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The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge1 year ago

Today we are remembering the late Fred Lincoln 'Link' Wray, Jr. who passed away 10 years ago today on Nov. 5, 2005. Link was an American rock and roll guitarist, songwriter and vocalist who first came to popularity in the late 1950s.

Here is how part of how wikipedia describes him: "Building on the distorted electric guitar sound of early records, his 1958 instrumental hit "Rumble" by Link Wray and his Ray Men popularized "the power chord, the major modus operandi of modern rock guitarists", making possible "punk and heavy rock". Rolling Stone placed Wray at No....

The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
Jimmy Page Listening to Rumble.avi
Here's a short clip from the documentary "It Might Get Loud". Page is listening to Rumble by Link Wray and his Ray Men. It's cool to see a Rock Legend like P...
James William Junior this was my intro to Link Wray...
Philip Fregly R. I. P. link Way, loved the tone of his guitar work.
Mike DeVoe I'd love to hang with Jimmy in that room and just listen to those great old records. How cool is his child like enthusiasm for one of his heroes! Too cool.
Eduardo De Lima Abricoot legends darlin'
Jim Bartram why do I fear that Page is getting ready to rip off one more song writer?
Tim Faunce Rumble on.
Fred Wallin I love this video.
Les Shifler Slinky, damn it, Slinky; was the record, and he used to play the freaking Danelectro long horn....
Michael Buser Bognar Regis
Matt O'Hagan Reginald Colin Eyre
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge1 year ago

"My Generation" is a song by the English rock band The Who, which became a hit and one of their most recognisable songs. The song was named the 11th greatest song by Rolling Stone magazine on its list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time and 13th on VH1's list of the 100 Greatest Songs of Rock & Roll.

It's also part of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll and is inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame for "historical, artistic and significant" value. In 2009 it...

The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The Who - My Generation
The Who are an English rock band that formed in 1964. The primary lineup consisted of Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle and Keith Moon. The band ...
Richard Jallouk I think it was really one of the greatest early songs that really paved the way , that rebellious screw you attitude , great Bass by the Ox amazing cutting edge tune . the Who the first Punk Band lol
Coni Bridenbaugh Great song by great rockers.
Jim Kress 1st Rock-n-Roll bass solo.
Jonathon Jackson Ironic that the two guys responsible for writing and singing the line "Hope I die before I get old" are the only two band members who did in fact get old.
Shan Frogel Entwistle really broke new ground for Rock bass with this one!!!
Andrew Velazquez Saw The Who back in May. Greatest moment of my 18 year old life. I lost it when they opened up with this tune!
Jane Lessard Long time fan. Watched Quadrophenia the other still awesome, premise still relevant.
Laura Boyack Morrow Metzger No problem seeing video on my end
Katie KT Wright Simon Gray I can never thank you enough for expanding my Who appreciation :-)
Craig Otto Hope I die before I get old.
Bob O'Neill Ja.ja..ja.ja..generation.
Peter Calo The Best !
Lora Swett OMG, I was 11 when this came out.
Cecilio Rodriguez Cortes Our Generation, So brave, so great.
Tommygun Video
Tom Birch It says "this vidoe is not available". Bugger...
William Blake Erickson Bill Erickson
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge with Paul Simon and 3 others1 year ago

There are very few musicians / performers / writers / poets that we would call "American Treasures". One of the people we will call that has a birthday today.

Art Garfunkel, 1/2 of the singing duo "Tom and Jerry" who later went by the name Simon & Garfunkel is 74 years old today.

Art is one of those people who we could go on for days about, but it is best said in 4 words: He is Art Garfunkel.

If you could be at his birthday party tonight and he told...

Nick DiPalo His Breakaway album is one of my faves. Always the perfect album to "set the mood" back in the day. I'd ask him to sing, "I Believe When I fall in Love..."
Keith Waye Happy Birthday Mr Garfunkel. Please sing 'Second Avenue' for me. "I can still see you standing There on the third floor landing...."
Don Boyd Happy Birthday, Art!
Phil Caton To quote george Harrison " I bet my paul is worse than yours" Art? Sing about the bridge xx
Judy Schmaeling Erickson Thank you for all the great music. Happy Birthday!!
Chris McIndoe Mr Garfunkel is the real one of the duo.
Debbie Alvarez Darlene, Happy Birthday Art!!
Rick Widner I hope Art knows how many people love him. Thank you, Art!
Dianna Schaffer Only if he would sing with Simon.
Ed Sherman Happy Birthday Art. ...I'd select Waters of March.
Coni Bridenbaugh Thanks for the music I think of Old Friends ...
Nancy Marchbanks The most beautiful blending of 2 voices ever! Never to be duplicated. Thank you for S & G❤️
Heather Panda Marie 59th street bridge song!! Jim Meenan
Lauren Blatt Bright eyes. But I'd cry.
Jim Meenan Scarborough Fair
Kris Schwarz Walesa "All I Know".
Hallie Henry Allgood I love "The Boxer".......
John H Jandoli Bridge over troubled water
Rick Gray Homeward Bound
Jerry Dobb All I Know
George Rodriguez Happy Birthday AG. I'd request this one
Audrey Nelson Mangrum Happy Birthday!!!
Janell Daves Starkey Bridge Over Troubled Water. I love this and hope have a wonderful Birthday
Lora Lee Hardy Scarborough faire
Don Boyd The Boxer Song!
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge with Peter Noone and Herman's Hermits Starring Peter Noone1 year ago

Herman's Hermits' Peter Noone has a very special day today. He turns 68 years old. It was also on this day in 1968 that Peter married Mireille Strasser. It was on his 21st birthday. As we have said before, this is the part of the story that we like. Peter is still married to his bride Mireille, 47 years later.

Happy Birthday Peter and Happy Anniversary Peter and Mireille !!!!!

Rob Gibson Something tells me he's into something good....
Pete Delgado He's her first old man Peter.. Peter the first he is.
Cheri Messmore Happy Birthday and many more Peter...Happy Anniversary and many more. ..<3
Kim Keller Mrs. Strasser had a lovely daughter ;-)
Lyn Davis Williams Happy birthday Peter. You were my very first concert!
Alan Pickard Happy birthday Peter have a great day
Nancy Marchbanks Lovely! He comes to the Gulf Coast frequently - always been such a popular guy. Happy Birthday Peter!
Anna M Dionne Urquhart That's husband and I got married on his 21st birthday too 6/11/77, 38yrs and counting.....<3 Happy birthday and anniversary!! 😃
Linda Hart Myers I am 68 yrs old and have been married 47 years also!!! what a coincidence...LOL
David Whetstone ....or as Ed Sullivan called him, "Peter Herman Moon".
Barbara Joy Mullen Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!
Danielle Conley Happy birthday and Happy Anniversary
Sara Layne Happy Birthday, and Happy Anniversary!
Marilyn Darr Happy Birthday, Mr. Noone 🎂🎉🎈 And Happy Anniversary to a great couple. 🍸
Lisa Patterson I always liked Herman hermit's .. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary
Michelle Reed Did he say at the time Mrs Strasser you have a lovely daughter. As she obviously was and is. Love to them both. !
Doug Korach Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary
Barbara Spear Prather I had a crush on
Rori Giles He's into something good.
Teresa Braun Here they are today. I always had a crush on him. He was so cute.
Robert Mercado Amazing, he performed at the casino a month ago. I was able to see him arrive with security before going up to his suite. I said to him "Peter! and he acknowledged with a nod and that particular smile. 😂
Ann Marie Barry My parents just celebrated their 65th Wedding Anniversary yesterday, Nov 4, 2015! Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!
Catherine Kuss Have met him three times - once back n the 60s.
Steve Mikkelson I thought her maiden name was Brown.
Gloria Galvan Congratulations and Happy Birthday!
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge1 year ago

Todays history lesson from The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge:

Julie Milton Modaressi Ke-Ke Shelton, here's some black rock & roll history, man!
Charlie Primerano I have a problem with memes like this that don't quote an authority or book. The most likely source appears to be the book "Thelonius Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original". While this practice certainly took place among black men (and continues), it is doubtful it was confined to or originated with jazz musicians and it likely started earlier than the 1940's. Men regardless of race, certainly addressed each other as "man" for centuries (e.g., "My good man"). In the context of race in America, the origins of claiming the status of "man" over "boy" go back to the Dred Scott Supreme Court decision of 1857. As the Monk book describes, in the 1940s, one black man calling another "man" in the presence of a white man could be interpreted as an act of defiance. That the use of this slang term grew in the post war period said more about the impatience of this new generation of black men than whether or not they played jazz.
Jeff N Debbie Simpson Musicians are so cool, man!
Rick Lewis I had no idea, man.
Albert Coburn it is demeaning to call anyone "boy" in a derogatory sense
Harold Norris Man!! Thats useful knowlege!!
Rob Gibson Makes you wonder about "Daddy-O".
Jeff Huff I call many black musicians sir and rightfully so...
Dianne Osborne Sharing
Richard Jallouk People had no respect for people of color , these were talented good hard working men ,musicians that deserved respect , glad they did that.
Lee Ann Troy Ya learn something new every day (If you're lucky.) I didn't know that.
Jon M Berry Makes one think about the old song "Mannish Boy"!
Cheralyn O'sullivan I didn't know that Why are WHITE people world so horrible to black people in any situation
Laine Wittmayer Gee lighten up Charlie, we get it man
Doris Angermund Yeah man <3
Peter Levine One day I found an old lady in the parking lot who was kneeled down and messing with her car tire, I quickly went over to ask if she needed help, to find out she was stuffing a loaf of bread under it. Maybe so she can run it over? , she looked up at me and yelled "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS BOY!!! "
Charlz Ruggerio Who knew
Bill Wiltfang What did they call the ladies?
Randy Young Pretty straight forward eh!
Rick Anthony I first heard this claim on the Ken Burns documentary on Jazz.
Scott Allen man i say "man" a lot man
Bill Tristan And modern rap & hip-hop 'artists' have jumped back to square one by calling each other " boy".
Ken Stephens Another day, another nugget of trivia. Cool man!
Winnie Elkin Herzog Interesting
Mike Capesius 40 seconds in
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints6 hours ago

Kenny's 20-yard shuttle was the second quickest among safeties.

Jarmal Porter I can't wait to see Kenny back on the field this year and pick up where he left off and become an All-Pro WHO DAT
Chris Melton He has the right attitude and toughness we need!! WHO DAT 4 LIFER
Jim Holder Who ever controls this page is in love with Kenny. Always talk about this guy when he hasn't proved anything. More talk about him than drew breeze on this page. Crazy..
Kori Drury Bengals fan here. I remember that draft we were supposed to get Kenny I was really hoping for him and you guys grabbed him off the board. So disappointing. One of my favorite players in football ! Saints are my second favorite team so it all works out. Who Dey and WHO DAT
Jarmal Porter He's far from being a bust in fact he's the reason our defense did pretty decent last year so him being a bust no way no how
David Patin Over rated no doubt can't cover the back end. That's why they call it safety !
Douglas Tadevich Hope he matures a bit in the offseason....
Sheila Tuilaepa
Jimmy Carbo 38" vertical?? Hopefully that's full pads.
Dwayne Netter No instincts, no range, all he can do is hit. No thanks
Lonny Becnel played really good this year
Joshua Doucet How are you a safety with no interceptions
Codey Coyo Migues My nigga
Lance Turner Adderall
Varissa Ann Mmmmm 😍
Antonio Corona
Candice Rose Hilton 😍
Jan Hiestand 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints11 hours ago

Some great moments spent with some terrific coaches and mentors!

Jan Hiestand Cool coach!!! 😎
Lorien Blakely So proud of my son Brice❤
Alan Brunet Impastato's! 🤘🏻
Darlene Paul Townsend Maybe one of them can teach him about clock management
Missy Lirette 💚💛
Marshall Barber awesome
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints18 hours ago

Michael Thomas's NFL Combine performance by the numbers.

Antonio Corona I'll gladly change all that for a starting guard, Ingram needs to get going.
Sonny Tim Mcquire High Five & hopefully in the off season that we can get a Solid top 10 Defense together & revamp the offense & get some behind the scenes strategy for game day...7-9 records ain't pro-style ball! Anyhow Prayers to all & Roll Tide & Go Saints! 📚📚📖📖
Jarmal Porter And the best part is he's gonna get better each year
John Valois 😂 come on man. You coulda used a better picture bahahaha
Jeremy Wheeler Fumbles the ball at key moments...
Jason Hawthorne We just need him to catch and run
Terry Sonnier The future of the saints awesome
Larry S Thompson Saints love Ohio state players
Kristie Armstrong Only getting better.....our future looking mighty good!!!
Ryan Johnson We hit the jackpot with him
Abel Krystal Montoya Just a 4.6 40? I did that in high school.
Thomas Williams best player from that class
Leo Hepburn He's pretty talented for a rookie hope he gets the training he needs to help dominate this year
Chris Melton He had 1 awesome rookie season!! We will have super season upcoming, I feel it in my bones!! WHO DAT NATION WILL BE MARCHING IN THE WINNER'S CIRCLE #2TIMECHAMPS
Larry S Thompson Go Ohio state who Dat
Jan Hiestand 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Betty Lostetter Michael, since I saw you in practice I realized that my Saints have another star player for us to look up to! I followed you all last season, even got a shirt made with your name and number!! You did so well and I was proud of your accomplishment!! And then I found out on Google that you have the SAME BIRTHDAY as I do!! Happy Birthday on March 3rd ( the only difference is that you will be celebrating your 24th and I will be celebrating my 81st!! I'm definitely proud of you, my boy!!!!!!
Nathaniel BlackDynomite Williams We need to get Drew protection. The O-line collapse to fast causing him to scramble. If we can get him more time, he will be unstoppable. 8 years is too long between Super Bowls. Also, we need to use the quick snap in the red zone like 2008-2009
Mike Tillman ILB Ruben Foster...Don't bs this year....if not the best PASS RUSHER on da board instantly up grade our D cam can do it alone.....Ps give Farley da money he's worth it
Levi Hyswick Definitely one of the best rookies we've drafted in a while. Props to the coaches. But now we gotta focus of defence in the next draft
Scott Reilly Defense Coach!!!!! We NEED defense, have you not been watching?
Christian Comstock The absolutely only thing new Orleans saints can be proud about because their record sure doesn't show it.
Kevin Neff Now. Get a Qb to sit behind Brees for 1-2 more seasons, with Thomas, Snead, if we still have Cooks by the draft, and we have the offense established. Defense. Defense. Defense is what we need. I just have this feeling about this year. Last year felt like 08. Kinda in games, but just something was off. Then 09, bam. I got a feeling we are due to at least compete. How would a NE vs NO suberbowl be. Ratings bonanza. Then both retire, he and Brady. Storybook.
Arnold Williams This Season Needs To Start Early I Wanna See Wat We Got Let's Go Michael Thomas Who Dat!!
Joel Billeaudeaux Knew he would excel.
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints added 11 new photos.1 day ago

Tonight we honored Saints NFL High School Coach of the Year Brice Brown of Edna Karr High School and all of our High School Coaches of the Week.

Thank you all for developing young athletes and making a positive impact in...

Darlene Tassin Hebert Awesome!!!
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints1 day ago

The NFL Combine kicks off next week!

We look back at our guys' Combine experiences.

Rasmus L. Hausted Remember to look outside the combine, the Real talent is out there, diamond in the rough..
James Gagner The Combine can we fast forward to schedule release
Nick Patton Gonna pick up Cutler?
Eloris Lori Williamspresley We LOVE you guys!
Tony McKinnon Watson, the QB from Clemson, I see has been invited to the Saints combine. Clemson plays a "pro set", so take a close look at him. Could be another "diamond in the rough" like Dak Prescott from the SEC and did very well for Dallas. Watson could very well be the heir apparent to Brees, when the time comes.
Vivian Madison Snead 1V you did that
Brinny Gatewood Who dat?!
Jamie DeJean Willie Snead!
Aaron Bogdan Willie Snead!
Sanota Arwin Euan Zubieta kamuka nung kapatid ni eric
Mel Andrew Charity Charlie 🙃👌🏽
Brandon McNiel Moses
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints2 days ago


Thomas Johnson No for the love of god draft defense , every pick . If you draft anything other than defense pick a replacement for Drew, he can't play forever . Let's face it he's the only reason we've had any success.
Josh Threeton Anytime I see #87, I think of the legendary Joe Horn. Miss that cat!
Jeremiah Jordan We need to keep TLL around! Talk about getting Patterson... NO! I'm sure TLL will learn from his few mistakes and get better. He's a talent that we need to utilize!
Mike Briseno Focus on defense in the draft and try building a better O Line for Drew and we'll take the division.
Chris Bozenski I like these uniforms the best, but the helmet doesn't go with it.
Nick Tolson Keepin' my faith in the Black and Gold! Can't wait to see what happens next season! ⚜️⚜️
Angela Marie Nemec I have this special feeling, very special feeling!!! Who Dat!!!!! <3
Chris Lindeman Anybody else feel like this season is going to be something special? #WhoDat ⚜️
Chuck Riney Great Garret Grayson out the behind Drew this year. I truly believe he it the next Drew Brees given the chance. Let Luke go and work with a younger replacement. Oh fix that defense, fire Dennis Allen, trade Delvin Breaux. Draft the best DE available fist then 2 quick corners and ever LB you can grab
Chris Kirk Those thin arms look like the magicak arms of drew brees'
Micheal Darren Prince Nope I'll wait to see how we stack up on defense. Hopefully we Coach up right. Wait and see.
Raymond Warren Houde just going to be another dud for the Saints. we hear the same thing year after year...
Darwin LouizianaMade Brookins Jr. Caint wait!! I got saints gear piled up caint wait tuh suit up in da state of Texas who DAT!
Aaron Brown Hey Saints, does pineapple belong on pizza?
Joseph Williams "Here's the ball" "OK"
Milton Rich Draft some LSU defense
Leigh Steelman Lavigne I miss football....
Dillon Owens DEFENSE "clap clap" DEFENSE "clap clap"
Warren Cheramie Please draft Derek Barnett
Adrian Vasquez Man, love those uniforms!
Marcus Mason Pick me up 💪
Danny Putt Please consider chad kelly to learn under brees.
Nieves Galaviz Throwback uniforms are the best uniforms.
Chelsea Lyons Sure do miss watching yall 😍😩
Justin Soileau Best name in football mr Lewis!
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints2 days ago

An extensive list of prospects to look out for next week.

John Gilligan Maybe 2009 spoiled me, but I really hope our Saints get to work and put a solid team on the field this year. GEAUX SAINTS!
Brett Pritchard Let's try and stay away from Canadian league players, pac 12 and players that need to be developed. We need players that can start now and contribute. Oh wait, I forgot Loomis is still in charge!
Nancy Giesse Take a close look at Carlos Henderson & Trent Taylor: 2 excellent players from La Tech!!!!!
Ashley Hamilton Rivers from YSU is fast, smart, strong, and brings agility to this DE position.
Shelby T Mitchell Yeah as hope that they can get back to the playoffs and Super Bowl!
Andrew Carlson Sidney Jones +Hassan Reddick +Evan Engram +Marcus Williams +Isaac Asiata +Tarik Cohen
Gannon DeShong What do we need more a corner or a DE?
Eric Leblanc Get them LSU boys Sean!!!!!
Lisa D Lipsle Lipscomb Eddie Jackson Saints need him and Reuben Foster
Vivian Madison Upgrade for an aggressive and explosive defense Coach Payton.
Beth Stewart Hook Could this be the year they focus on defense????
Jamey Ard Duke Riley, Jamal Adams, and tredavious white hell yea !!!
Tommy Johns Can we trade for Cousins???
Jimmy Carbo Let's go Coach!!!!
Angela Marie Nemec Derek Barnett, DE, Tennessee
Russell Powell We need cbs and a free safety
Charles Breard Get tredavious and Jamal! Please!
Bonnie Senecal Pick up Evan Graham please!
John Snow Would you guys trade Cam Jordan for Vic Beasley?
Donna Reed Go saints I hope y'all kick some butt on the field
Danny Rodriguez I swear, a good defense is all we need...
Donna Reed We love y'all saints
Andy McLeod Pick up mike Tolbert he was just released yesterday
Clovis Barnes Corner backs secondary plz whodatt...
Bryson Brown Averey Gennesey