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"He's been huge for us this year, man."

Anthony Alviar The only reason Celtics won the series is cause Rondo got injured. #Facts
Diego Delgado As a bulls fan it's hard to say this but we need to rebuild. Butters window is closing and by the time the younger guys are ready to compete for a title the window will be close.
Robert Lesure As a Celtics fan, I love how it's taken this long for people to appreciate all that Rondo has done. Top 3 PG in the league in his prime.
Jason Sherman Guess he doesn't care about the corpse that was Wade
Christian Frakes Rondo was huge. In my opinion, that's the only reason they lost the series. 10 ppg and 10 assists? You cant replace that.
Jeremy Smith Maybe they'll respect Rondo as a teammate a little more next season seeing how valuable he was after he went down
Mac Catanzaro rondo gets injured all the time so prolly should get a good back up
Skylar Nevarez Jimmy's ego finally realized that team needed Rondo. He was a starting point guard for a championship team.
Justin Adams Bulls blew a 2-0 lead
Zack Dasilva
Armando Morales Chicano bulls
Sergio Ölivares Rondo likes his new home
Cy Yung Funny, how they got of to a rocky start.
Brian Hemingway Jr. But does he want Wade back? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Andrey Tiveron And fire Hoiberg
Theresa Paez Way to go Bulls!
Bilal Ashraf 💩 K
Sk Rabby :-(
Jose Morales Javier Cuevas 😁😀
Demorius Beasley TJ Peoples
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A day Montravius Adams will never forget.

Faisal Farah Talk bout an emotional day! Wish him nothing but the best in both his fatherhood & professional career! Hope the little guy/girl is more motivation for Adams
Tennyson May Robert Clemons future child support just went up a couple hundred grand
Adonis Wiley Sr. Josiah Reed wish this was me 😭😭
Cameron Rootes Let's go Packers!!!
Daniel Hernandez Don't jinx him on a roster spot
Patrick Baber Good for that guy.
Cedric Redding Now u know that baby will be good financially
Brandon Kummer #GBPackers
Bilal Ashraf 🐸 K
Brittany Alvizo Michael Alvizo
Zac Adkins Chelsea Claytor
Emily Patterson Jenna Swartz
Luke Williams Yannet Williams
Mark Garduno Ashley Danielle Garduno
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Will Anthony Joshua thrill 90,000 of his countrymen at Wembley Stadium or can Wladimir Klitschko add one more win to his legendary career?

Alex Echiveste Labra Hold on boxing is dead though remember... little MMA fan boys have been telling me that for years...
Billy Punches Klitschko knows Joshua well. They were sparring partners so I think Khlitschko will win by decision.
Benny Shilongo Tko! A. J no mercy with old man. We cross him on the floor.
Richard Myers Klitschko looked like father time was catching up with him his last fight.
Andrae Munroe I think joshua by a decision
Danan-Harjot Galvan
Steven Phillips One more win to his career! Duh! He's the master!
Amin N Shah Klitichko by KO since they're sparring buddies
Napuru Bassuo AJ will be the man standing tall by KO.
Mel McRae Serious fight right here. Looking forward to this one
Daniel Hernandez Well heavyweight division is dead not much excitement in boxing .
Jerem Coolen Plz anyone have a link ?
A.d. Partida Joshua by ko
James Jackman
Shahrukh Jalil Joshua by TKO.
Saul Volmoer klischko by K.O
Caleb Vince Smith Klitschko by KO
Sam Chile Khlit gonna put in work dude is scary in the ring.
Chris Chapman Who ya got Skye Clark?
Mason Pete Alan Deyette
Kerry MacNeil not on ppv In Canada .
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On this date in 1986, Roger Clemens struck out 20 batters.

He did it again 10 years later.

Jason Holliday Not to be completely outdone by Jeremy Guthrie who on this date 4 years ago threw 6 and 2/3rds innings of shut out ball throwing 5 strikeouts and only giving up 6 hits in a 9-0 royals win over the Indians in game one of a double header
Jeffrey M. Brown Make no mistake about me not watching ESPN. It's because of racist and liberal minded anchors. Shannon Sharpe, Stephen Smith, and half your other pro liberal team.. that and you trash the SEC non stop. Oh and guess what the SEC network is way better! They have a team of anchors from all nationalities that actually speak about sports and get a long with out trashing each other grandpas for what their grandpas did a few hundred years ago.. it's refreshing
Ronnie Mexico Never forget how Clemens threw the broken bat at Piazza because he thought it was the ball
Michael Angelo Vivas he was not juicing yet, started to juice when he became a yankee junkie 🙄👀 Roger The 🚀 = 💉🔬=+
Scott Fernelius I completely misremembered that this even happened.
Tash Jon Hughes I was listening to this game. Remember it like it was yesterday. He was mowing our Mariners down.
Alex Harris Part 2! They been violating mines, United States and Atlanta Georgia residents including committing international terrorism and more!
Rick Lott Roids For Roger
Matt Spicer The slight cut on that fastball is filthy.
Kyle VanScoy Juiced to the Gills
Danny Burns Roids!
Kevin Campbell Roger Clemens*
Alex Harris Part 1! BILL OF RIGHTS SECTION I. RIGHTS OF PERSONS Paragraph I. Life, liberty, and property. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property except by due process of law. Paragraph II. Protection to person and property; equal protection. Protection to person and property is the paramount duty of government and shall be impartial and complete. No person shall be denied the equal protection of the laws. Paragraph III. Freedom of conscience. Each person has the natural and inalienable right to worship God, each according to the dictates of that person's own conscience; and no human authority should, in any case, control or interfere with such right of conscience. Paragraph IV. Religious opinions; freedom of religion. No inhabitant of this state shall be molested in person or property or be prohibited from holding any public office or trust on account of religious opinions; but the right of freedom of religion shall not be so construed as to excuse acts of licentiousness or justify practices inconsistent with the peace and safety of the state. Paragraph VII. Citizens, protection of. All citizens of the United States, resident in this state, are hereby declared citizens of this state; and it shall be the duty of the General Assembly to enact such laws as will protect them in the full enjoyment of the rights, privileges, and immunities due to such citizenship. Paragraph XXVIII. Enumeration of rights not denial of others. The enumeration of rights herein contained as a part of this Constitution shall not be construed to deny to the people any inherent rights which they may have hitherto enjoyed. SECTION II. ORIGIN AND STRUCTURE OF GOVERNMENT Paragraph I. Origin and foundation of government. All government, of right, originates with the people, is founded upon their will only, and is instituted solely for the good of the whole. Public officers are the trustees and servants of the people and are at all times amenable to them. Paragraph II. Object of government. The people of this state have the inherent right of regulating their internal government. Government is instituted for the protection, security, and benefit of the people; and at all times they have the right to alter or reform the same whenever the public good may require it. Paragraph III. Separation of legislative, judicial, and executive powers. The legislative, judicial, and executive powers shall forever remain separate and distinct; and no person discharging the duties of one shall at the same time exercise the functions of either of the others except as herein provided. Except as otherwise provided in this section, whoever, in any matter within the jurisdiction of the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of the Government of the United States, knowingly and willfully-- falsifies, conceals, or covers up by any trick, scheme, or device a material fact; makes any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation; or makes or uses any false writing or document knowing the same to contain any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry; shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years or, if the offense involves international or domestic terrorism (as defined in section 2331), imprisoned not more than 8 years, or both. If the matter relates to an offense under chapter 109A, 109B, 110, or 117, or section 1591, then the term of imprisonment imposed under this section shall be not more than 8 years. Subsection (a) does not apply to a party to a judicial proceeding, or that party's counsel, for statements, representations, writings or documents submitted by such party or counsel to a judge or magistrate in that proceeding. With respect to any matter within the jurisdiction of the legislative branch, subsection (a) shall apply only to-- administrative matters, including a claim for payment, a matter related to the procurement of property or services, personnel or employment practices, or support services, or a document required by law, rule, or regulation to be submitted to the Congress or any office or officer within the legislative branch; or any investigation or review, conducted pursuant to the authority of any committee, subcommittee, commission or office of the Congress, consistent with applicable rules of the House or Senate.
Andrew Lin Honestly hitters look so much better today
Kevin Cacciotti And yet hes a drug cheat so who cares
Cody Potter Rodger Rocket!
Paul Nerlinger He was a tough muther!!!
Paul Tucker Just think he wasn't actually pitching 😂😂
Mason J. Schlabs Let's count to.... 1 1.
Michael Kurdys First one was legit. 2nd doesn't count.
Jimmy Fullwood Steroids in, steroids out
Casey Payne Roids
Glenn N Amy Thornburg Wow he was young
Stephen Mchugh The Rocket.Put him in the Hall already
Din Cobval how bout him and arod injecting themselves
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From the Pittsburgh Panthers to the Pittsburgh Steelers. From cancer patient to NFL draftee.

What a moment for James Conner.

Claudia Ina Jaime So moving. Wishing him continued success in his professional life and in his health. The young man beat cancer so there isn't anything he can't do!
Alfred Petrocelli Terrible coverage, no wonder your network is failing.
Gabrielle Crisp Shane Glenn Now you know I loathe your Steelers but this touched my heart
Ambs Hirth Yannone Nikki, you may have already read the story but.... 😍
Abby O'Neill He is a close friend of my family's and is truly a role- model. I am on cloud nine with him. What a journey, what a guy!
Ron Kneemence I wanted him on the Eagles!
Shravanth Mandava Bodepudi Yashwanth. Nuvvu start cheyyi. WR needed for Steelers anta.
Jalen Lilly Why do people gets so down about stuff like this lol like they lost money or something 😂
Gary Keating Inspiring, courage, passion....a dream became a reality. Congrats and continued success James Connner.
Amy Shulkowski Cusack Stephanie and Stephen check this out. H2P.
Kevin Pagan Beautiful!
Phillip Micheal Thomas He's going to be a beast with all that passion!
Ann Dotson god is good. Go Conner!!!!
Clery Albino Mike Morgan now I remember him
Jacob Crowell Dude is already a champ in my book.
Max Schmitz Luke Crowson steelers made a great pick
Jennifer J. Hill Total stud. Can't wait for the season to start.
Robert Williams Cedric Blansett dude on back left look like u
Brian Griffin Very inspirational, and God Bless this young man
Haylee Donovan Abby O'Neill ❤️
Steven Saeed Mikaela
Jarred Woodson Erin Manges
Steven Dugan Imogene Short Tyler Orin
Emily Goldsmith Douglas Harris
Arleen Parada Dory Doreen
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Have running backs made a comeback in the NFL draft?

FiveThirtyEight says it's complicated.

Chris Basurto It's one of the deepest running back drafts ever. That has something to do with it. Then you have guys like McCaffrey who are so versatile in it too.
Justin Mason Rollyson Too bad he didn't know how to talk at the draft. Goes to show you how well educated he is.
Brandon Darius Draughn Running backs making a comeback, can't say that about those people y'all laid off though.
Nick Taylor Had to fire 100 employees? Sounds like you guys are failing. GET YOUR LIBERALISM OUT OF OUR SPORTS!
Branden Tillis It just had better than usual depth. It sucks that most teams don't even really value the run game but that's today's NFL
Trey Peterson *political comment*
Evelyn Munoz SC 6 sucks
Javari Nama Slaves for the European.....just well paid. Draft is just another word for the auction block just like in GET OUT!!!!! which is exactly what brothers need to do. The fans will follow you to your own league. You don't need Europeans for anything. Everything they have came from us anyway. Stop being a slave. WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!
Rickey Poston Actually more like a defensive back league this year!
Rene Salvador DeBlanc But still not really
Scott Jeter I'm wondering when Pumphrey is going to go.
Josh Cohen
Aaron Nelson Peter Bertelsen
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The policy could be worth up to $2 million.

Chris Ruvalcaba I guess it's safe to say he has his Butt covered.
Mark Valentin I'm a child, I can't get past the fact there's a tight end named Jake Butt.
Scott Fernelius Too bad there isn't insurance for biased officiating in college football. It could've really helped with all the holding no-calls against Ohio last November.
Kevin Perry I know Trump wishes he had this kind of insurance on this approval ratings
Joe Fiorello "Maybe my son should get some of this insurance" ...... Lavar Ball
Jerrod Harris Didn't he get an endorsement deal with Charmin a couple of days ago
Mike Kopetzky So he gets insurance and gets paid big because his draft stock wasnt high enough but yet when us normal every day joes get into a accident insurance companies wont ever pay for the whole expenses and then raise our rates because they had to pay us......someone expain where this is fair?
Chris Burgy You can get insurance for being a bumb? Who would of thought
Nathaniel Laska You've gotta cover your butt somehow. His draft stock is gonna be the Butt of several jokes. All the teams are telling him to Butt out. ...There, I think I've got it all out of my system.
Dave Makarski There is nothing worse than a falling Butt.
Ryan Kirkbride It's funny how much entitlement we have these days. You can get an insurance policy for not getting the job you want or where you want to be drafted. And we wonder what's wrong with America and also with insurance premiums.
Brandon Darius Draughn I guess having a first round combine performance would have avoided this but maybe he's just not that good in the nfl eyes...just maybe 🤔
Ryan Stovall Man I'm am so surprised a Michigan tight end didn't get drafted in the first round. What was that Jim Harbaugh said last year????? Oh yeah that's right "Who's got it better than us" Try Ohio State for starters, Muck Fichigan
Nick Scolaro I guess we'd need to know how much money ISI has collected on providing similar insurance policies to players whom they never have to pay out, but the three cases they mention in the article have cost them a lot of money. On the other hand, the collusion between the NFL and NCAA that prevents players from going to the NFL when they feel like it and forcing them to play for free, I have to wonder who should be paying out these insurance claims and if they shouldn't just be a standard provided for every college player based on their projected future. It's a tricky thing to navigate, but ultimately the players need to negotiate. And quite frankly it all comes back to the idea that the players should get paid for the value they bring to the product. You all are 18+, you're allowed to work and get paid for it, you need to stand up for your rights and probably form a union of some sort and stop letting people profit off you without pay. We fought a war against that once. This should be a little easier. The precedent has been set. Stand up for your rights.
Michael Dennis Can't wait until football seeaon when the announcer says "butt wide open" qb hit an open butt right down the middle"
Mary Luhrs This is so lame. We have teachers making pennies, and this kid will get a pay out bc he got picked up later in the draft. Why are athletes so privileged these days???😡
Elton Riley This year's draft has no clear deviation between the 1st round guys and as far back as 5th round guys. Just do not remembers draft where the talent seems the same across the board. So teams could have made out by trading early round picks for next year picks and to acquire more late round picks in this draft. For example there is no great QBs so watch 4th and 5th round QBs fear better than those chosen early.
Andrew Snyder So can people with regular jobs that didn't get college paid for get insurance if they don't get a job right out of college? This is a joke. He went to college. Declared a major. Yeah it sucks he got hurt for football, but he has a backup plan.
Dan Rogers Told yall I called it pats grab him late, let him heal while he sits on a champ team behind solid tes and let him and gronk run off talent to maturity wise on each other Dean Maguire Ricardo Garcia
Brian Federmack Sadly we will never to get to hear Chris Burman say this: Brady to Butt up the middle and he... can... go... all... the... way! 69 yard touchdown!
Alex Figueroa Dave-- there should be trade rape insurance to cover situations like what the niners did to the bears 😂
Surge Era Aaron Chavo Chavez 5th round pick soon come...I mean we already have to 2 from MU let's make it 3 LOL
Nathan Hewer He is dropping due to injury he took out insurance for playing the extra year of college. And it's based of his projected draft stock last year. How could anyone have an issue with this?
Aaron Henderson Uno Venters K Ryda Venters we should get him late and let him chill behind witten. He gonna come back
Tony Thomas Who paid for the $25,000 policy? Does a college athlete make enough to cover that bill?
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Comeback. #PhotoOfTheNight.

[Credit: Adam Hunger/Getty Images]

Robert Mack Good to see the social justice warrior anti white network espn falling apart because so many are sick of your views and lies.. JUST stick to sports ONLY!!! As far as the yankees go, nice win..
Howard Oberman Gatorade, the only thing that can cool down the Red Hot Bronx Bombers!
John Kosker What a night between the draft go giants .the come back win for the Yankees it does not get any better then.this
Joey Keenan Too bad the Yankees will still choke before the end of the season.
Nick Taylor Had to fire 100 employees? Sounds like you guys are failing. GET YOUR LIBERALISM OUT OF OUR SPORTS!
Scott Mello Calm down no playoffs. No need for Gatorade no playoffs.
Michael Angelo Vivas
Mohammad Ali remembering 2 years ago when my Royals used to do this seemingly every game
Colton Lance The yankees will win again once jeter gives every woman in new york herpes
Alan Chan Wait. Is baseball season?
Ana Rivera Haters gonna hate. #goyanks
Charles Bunn Definitely missed Britton last night
Reggie Harvey
Tom Escobar The Yankees will not win at all poor them
Matthew Paul Vorlický It's never over
Brandon Knight Celebrating anything huh lmaooooo
Mike Croslin Yanxit.....😂😂
Danan-Harjot Galvan tanks aren't relevant
Brian Popowitch That was a great comeback last night
Afnan Jaan 😉❤💪🔫💉 👇👇👇👇👇 ❤❤
Patrick Popowitch Brian Popowitch
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The Cleveland Browns got their quarterback. Cam Newton got some help.

The big things to know from Day 2:

Jay Frye Helping Cam Newton?? The Panthers don't care about helping Cam Newton. They never have and they never will. He's just there for marketing purposes. Cam Newton would be an NFL MVP candidate every season if he had the same supporting casts as : Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, Andy Dalton, etc...
Brian Shadix People who constantly and arbitrarily make fun of the Browns are lonely and lack a general opinion of their own. They also own Super Bowl winner shirts of 6 of the last 10 champs. Let's take a few moments to pray for them.
William Vazquez Cleveland had another bad draft. Instead of picking the quarterback they wanted the settled for the one that was left.
Parker M. Kern I went to high school with DeShone. Great QB, Browns definitely found their guy for the future. Just need to develop him a little bit and he'll be a star!
John Beauford I'm born and raised in Cleveland. It is time to produce. We have been waiting a long time.
Elton Riley This year's draft has no clear deviation between the 1st round guys and as far back as 5th round guys. Just do not remembers draft where the talent seems the same across the board. So teams could have made out by trading early round picks for next year picks and to acquire more late round picks in this draft. For example there is no great QBs so watch 4th and 5th round QBs fear better than those chosen early.
Dwayne Weigel The Browns did not get there Quarterback They got a project player that fumbles alot and isn't really that good of a passer. SMH I don't understand the Cleveland Browns
John Mac I read that sentence completely wrong I thought it said Cleveland Browns got their QB cam newton.
Clint Castner R.I.P ESPN. Cause of death, The Kaepernick Effect.
Dale Davis Dang. I feel bad for the kid. He is doomed in that franchise.
James Reid Hope he does well but I watched him at notre dame and I don't think he's all that good.
Nick Taylor Had to fire 100 employees? Sounds like you guys are failing. GET YOUR LIBERALISM OUT OF OUR SPORTS!
Zach Estes Riley Faucett i called it said he was going to the browns hahaha
Jake Maxey There still dumb they could of got Deshaun Watson! Idk what they were thinking lol
Brian McGannon Next Brady Quinn?
Steven A Lees Everyone sleeping on Joshua Dobbs
Michael Gimino Browns should of drafted all defensi and offense line man and got qb in next draft
Sean Ewing Many of Kizers issues at ND were due to Brian Kelly
Alex Bothwell I actually hope the browns do good.
Paul Carioscia Let's go Browns best draft in a long time
Todd Wilson Garbage
Kyle Christiansen Brown's killing it in the draft
Nate Sipple In 3-5years he may be ready to start in Cleveland... 😂
Maria Mone Ok
Afnan Jaan 😉❤💪🔫💉 👇👇👇👇👇 ❤❤
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New Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky was greeted with some boos at his first public appearance in his town.

Joseph Runkle I'm a die hard Bears fan and this is classless. I'm not too keen on the move either, but Pace should be booed, not Trubisky
Toni Potamkin It's not his fault the team drafts like a 12 year old who's favorite player is mitch trubisky
Ricky Rangel They were just warming up their voices for the season.
Jake Sheehan This is disgraceful and I'm a Bears fan, the guy hasn't played a single NFL down yet. For all we know he's the next Aaron Rodgers. Sometimes I hate my fellow Bears fans, a lot of them have no sense of reason or respect.
Eric Myles Hancock Even if you don't like the pick as a Bears fan--and I totally get that--I don't like booing the guy. He hasn't even stepped on the field. Who knows, maybe he turns out to be a great QB. I'd be surprised, but you never know--give him a chance!
Deitrich Tennin I'm not a fan of what the Bears did to get him, but he hasn't done anything to deserve this. Smh our fans are idiots sometimes.
Greg Wilson And Trubisky smiled through it all, knowing he could have ended up in Cleveland!
Anthony Cogswell They bio now till he's winning then he'll be a god in Chicago
Matthew Levi Donovan McNabb was booed by Eagles fans when he was drafted, them became one of the franchise's best QB and a fan favorite.
Abraham Bracero Bulls suck, bears suck, whitesox suck, and your beloved cubbies just got relevant couple years ago
Mateusz Zawadzki I'm really starting to hate bears fans, and I'm a bears fan.. What the hell did he do? The fans did this. They complained about every move we made this off season. Give the guy a Chance.
Brandon Powell As a Tarheels fan who has watched every game that The Qb has played, he won't be Booed for long. Truly think he has the skill set to make a splash in the league. Definitely a hard working, accurate and competitive quarterback. Give the kid a chance...All those NFL executives are probably wrong too!
Becky Jane Sprunger Classless, the kid didn't even know he was on the Bears radar, he is a victim of the Bears just like the Bears fan. They should be booing the front office and cheering this kid.
Kevin Franklin Maybe they were saying Boo-urns. Also, Chicago is a tough town, perhaps a boo is a Windy City Cheer. Lastly, maybe it was all Celtics/Patriots fan booing.
Zac Carter Last year: I'm gonna find a new team if they don't get rid of Cutler. This year: oh man we paid Glennonand we gave up too much for this guy. Settle down peeps. Remember Ryan Pace brought Drew Brees to NO. TRUST THE PROCESS
Taylor Lewis I hope this kid comes out and drops dimes. Then these entitled losers in Chicago that walk around with a false sense of personal accomplishment can shut the hell up
Jackie Dendy i am not a bears fan but please people be fair to your new QB let him develop he will be train and learn your system . he may surprise you kid got some talent . rookie is a rookie don't make more of it
Cheri Yeck Heinz What a disgrace Chicago! Shame on you! Give this kid a chance. Why boo him? He didn't choose to be drafted by the Bears and he could end up being great. He needs all the fan support he can get. Way to show him how classless you are. Unbelievable...😕
James Sye I feel bad for the guy, but he's a big boy. Also, I'm sure he will sleep well with all that money from the contract. As a fan that's disappointed, maybe we should wait and see what he can do.
Bill Rogers Has a GM ever been fired on the final day of the draft? Pace just executed the worst draft performance in NFL history. This is historically bad. One can only conclude Pace has the goal of going 0-16 next year in order to rebuild the defense next year.
Adnan Ali When Glennon starts to suck mid-season, Bears fans would've been even more pissed that we didn't draft a QB. You have to trust your front office if they really believe in a guy to be a franchise QB. Sometimes you have to swing for the fences in a draft instead of going the conventional route.
Patrick Marchand New York Knicks booed Porzingis, not saying Trubiski will be a Porzingis, but give the man a chance. After all, your QB has been Jay Cutler and I assume Trubuski cares a little more than Cutler.
John Lorenzo "Blame should be on the GM, he couldn't be here tonight because he's still trying to figure out the draft process." 😳😳😳😂 ChacChachi Aaron Peralta Sabatech the video to the end
Stacey Houston This young man has every reason to be riding high but before he even steps on the field in a Bears uniform, Chicagoans are booing him? Shame on you Chicago!
Brian Robinson Yet they never booed any Cubs players for 108 years.....Bears are trash and quite honestly the product,greed and drama associated with the NFL is trash. College Football for life!
ESPN7 hours ago

Russell Wilson and Ciara welcomed Sienna Princess Wilson on Friday evening.

Juan Mendoza
Zach Lust When having a baby girl with your wife is your biggest scandal, it shows that this is a dude with his head on straight.
Troy Wullbrandt Was gonna make a Future joke, but than I remembered that Future is a joke.
CK Vang The cruel jokes this child may face for that middle name.... What is wrong with people!? Cam with "Chosen".... Russ with "Princess".... for real?
シェーン ストーンチャイルド
John Kourosh Named princess after Richard Sherman
Grant Otter Parker Allen Middle name Princess....why
Joshua Brown so this is what you resort to reporting after laying off 100 people.. lmao BUSCH LEAGUE!!!!!
Habib Issa Gutierrez All this tranys haven babys now guaaaaa trasgender agendas lucifer is controlling your mind
Ashley Jones Hope she has a great future
Christopher Tucker In the ocean?
Alan Chan a million hot chicks and he picked her. only a hardcore future fan would do that.
Tim Wolchko Was she intercepted by Malcolm Butler, also? #gridironheights
Kevin Steven I'm counting on my fingers 1...2...9 , July - Apr, um... did the man of god get him a little pre-wedding boom boom?
Derek Lee Celebrities and their child naming skills are horrendous.
Habib Issa Gutierrez I didn't know a trasgender can have babys
Trinity Ojo
William Vazquez Wow Russell Wilson lost his virginity????
Kenny Robertson She birthed her in the ocean?:-)
Tony Cavalieri Has the paternity test been scheduled yet?
Ahmed Ragab
Gabriel Mambo The Princess is here...Sienna!!!!
ESPN13 hours ago

Griffin's contract with Cleveland is up at the end of the season, and he and the team have not held meaningful discussions on an extension.

Jeremie Manninen Cleveland could bring in some homeless guy off the streets to pretend to be their GM since everyone knows Lebron is the one who's truly in charge he's basically Owner, GM, Coach and Star Player all wrapped in one
Kevin Perry Yeah because the Cavs were doing so great without LeBron
Jared LeJeune But why? His team's without LeBron have been historically bad.. Come on Magic. You guys can do better than this clown
Marcus Campbell Maybe they should offer LeBron that job.... The real GM.
Lemoine F Covan IV At this point keep him let's see if the ship float or sink if LeBron and friends keep winning the 30 for 30 is going to be great
Gabriel Jones This just in...LeBron does not play in Orlando. Being in and winning Finals vs never making playoffs. Man that's tough ..
Mike Miller The Magic offer the job to whoever wants to take it....😂
Steve Weller Magic need to hire a GOOD head coach, for a change, too! How about that Blatt guy?
Lance Sharbaugh Jason Gutierrez use your mojo on this! This dude hasn't really worked since lebum resigned
Charles T. Graham Lebron's leaving ? Or going to do double duty ?
Wayne Puckett DeVos needs to sell the Magic to a basketball savvy person. From owner to front office, they are all basketball neophytes! Pitiful!!!
Tyler Whyte-t O'Connor Why would he leave a champion team, to go with a horrible franchise like the magic?
Mathew Godfrey Bro... Drew Malaise this is ridiculous.... acting like Lebron wasn't the one calling all the shots
David Johnston You're discussing sports without injecting liberal politics into it? What gives?
Jose Luis Toral-Gonzalez Lebron runs the team along with his posse.....He got two coaches fired David Blatt and Mike Brown.
Kent Johnson You may have a point there, He did put together a Championships team in Miami
Johnny Bunce We can't let our friend leave! Dylan James Menier
Mohamed Ali Yahye i think lebron will give him new deal..
Jason Martin Let us see what coach/GM/prez Lebron has to say about this.
Joe Monaco He's not going so Relax Orlando
Lucas Magtibay Honestly Sam Hinkie is the best choice for them.
Jon Bolitho Gm LeBron will be fine
Mohamed NoUr منور وربي <3
George Ruff Shane Morris Yaheardme Sin'ichi Miguel
Hijran Ahmad 🏇🚴🏇 ρσωєяєd ʙʏ Hijran Ahmad 🏇🚴🏇 :|] Kia keh Dia Zalim 🏡 ESPN :|] 🏡 Saturday 📆 29 📆 April 📆 2017 🏡 Gul Hassan 🏡 Ch Botters 🏡 ESPN 🏡 :) I Am On Fire :) 1 minutes ⏰ 5 seconds ⏰ 🏡 Personal Bot By Hijran Ahmad 🏡 site: DIL-WALY.TK 🏡
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Mike Tomlin probably didn't expect to play mediator between Sammie Coates and Martavis Bryant.

Robert Hickok Bryant should shut his mouth...He shouldn't have a starting position after his suspension...He should have to compete for the starting spot..
Dondi Johnson Admit-tingly, I was really pissed with Bryant last season. I truly believe if we had him, the Steelers would have had a much better chance getting by the Patriots and beating Atlanta for that 7th Lombardi. Let's hope the stupidity is gone and he focuses on being that team player we need. In my opinion at full potential, he's the most dangerous deep threat Receiver in the NFL.
Rix Dyas The only receiver on that offense that even has the right to speak his mind is AB. He is their leader. He should have been the one to call those two out. Not Bryant, who was out all year due to his selfishness and stupidity. And not Coates who failed to find a rhythm in the offense late in the year when we needed him to step up his game. Injuries or not, I blame him for Pittsburgh's offense collapsing when Brown kept getting double and triple coverage on him.
Howie Lewis Everyone: "AB is the only one who can talk". The same guy who lowered his head in a playoff game because he didn't get the ball, even tho they scored?! The same guy who is such a leader that he videotaped his coach after a game?! The same guy who has 1 TD Without Ben Roethlisberger?! You guys make him sound like a God. Guy has one touchdown in his career without Roethlisberger. And he definitely has character issues. Slow your role.
Juan Arguelles Bryant is a freak everyone knows it, yeah he had his problems but it seems he's gotten better. Dude knows a WR has to go when you gain another and he's saying it isn't gonna be him. It means he's gonna give 110% for his spot, idk why some of y'all think he needs to be quiet lol, at least I know we got a guy that's ready to come in work hard and secure his spot
Kyle Scott Lol coming from the guy that missed 20 games because he got high. Bro that's your replacement. They're planning on you getting high and forgetting you're not supposed to get high then you're done for god. Would be nice if he put the blunt down and can see what he can do.
Abishia Dively This kid has Slot receiver written all over him. He's actually going to be Hines Ward's replacement that they haven't had... Watch some of his tape, he decleated a guy on a crack block!!!
Trey Kleber This pick has many layers to it. One is insurance for Bryant and second is putting Coates on notice. Third which I don't think anyone is talking about is when AB's contract is up JuJu will be ready for an extension....of course if he pans out which I absolutely think he will. Has great hands and doesn't shy away from catching in traffic. Steelers have done an amazing job so far in this draft. Yes everyone wanted a corner in the second but most if not all second round graded corners were gone. Great job front office for cleaning up early in the draft!
Jonathan Busby I love Bryant being fiery. He needs to have a chip on his shoulder. Y'all were quick to welcome Bell back when Bryant got shafted with a whole season. Sammie couldn't catch a cold. He's just putting the Steelers on Notice.
Matt Robbins What an intelligent person Bryant is. "Not minds" lol. Wonder what kind of a job he will get when he gets thrown out of the league for his next drug offense. I know.....English professor. Haha.
Clyde Chevannes Coates need to step his game up unfortunately it's to late he had his chance to show he deserves to be #2 but now he's gonna be #5 Martavis is the truth Antonio Martavis and JuJu let's get 7 SUPERBOWLS
Riley Allen Darien Allen he's gonna replace both of them if Sammie doesn't stop dropping the ball and Martavis doesn't stay away from the drugs
David Tyrie Herd Both are a liability. One can't catch and the other is out of touch with the mainstream. Rooting for Sammie to do better now that he won't be playing with a broken finger.
Mitchell Long I'd think he'd be more worried about a confrontation between Eli Rogers, DHB, Cobi Hamilton, and the new guy because someone is about to be out of a job
Jack Blaser Thompson I don't blame the steelers for taking the WR in the draft since those two knuckle heads are a problem. I'd still take Coates in Cleveland though just saying.
Brent Berg Sammie loved playing over Bryant's suspension now they got these two young guns with JuJu Smith... AB will want a break here in there but it still a battle. Ha
Chad Freitas He has alot toprove so if u was him id show action and he needs to watch his word and actions and behave like an nfl player better yet ....a tru blue steeler!!!!
Aric Jones When you got a stacked WR Corp, you should expect these results...
Lance Thompson Martavis, you really ought to keep quiet and most importantly stay away from the weed. If that kid was drafted to replace anybody it's YOU.
Gee Éduard Keep sleeping watch JuJu beat both of them for the spot...honestly he's the best WR I think Pitts drafted since AB....yes I think he has better hands and is way tougher than both MB and Coates.
Vinci De la Rosa Them 2 might battle so hard for that second spot, juju might end up forth string at WR
Michael McCoy Did he really say " that"s Sammie Coates' replacement, not "MINDS?" MINDS...really? Really? MINDS? MINDS? SMH @ MINDS
Patrick Carr Martavis has the IQ of a mailbox, this guy will be suspended again by week 3.
Eric Forteau Martavis Bryant! STAY OFFF THE WEEEED! Lol na forrreal tho, steelers need you on that field!!
Brendon Viruet If M.Bryant was such a business man he wouldn't be getting suspended every year. FOH!
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Next stop, Game 7.

Tyler Calvin Wow. That was a great ending. Gordon scored 7 straight in 40 seconds to bring it to within 3. No greater 2 words in sports than GAME SEVEN
Kirk Centore Pressure on both teams I'm praying Gordon Hayward and Joe Johnson pulls through those guys have been impressive all season long.
Akio Fish Dont let this distract you from the fact that the Clippers will beat the Jazz and upset the OVERRATED Warriors!!! Chris Paul is 10x the player Steph Curry is. All Curry does is shoot 3s. Paul plays like a REAL point guard. KD will show why hes the biggest coward in NBA!! Only real NBA fans know this.
Clay Pryor Utah BLEW're not going back to LA, and beating CP3, Pierce, and Crawford in a game 7. Jazz were flat, CP3 was wide open all night.
Joseph Dormon Both teams doing the most to get SWEPT by a fully rested Warriors team
Ronen Huang Jazz do better on the road than at home, i guess lebron was right about why teams do better on the road
Mpokwa Paul Xavery Series dragged = Warriors rested and KD getting better. Well done y'all jokers...
Zack Sanck Enjoy game 7 to whoever wins. It'll be the last game either team will win this year in the playoffs.
Samuel Miller Same record in the season wins and losses road and home .. game 7 .. jazz win 103-100
Victor Ortiz-Arredondo Man hurry up and finish this so we can all watch the next round..neither one of y'all gonna do shi* anyway
James Founds If I am the warriors I hope I get the Clippers instead of the Jazz..
Jorge Alberto Pille Ambriz Of course the Jazz would screw it up tonight. Sigh! #GoJazz
Jacob Daniel Sanchez Man the clippers almost got eliminated the most clipper way. Blow a big lead in the 4th quarter.
Ju Maynie Both teams really playing to see who gets swept next round
Joseph Thompson The Jazz couldn't kill the Clips just yet on another game for game 7 get ready for that.
Jim Villarreal They put Jordan as their pic? Chris Paul led the Clippers to that win
Emmitt Traynor Please finish it off utah! Not exactly excited to watch GS sweep LA again.
Anthony Boutte It's doesn't matter who wins this series . Either team gets beat by the Warriors in a maximum of 5 games .
Garrett Jason Rollins Who ever wins is going to get swept next round.
Simer Grewal Jazz better win. They deserve to be atleast in 2nd round
Robbie Michaels Lmao everyone thought once Blake went down it was a foregone conclusion that Utah was going to take the series.. Shows how much the clips need him
Cody Lane The sad part is it doesn't matter who wins the series cause whoever it is will be swept by GS
Memphis Moore I hate the lakers but that's the only team that belongs in LA #BeatLA
Jaylon Israel Even tho the clippers beat the Jazz ( I'm not saying they will), they still don't stand a chance to beat the Warriors
BJ Freeman Missed too many open shots the first 3.75 quarters. A late rally isn't enough to overcome that.
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Webb is the fourth quarterback selected by the Giants since Eli Manning in 2004, not to mention the highest pick.

Nicholas Manning Bath But does this guy have helmets that would pass as "Game used"?
Kevv Wingate Eli threw a fit but it was picked off
Jovie Mendoza I'm not sure that the Giants wanna get rid of Tom Brady's kryptonite lol
Vic Gulati This is a joke. Eli has a couple super bowl rings, Webb has yet to take a professional snap or completion. Let have some sense, people. This is a pointless story as Eli will start for another 5 years at least.
Andy Savage its only logical, Eli has bad games so what? I am still a fan of the giants and of Eli. They went 11-5 last year and he did well enough. But like I said its only logical, he probably has another 2-3 years in him and after that they need a successor for the position, let the kid sit for a couple years and during that time he can progress and come out better than he would if they just threw him out there as a rookie.
Joe Wallin He better put on some weight and muscle. Dude looks like olive oil from Popeye.
Michael Ferguson Two or 3 years develop and manning can snuggle by the fire in his slippers!
Rick Juarez Watched him all season. Thought he was a good quarterback. Could make big throws like Jim Kelly. Could be better than Goff. He'll get to take a seat and watch Eli for a while.
Evan Hewett As someone from texas tech this guy got beat out by Mayfield then Mahomes lmao
Cody Allen Johnson It's the right thing to do. Hate on Eli all you want but he has 2 rings and some good numbers for his career. He'll probably be in the HOF one day.
Kyle Garcia Giants give Eli heads up?? So were the Broncos giving Peyton a heads up with Osweiler and Siemian? Or the Patriots giving Brady a heads up with Garrappolo? That's stupid.
Cameron Collier Let me talk to a buddy of mine who's an expert in game worn jerseys
Anthony Buckman What's up with this dudes arm in the pic
Ryan Schumacher Developing QBs is better than drafting them and throwing them into the fire right away.
Matt Storey The fact that ESPN doesn't even know Manning wasn't drafted by the Giants...
Akio Fish You guys bash Eli for some game used ball crap but give Tom Brady a pass for cheating and deflating footballs?! SMH idiots
Steven Malone Texas tech Qbs Reppin the 2017 NFL Draft. Mahomes and Webb
Jamie Prince This guy will never see the field for the Giants in a regular season game!
Charlie De Armon Not a third rounder in my opinion, and I watched him for years at tech. But hey, they probably know a lot more than me
Andrew Roy Reeves Since the possibility of a Manning versus Manning has taken a nose dive and wasn't that likely to begin with I'm not sure how much I care.
Mike O'Brien Has durability issues. Should have waited next year for Luke Falk from WSU. He would fit perfectly
Matt Abraham Start the rookie he won't throw as many picks as Eli.
Kyle Vick Jack Fanning lol how does Espn not know the chargers drafted Eli?