football fans???? Ah unfair competition??? Fie on all of them. Geaux saints beryl the Falcons (dirty birds) for Gumbo!
Bethany Rowell I'll be in wa , play hard!!
Marcus Talley Who's ready for Mondome???