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The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge8 hours ago

Lynyrd Skynyrd released their third studio LP "Nuthin' Fancy" on March 24, 1975. It was their first album to reach the Top 10, peaking at #9 on the US albums chart. It was certified Gold on 6/27/1975 and Platinum on 7/21/1987 by the RIAA. This is the first record with new drummer Artimus Pyle and the last with guitarist Ed King until the reformation of Lynyrd Skynyrd and the release of Lynyrd Skynyrd 1991.

Do you remember the first time you heard anything from this album? Remember the first time you heard "Saturday Night Special"?...

Greg Peak Last album produced with Al Kooper. Billy Powell flipping the bird on the back cover. Great album very underrated. So many good songs to choose from but I'll go with Made in the Shade.
Edgardo Romarico Esguerra Bier My favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd album and yet, I don't hear much of other fans say so.....every song is dramatically perfect.....
Charlie Clark One of my favorite groups! Had a friend in college used to hang out with these guys in high school in Jacksonville.
Dan Rice guess who I thought of immediately when I saw this Donny Craven ?
Allen Chapman On the hunt..Mine is street survivors still have the album with the flames
竹下武 am i losin' ! Ed king's stunning solo!
George Mccolloch The ultimate southern rock band!
Chas Rossi Great album
Jimmy Duescher On The Hunt!
Tom Mccolloch Saw them in Florida on that tour....
Steven Gittins Great album
Jeff Hestand Tom dowd started producing
Carl Ponzio On the hunt ! One bad ass tune
Len Holmes Gimmie back my bullets, is my fav.
Bobby Adikes On the Hunt is my favorite on this album!
Renato Beltrame Ainda guardo esse lp
Benjamin Franklin Billingsley Great underrated song and underrated band.
Chip Pedro Yes, actually that was the first time 👍
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge8 hours ago

You are all familiar with the " Jim Morrison" incident in Miami in 1969 where he supposedly exposed 'lil Jim' while onstage. It is now pretty certain that he didn't. But back in 1969, the news shocked the youth of Florida, to the point that a group of kids from a local church decided to hold a 'Decency Rally' to show the world that the youth of Florida was not corrupted by the evils of Rock and Roll.

So, on March 23, 1969, the "Rally For Decency" (or 'Decency Rally) was held at the Orange Bowl...

Jack James We called it the Smut Rally. All the local churches made sure to get all their youth in attendance. It was the last rock concert that The City of Miami let happen for years afterward so concerts were held in surrounding townships.
Stefan Gruber I can't stand the complacent and hypocritical look on the guy's face. They probably knew the incident was made up and were just looking for a scapegoat. Accusing an innocent man of an absurd crime and thus driving him to an early grave in the long run is a fiendish, sick and evil thing to do.
Michael Heimlich Anita Bryant is no surprise, but Jackie Gleason? He always did it his own way and I always assumed that he was not one to be critical of another's views.
Peter Black Anita Bryant was the orange juice huckster who had a major distan for gay people. She was bound to be at that concert as stated....
Winn Stuart Forman Its is actually sad to watch , Jim Morrison was acting like a jack ass stoned out of his mind as the back bone of the band tryied to hold things together.
Greg Darr Since the 50's there has been a war on R&R music because it incited people to be energized, dance and be themselves. Even now we don't see R&R concerts on TV or MTV anymore, but there are numerous Country Music Specials & awards shows. So in spite of the genre struggling here in the USA, it thrives in Asia, Europe and the Middle east and still is alive and well in 2017. Hey Hey, My, My Rock and Roll will NEVER die.....
Gary Comer Jackie Gleason wouldn't even be able to find his penis.
Mark Caywood Wow! Kate Smith! So unfortunate that she was not allowed to Twerk.
Eliot W. Collins It's likely the the kids who attended the "Rally For Decency" have grown up to be the old folks who elected Trump.
Kathryn Caywood Jackie Gleason, the creator of "to the moon Alice". Mr. Decency! ,
Dan McDaniels Jack had negro women on his show ↖
Eddie Bast Frank Zappa played in the area shortly after this, and before beginning the show proper, he and the band delivered this "oath" to the audience:
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge9 hours ago

She is probably the most famous person a lot of you have never heard of. She is Carol Kaye, and today she turns 82 years young.

Carol was a studio musician in LA during the 60's and 70's. Although she is not fond of the term, she was a very important member of what is today known as The Wrecking Crew. Carol played guitar and bass guitar on some TV show themes and a couple of hit songs you have probably heard. The TV show themes that she played on included Cannon, The Streets of San Francisco,...

Clyde Willoughby Do yourself a favor and seek out the documentary "The Wrecking Crew". It is currently available for streaming on Netflix. It was done as a labor of love and is a must-see for any music fan.
Heidi Moore There is a documentary on Netflix called "The Wrecking Crew." It is fantastic! Definitely worth watching for any music fan.
Tripp Payne It's a travesty this woman isn't in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and rappers are.
Daniel Cruz Not in R-n-R hall of fame ? Unbelievable! She belongs on currency! Happy Birthday to someone whose talent Ive enjoyed since childhood ! Thank you ! Glad your getting some due respect !!!
Jeff Stephens she has talent that s unsurrpassed ,and is and always will be in if not inducted,all her peers she has graced their songs albums ,and just plain able to said they had played with her HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROLE KAYE
Don Menefee If you haven't heard of her, you ain't trying hard to know your music history. Happy Birthday to Ms. Kaye, holding down the bottom for all those years!
Michelle Anderson Colleen Morgan Murdock if you want to do about the wrecking crew talk to my boyfriend bob. Omg. Seriously he hung out with them. They all used to come to San Diego at the blue guitar.
Randy Grant Too many musicians want to be the star while others realize it's a job like all others hard work grinding it out with the outcome being a self satisfying career.
Dave Hernandez Happy Birthday to you and thank you for your wonderful contribution to music and your talent for the craft and the other artists that the world has yet to see.
Gary Gone Nielson HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROL. May you be blessed with many more great birthdays. Thank you for all the great music & GOD Bless.🎂🍰💝🌠🎇🎆☀️✨👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🎂🍰
Will Pfeiffer I agree that the "Wrecking Crew" is required watching for music fans along with "Standing in the Shadows of Motown (film). For some fun try " The Commitments" and "Still Crazy".
Larry Fox Should definitely be in the Hall of Fame. Same goes for the Funk Brothers
Juan Alberto Stheeman Incredible bassist, studio musician at Pet Sounds sessions. Congratulations!
Mike McCauley I remember seeing her the first time & the first thing came to mind as I always said , this is proof a woman can and will do things as good as a man. She is living proof. She is great for sure.
Kris Schwarz Walesa Love Carol Kaye!! She is a rock 'n roll treasure. Happy Birthday!
Mike McCauley I loved it when Carol showed Gene Simmons a thing or two.
Marilyn Dockendorf My Hubby, Steve Dockendorf, was one of her students when she taught Bass privately. 😉👍
Jason McInnis Carol is a musical beast. Happy birthday and keep rocking on.
Ylisa Gabay Young Do you remember that show It Takes a Thief with Robert Wagner? I'm not sure too many people do . I loved that show and him 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Chuck Walker She has played on so many great songs and gets so little credit for her incredible guitar work.
Terry Ransom Don't forget "Good Vibrations" where she plays all those distinctive bass riffs! She is also a brilliant jazz player! HBD
Perry Whitehair The legend of the wrecking crew. She was the best of a generation.
Joey Lowe I seen a video where she schooled gene Simmons on bass. Respect ✊
Cindy Allen Pamasa Debra Phillips McKelvy, have you seen The Wrecking Crew documentary?
D.L. Melanson Ben, this is interesting, and I have never heard of her! Amazing lady, wow!
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge10 hours ago

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards got on stage for the first time in Ealing, England with their first band, called "Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys" on March 24, 1962. That was 55 years ago tonight.

It worked.

We're not sure if we should say Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday or just 'Good move guys".

Of all the music they have created over the past 5 decades, does any one song they did together stand out to you?

Gary Baker Paint It Black is a masterpiece! Always wished Can't You Hear Me Knocking came back into the riff and verse again after the sax part, then it woulda been perfect. Keith's best riff!!
Tehya Sadiki Kendi We should say, "Thank you." ❤ 60s: Wild Horses 70s: Emotional Rescue 80s: One Hit (to the Body) 90s: Love is Strong 00s: Anybody Seen My Baby? Mick solo: Just Another Night
Moira Rye My favourite has always been 'The last time' but thanks for being there for most of my and many other people's lives guys.
Nocturno Hayes Hmm, "Gimme Shelter" stands out a bit, seems kinda like a departure in as far as most of their tunes from the era up to that point.
Alan Iorr Little Boy Blue and The Blue Boys never played any gigs at Ealing or anywhere else for that matter. They never got further than Dick Taylor's living room.
Jeanne Griswold 1st daw them in 1966 in Chicago. Could never pick out 1 or 2 or 3 favorite songs. Love them all. Satisfaction comes to mind tho. Great band.
Kit Carson Tell me (your coming back to me ) and good times bad times. Early either liked the Beatles or the stones in those days.
Graeme McDonald They didn't write it, but little red rooster one of my all time favourites 😊
Mike Prencipe Memory Motel. Beautiful song and one of the rare Stones tracks that both Mick and Keef sing lead.
Wayne Pratt 'Dancing with Mr. D', '2000 Light Years From Home', 'Monkey Man', 'She's Hot', 'If I Was A Dancer (pt.1)' 'Honky Tonk Women'.... The list could go on.
Carol Baxter Lynn Jumpin' Jack Flash, Lady Jane, Satisfaction, Wild Horses, so many . . . Sure I've forgotten some.
Nancy Hilley "Ventilator Blues" off Exile on Main cut from the best album...ever!
Reid C. Worthen The greatest Gutair player & greatest front man in music right there !!! Oh and they also own the greatest Rock&Roll band in history!! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧😈🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Tony Reay maybe we should just say... JEEZ.. are you clowns still HERE...?
Tiny Kimmi Wow, they been together for tht long??? Cool!😄 u guys r totally awesome!!!😎
Juliane Peace I always liked Mothers little helper and Paint it black.
Kevin Moore They have lots of albums, cds,mp3 that stand out The Worlds Best Rock n Roll Band. :)
Tim Douglas So very Grateful that this Piece of Rock N Roll History is with us today after all this time!!
Dale True Major date in music history. My fav would be one of their live versions of Jumpin Jack Flash.
Gregory H Grady Sympathy Tumbling dice You can't always get You can make a grown man cry
Gene Beebe Too many to choose from, but the first one that came to my mind was "Angie ", followed by a flood of others.
Robert Fletcher Beast of burden
Michael Kass Waaaay too many to pick just one but for me Gimme Shelter is the best example of the Stones at their finest.
Chris Rimsa Morrison "Please allow me to introduce myself"....Sympathy for the devil..
KP OConnor "Can't You Hear Me Knockin"
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge1 day ago

We have learned that John "Sib" Hashian, the drummer for Boston on their first two albums, passed away yesterday from a heart attack. He was 67 years old. From what we have heard, Sib was on one of the Rock and Roll Cruises and had a massive heart attack while on stage.

Hashian was chosen by Boston founder Tom Scholz in 1975 to replace original drummer Jim Masdea when Epic Records demanded that Masdea be replaced for recording. He was heard on Boston's self-titled debut album, as well as on the follow-up Don't Look Back, although the...

Greg Ory My old neighbor; Sibby was the best. He always stopped while we were playing street hockey to say what's up! Will be forever missed! RIP and condolences to the Hashians.
Christian Freeman Sad! Sibby was just another one in a long line of former Boston bandmembers bashed and discredited by egomanician asshole Tom Scholtz! Tom is talented, brilliant and gifted but as a human being he is a prick and a domestic terrorist piece of shit among rock & roll musicians. Just ask anyone who's played with him or been involved in one of his band line-ups on a recording or performance. RIP Sib!
Lannie Shaffer Well dang, I was going to see him and Barry in May in concert in PA. Condolences.
Tiny Kimmi Wht??😧 aw man!! He was an awesome drummer for Boston! R.I.P. bro!!😭🌹
Ron Babineau Oh no, RIP Sib ...... from one who knew you many years ago ......
Daniel Mendez So sad. My very first concert was Boston and never forgot the way he played. Was incredible. From there on I was hooked. Whole group was amazing.
Michael Farrell Doin what he loved, RIP
Sheila Mcsurley Hate to see him go but thank God it wasn't from drugs.
Eric Chaikin Dude had a bad-ass fro. And could hit the skins.
Michael Anthony Euefueno Thoughts and Prayers for Mr Hashian and his family.
Charlie Thomas he had an aweswum name tho,RIP
Gregg Jarvis Were they in the middle of " More Than A Feeling"?
Jeff Frey Rip Sib- he was great!!
Tom Daley Rip loved that group
Dennis Flock We share a birthday. So sad!
John Walker Massive heart attack while on stage. Damn.
Benny Ayala R. I P.
Vincent Brennan Always loved the fro!
Peter Légère Jamn' with Brad tonight.....
David Swirbitowicz R I P
Gop Joe Mike Wow he died of a heart attack on stage?
Mark Mellberg The best fro.. the best music. RIP Sib.
Joe Zambory RIP!!!
Mike McCauley Playing drums gives your heart a workout.
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints2 hours ago

Samuels noted he wanted to showcase his versatility.

Joshua Guss Lots of fans of the 3 other NFC South teams have been keeping a close eye on who we sign on Defense this season, than who they signed. That's a sign that we're heading in the right direction, and have the other 3 fan bases worried.
Derek Dean Pick 42
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints4 hours ago

Malik discussed his relationship with former Buckeyes Vonn Bell & Michael Thomas and more.

Robert Dennis Who cares about Ohio State. Remember of all the teams they were the only one that couldn't score in the playoffs.
Brandon Guillotte I'll take an elite pass rusher over another safety !!! Defense can't get pressure on the qb it doesn't matter how good your secondary is !!!
Victor Wong Pass rushing defense puts any defense in a good position for turn overs! 2009 we had a great defense that created turn overs!
Dustin Johnson Jonny manziel needs to stay where he's at . Hooker could be a huge addition to our defense.
Hunter Champlin I thought y'all were taking time off since it's the weekend because y'all want Jonny Manziel and that's a stupid idea, just saying
Erika Dawn Kev Stagmedian Dupree and Kayla Dupree ...I thought this was Kevin for a maybe 5 seconds lol
Josh Hyland Dano Bracaloni I'll take another buckeye
Guilherme Rubira If he is on the board at 11, we'll take him
Hunter Champlin Work on Malcom Butler
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints7 hours ago

Top moments from Thursday in Columbus!

Sean Joseph McDowell Jake Stoneburner, Mike Thomas, Vonn Bell, And Ted Ginn Jr. Thanks OSU for the immaculate talent here in New orleans!
Dave Campbell Go bucks!
Jeff Campbell You think they talked about Malcolm Butler ?
Garrett Saintsfan Matthew Well we have 2 stars from Ohio st already so let's get Lattimore and make it 3!!!
Billy Mcpherson Hope New Orleans Saints does better than they did last season but more important matters I hope they do something to that defense or else it's going to be a repeat of last season let's go Saints who dat all the way from Oklahoma
Bonnie Posey WHO DAT! 🏈🏈🏈❤❤❤
Jeremy Creel "So you gonna give me Butler or not??" "You gonna give me that 11?" "I can't give you 11 Bill." "You will..."
John Valois Someone needs to photoshop the bar from Cheers. This looks like Norm and Cliff LOL
Erin O'Neal Greatest coach of all time right there. And, Belichick is an okay dude too.
Billy Mcpherson I cannot stand the Buckeyes but they do have one hell of a team so it's a good team to pick from who dat/ hailstate
Sandy McKibben Veeeellllly interesting! Payton and Bellichek on the same sideline!
Larry S Thompson Over the past 10 years they have found players from 3 different schools from Ohio Ohio state Miami Ohio can't think the other names
Brian DuBose We need their safety lol
Dave Lnu Johnny Manziel....PLEASE NOOOOOO !!!!!!!
Larry S Thompson Saints love Ohio state
Derek Dean Calling Curtis Samuel
Stephen Price Payton getting a tub
Jeff Jordan I hope Sean Payton is getting some Belechick on him.
Robert Pope Good Coach next to a coach that coach's for cheaters (Patriots)
Mark Ruebel Duke Riley.
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints8 hours ago

Saints senior writer John DeShazier checks in from Ohio State Pro Day...

Jeff Zander Worst mistake they could ever make! Johnny doesn't get it, probably never will. Been entitled his whole life. He isn't what I envision as Drews replacement.
Joshua Bacon Manziel can play he just has to muture and I think that comes with age and he would have a great leader to learn from in Drew Brees and Sean Payton so I think it would be a really smart move
Sean Joseph McDowell God I hope the Manziel reports aren't true. Can you imagine Drew retiring and Manziel being our starter? Manziel would destroy everything Drew built.
Cooley High The Saints can hire Manziel for the Towel and Water boy LOL
Kinsey Langley Sean Peyton might draft another 2 buckeyes.
Bman Price Does Sean Payton even realize there is a team called LSU?
Bonnie Posey WHO DAT!
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints shared Team Gleason's post.17 hours ago

Help celebrate Team Gleason's birthday this Sunday!

Barry Mevers This is old. His birthday was last week
Sadie Washington How much the ticket 🎫
Belinda Romero
Deborah Bass O'Brien Amy Martin Levet Tracey Graffeo Fasullo
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints19 hours ago

Photos from today's "All Abilities" Football Clinic!

Rico Berumen Saints baby😎😎😎
Daniel Petrusaitis Payton possibly interested in manziel?? I'd rather have tony romo
Andrew Cohoon Thanks NewOrleansSaints for hosting these great St. Michael Special School kids.
Irish Channel St. Patrick's Day Parade 💚SSt. Michael Special School⚜️
Betty Poland This is Lexi's dream to dance for a pro team! She is only 10 but she is hard worker and she is determined to dance on the sidelines one day!
Tristin Mosley So wish I could do this. As much as I love my saints I'd love to stand by them each game and cheer them to victory.
James Gower Where are her fingers? How is she holding the ball? What is the explanation for firing Brad's wife? #ImportantQuestions
Terry King Great to see your still using Summers picture !! She will be missed !!
Mari Lashea Hey ummm...boys!!! I'm up!!! Jermaine. Willie. Walter. 😂
Jon McCavitt Love my saints, where can I sign up? BE AGGRESSIVE B-E. AGGRESSIVE. That sorta thing right?
Myra Turner Hey that's my birthday. Maybe I'll try out. Oh wait, I'm too old. And I can't dance.
Rick Fagley Ryan Hetrick Nobody asked us to be judges......
Hal Landrum I can be a judge I'd like to be a judge so if you need somebody to judge these girls call me I will be a judge
Karamie Nacole Bodiford Am I hot enough for this Daemion Dalton
Jessie Hardin Wanna ride down there? Amy Dill
Alan Mulligan Lauren Keane what u think? 🤔🤔🤔
Brittiany LeIgh-Anne Bowden Sarah Nations wish you were old enough!
Byron Gustafson The football looks Photoshopped
Derek Jordan just curious on how much these girls get paid to this
Michelle Baum Citrone Save a spot for Mante Teo's girlfriend!!!
Kirk VanSickle Let's worry about the football team first
Shera Garber Summer Sea - u got this girl
Claudine Christopher Canada Here I go again!
Giuliano Guttadauro Marco Coniglione biati bellu parruccuni biondo , viri chi po fari
Abigail Hanson Chasidy Hebert here you go, pay for gym! Lol
Kristen Dipini Rafael Benavides I'm thinking about trying out lol
Matt Cruse Can I come watch? I'll help judge.
Shelby T Mitchell Yeah as she is every young boy's dream Tisk Tisk!
Ryan Coulter I'll give it a shot



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