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The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge2 hours ago

Being on the road as an up and coming band in the early 70's was never easy. Club owners / promoters were always looking for ways to screw the band. On April 30, 1970, The Allman Brothers Band had a problem:

The following is an article that was written by David J. Krajicek and appeared in the New York Daily News on May 11, 2013:

"It was that moment late at night that every touring club band must endure: begging for their fee.

While the roadie packed the last of the...

Craig Otto The Grateful dead solved that problem. They got a senior Hells Angel to be their road negotiator. While he was there, they got the right fee at the right time and all parts of the contract were followed to the letter,
Dean Auman You can't change history, and The Allman Brothers had an epic fascinating one for over 40 yrs, but as a big fan, i've always wondered what could have been had Duane and Berry lived. Damn, those early days were the best !
Catherine Donovan Fascinating story. I found myself on the side of the man who stabbed another to death. That doesn't happen often.
James Kelly Just another legacy, of the legend, "heartbreak" of the Allman Brothers.
Joanne Sullivan Fascinating story. Life is so effed up. After all he had been through, his death came from doing something he loved.
Rick Hauser Born and raised in Buffalo NY, I know Hertel Ave, but too young to know about Aliotte's Louge
Mark Trent Moral of the story: it's better to burnout (or auger-in at 120 mph), than to fade away.
Álex Murillo Un fabuloso grupo q íntegro uno d los requintista mejores del mundo, reconocido ni más ni menos x Erick clapton, el fallecido DUAN ALLMAN
Bruce Parkington Remember, a man has to eat. Don't break a promise.
Dewey Yeast Great guy- had a beer with him in the late 70's
Aggie Lee Malinowski Way to young.
Oliver Karlsson Now that's a great story.
Sheila Dass Hell....what a story...!!!
Mary Fooshée Wow...
Joanne Kopecky Feeman Jeez. Epic.
John Melcher But did they get paid?
Rick Lee "Twiggs approved"
Chris Jennings John Scott Bowes you may like this story.
Byler Pepper wow
Michael Dion Oops
Karen McClellan Gregg Allman
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge3 hours ago

When you have a need you must fulfill, it is best to make sure no one else gets hurt. With that being said…

On April 30, 1976, The Who's resident loon, Keith Moon paid nine different New York cabdrivers $100.00 each to block off a full city block. This allowed the Keith to throw all of the furniture in his hotel room out of the window and onto the street.

The picture here is not from that day and is not of Keith in NYC. It's just a cool picture of Keith but it...

Sid Cox On the bright side! The furniture hitting the street sounded better than the who!
Nick Scelsi I love the Who and I love Keith's playing, but never understood the purpose of all this mayhem. Tony Fletcher's 600-page Moon biography chronicles one act of senseless stupidity followed by another and another and another. It gets tiresome after a while.
Tony Reay Love Keith - but that story sounds like an urban myth.. unless he managed to get the cab drivers to block off all the pedestrians as well - which is pretty damn unlikely.. think about it folks...
Steven Willan Tried but the bloody double glazing made it bounce back and knocked me out in hospital for 3 days and 9 stitches lol TV s are just to big nowadays lol
Wayne Ribbink No question he had an issue and looking at the extremes, and having a friend and cousin with it, would guess he was bipolar. Not helped by drugs and alcohol.
Robert William Lovell Loved Keith. Have to wonder where Big Johnny Twinkle was in all this. Most likely sipping some brandy with some female company and watching with amusement.
Joe Oliveri Keith Moon was certainly a talented drummer, but was a total ahole. And no, I've never destroyed other people's property.
Frank Massa Still waiting for the so called KEITH MOON movie ... :)
Will Yaryan Keith and Pete tried to throw a coffee table out the window of my hotel room in Montreal and everyone got arrested.
Milan Pejic Classic Rock at the very best... He, like JMH, set the standard. RIP KM... :-)
Mark Rush lots of wasted money and his nonstop insanity impacted the band as a whole...great drummer but he took it all too far
Chris Genoversa Some Premeditated shenanigans!
Gary Craddock i tossed a cigarette butt out the window!...does that count?
Vikki Gilliland He is so sorely missed. <3
Juan Alberto Stheeman I'm still waiting for that Mike Myers film on Moonie
Bruce Ahamnos What a drummer ..enough said
Bret Wikle The BEST drummer to ever pick up a set of sticks
Sheila Dass No
Steve Fantana Jonny Major
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints shared a link.15 hours ago
Da Matt Vashon Show So we would've chose Mahomes and missed out on the #1 QB. I'm glad everything happened the way it did. Even with Foster since he didn't have the decency to click back over. We're gonna have an amazing squad this year
John Klumpp Even though there was a bit of bad luck early on (missing out on Mahomes and Foster), it was a really good draft, especially with the top CB in the entire draft falling in our lap at 11. Alright, boys. You got the pieces, now make it work. Who Dat, baby!!!
Pedro Souki I'm glad that we misses mahomes and gorda what we needed, a great CB. Even with Foster, I think that the way the thinks unveilded were for the best. We must protect Drew Drees to extend his time in the Saints!!!! I very positive about this year's picks!!! WHO DAT !!!!!
Lionel Braud I know that there has been some see-saw responses to the draft. This may be a naive, heart-felt response, but to the New Orleans Saints franchise, coaches and the team, do not forgot the love of the game itself. Have fun and keep on trucking. Who Dat!
Jim Berry The selections were solid, but we will pay for not getting a top tier DE. Someone needs to step up and disrupt the QBS we will face this year. Our CBS can't cover forever.
Mike Brown Love the selections from this years draft, that Offensive Line is gonna be quietly dominant!
Dakota Legg Finally had a great draft! If these kids, ap, and our o-line can stay healthy we've got a good chance this year!
Todd Arceneaux I knew the Saints would get good undrafted free agents. These guys will do great with the guys that were drafted.
Daniel Schalk Best pick!
Grayling Ryan Call Great draft this year New Orleans! #PlayoffBound WHO DAT⚜️
Benito Ramirez Colin Buchanan, OL, Miami (Ohio) Travin Dural, WR, LSU Ahmad Fulwood, WR, Florida Andrew Lauderdale, OT, New Hampshire Devaroe Lawrence, DT, Auburn Cameron Lee, G, Illinois State Art Maulet, CB, Memphis Sae Tautu, LB, BYU Cameron Tom, C, Southern Miss
Bill Mahony I'm excited about the results of this Draft....
Scott Jumonville Why do the saints insist on drafting Ohio St garbage Dbs
Matt Beeramid I just saw that Travin Dural from LSU was signed, that deserves a post!
Tommy David Ballut duck egg fetus boiled in the shell from the Philippines
Fred Loc Let's go boys welcome to that #Who #Dat #Nation
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints was live.15 hours ago

Sean Payton Post-Draft Interview

Watch the 2017 NFL Draft LIVE on NFL Network

John Fitzgerald WHO DAT! Let's stand behind our team! We got some good picks and had a good free agency period! Now let's go win the Super Bowl!
Rich Holmack I saw that JJ is in surgery, Prayers that all goes well...
Kaybee Vasavada Great Job! Love the picks! Let's do it this year! WHO DAT!
Marco Thompson I'm pleased with the draft you can't make everybody happy but who dat
Jonathan Flippo Love this year's draft! Ready for September 11th! Who Dat baby!
Stephani Morgan Though I love NBA playoffs and all--I WANT MY NFL SEASON TO START!!!
Lois Colletti Push the clock forward. I'm ready for Saints Football. Who Dat!🏈
Dean Hermsen Playoffs this year. The Brees-Peterson-Ingram punch!
Johnathan Barrow Shoutout to Who Dats in Bunkie La, #WD4L
Johnathan Barrow Great job, don't care what the rest say, WHO DAT!!
Kevin Hines Whodat I feel we coming back hard this season
Steve MT Vu Who Dat from my hometown of the Saints, New Orleans!!!!
Mboutchouang Emmanuel Who Dat from Atlanta.
David Farley i want anothwr super bowl win
Alvin Johnson Who Dat in Denver, Colorado!
Ray Jay Sullivan Who dat nation all day proud of the team
Stephani Morgan I bleed #blackandgold
Ritchie Matthews I'm going to London to see my Saints!
Brittney Sutton Who dat from Tennessee!! ⚜️🖤💛
Amanda Mowery ready for some football🏈⚜️🖤💛
Kendrix Thomas Who dat from Lafayette,LA
Marco Thompson Who Dat Youngsville Louisiana and Opelousas Louisiana
William Pierce Who Dat from Murfreesboro, TN! Excellent draft picks!
Zeb Ruff Good draft fellas! Who dat!
Michael Dawson IMO Great Draft #WD4L #SaintsDraft WHODATTTT
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints16 hours ago

Sean Payton will speak with the media shortly. Watch Live:

Tina Rose Soo Ready for Our Southern Brees to lead the SAINTS again and on 📺 TV.
Ronza O'steen What does the Saints have against LSU players ?
John Davies Fantastic!🏈
Ryan Kendrick we signed travin dural from lsu and 6 others
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints16 hours ago

With the 12th pick in the 6th round, the Saints select Miami DE Al-Quadin Muhammad!

Margie Lee Music-Kahre How many picks do we have left?
Ivan Yang Saints been working on defense for years. It'll pay off, just ya'll watch! #WhoDatNation
Brandon Lovell So you're telling me that there was nobody better than this guy at defensive end position that the Saints could have picked?
Chris Madden This was a very good draft
Jayden Tones Those who are saying its been a good draft you do realise 3 things 1. We picked a RB even though we have Mark Ingram and AP 2. We picked 3 guys who are all injury prone (our first round picks and our last pick) 3. Our last pick has character issues Which leaves us with 4 ok players but 0 of them are home runs
Paul Turner I had no idea who he was before, but on film he looks great. So that's 2 offence and 5 defensive players. Y'all can shut up now. Lol
James Gordon Seriously can we trade back into the 6th round and draft Brad Kaaya???? It's a low risk high reward slot for a potential future QB...
Phillip Howard Good draft bless you boys!!
James Shawn Mclain i like what they have picked up so far
David Williamson Welcome to the WHODAT nation
John Davies Yessss!!!!👍
Liza Belton Nice pick
Seth David Mcquain I'm really confident this year about this team #whodat
Wayne Peyton Good draft...WHO-DAT
Jo Pearson I like this pick..
Michael Hendrichs Loving these picks
Chance Hall Good draft finally
James Patterson Who Dat We Dat! Go Saints!
Isiah Smith This draft class will make me purchase madden 2018...😼😼😼
David Lasseigne Lewis neal is available from lsu. And you take a character issue player that doesn't have the numbers Neal has???? Stupid !!
Tom Miller WTF??!! So much for following the board.. taking a player when higher ranked players of same position are still available. Could also be taking a chance of having another Galette type player... I guess Sean misses him...
James Stafford Can not believe I am saying this but I was hoping for Chad Kelly in the 6th. I know he has a lot of issues and I am no Ole Miss fan but a year or two learning behind Drew and I think he could take over. Also, if he flopped, it's just a 6th rounder. We really would not have lost much.
Cary Solomon What's the deal with angry faces for a 6th round pick? Man, some people can't find anything even normal much less good in situations. Glad I'm not their kid.
Ryan Johnson We should really stop complaining like our defense was ranked top 5 last year..he can transition into a good player and for depth.. Let's please stop complaining lol



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