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"I'm just here to play football."

Chris Powers Does it really matter what sexual orientation he is? All that matters is if he is good enough to play.
John Goodman Wouldn't it be nice if someday a college athlete said : I'm just here for the education
Nick Finocchi Yeah look.. unless you're on a JJ Watt level, no NFL team wants that distraction shadowing their team. Look at Michael Sam...
Caleb Robbins ESPN and the media will be the downfall of his career making such a big deal out of nothing so no one will want the circus around him. and then they'll blame the "homophobic teams" instead of themselves.... smfh
Ben Hester I'm the first openly straight guy with an anime profile picture to comment on this post!
Andy Moore If you're there just to play football then why is this even a story? Thousands of kids get scholarships and it's not on espn.
Houston Landry Frankly, kids his age are a crap ton more accepting than most demos. I don't think anyone will have a problem with it. Opponents will use it, but they use all sorts of junk for trash talk. I'm betting he's heard most of it by now.
Edgar Bojorquez This kid is a great player, trust me we've shared a field together any team he goes to will definitely look past that and appreciate the kid can ball out, fans will appreciate his contributions to whatever team he lands him if he so chooses to have a football career
James Jefferson The fact that ESPN has to make this "news" lets us know that it isn't actual "news". Why is this even being reported? ESPN, you are the problem here.
Forrest Willcox Having been in a locker room it will be much easier to accept everywhere else but there. Changing or showering will never not create some tension. Not all 100 plus players on the team will fell the same way about it but for sure it with be hardest on him.
Jason Waterfalls I just hope football works out for him. Because unless he uses a nickname, there's no way "My-King" is gonna look good on a resume.
Chris Allen Courtney Oh boy, ESPN! You have a new agenda to shove down our throats! So when does this guy get his own talk show? Will he win the Arthur Ashe Award this year at the ESPY's? How many more millions of subscribers & viewers will you run off this year? How many more layoffs & pay cuts will your employees get this year?
Drew Webb ESPN is making a story out of it because it is something noteworthy. Just because some of you think it doesn't matter doesn't mean that's how everyone thinks. It could help other people by giving them a relatable story to look to.
Garret Thomas McLemore This wouldn't be nearly as big of a deal if ESPN didn't make it one. Let him play if he is good enough but it doesn't need to be a huge story. Hes just another person.
Roger Righetti not even the legal age for consent in arizona...yet we, for some reason, need to know how he likes it...anyone remember penn state...? not quite the same...but creepy nonetheless...
Robert L. Bausick See how that works out for the team....but then again Arizona plays like a bunch of girls anyway so - cheers to them for finally openly advertising it
Amanda Mongiovi Good for him, but don't Michael Sam this one. Let the kid play.
Laura Hutson Even the guy is like "I'm just here to play football." A story about nothing.
Brian Lalonde Sometimes I wish ESPN wouldn't post things like this because it seems to be just an open invitation to all the ignorant homophobes to crawl out from under their rocks and spew their hate for all to see.
Jacob Christner It's ESPN playing social justice warrior again. This shouldn't matter one ounce, and we should focus on his football, but they are feelings driven wimps, so they must have those heroes.
Denis Leon Johnson Why is this a story? People really don't care what you do during your private time as long as you're not breaking the law or hurting anyone. Actually it is more annoying than news worthy.
Ian Hart
Jeffrey Fagan ESPN.. and this is news why? Just play football dude.. enjoy the free education too..
Deborah Parramore Dotson I don't understand if he's just there to play football then why bring it up at all.
Eric Denisiuk If he's just here to play football why is ESPN reporting on his sexuality? Why does that matter at all?
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Scott Fernelius The Zags are simply not quite good enough to win the title. They're a great program, but there is some kind of psychological block to winning it all for them, and it likely somehow involves Travis Morrison's peach fuzz mustache.
John Campbell I always expect them to do well in tourney yet they I figure they get bounced before Elite 8 but they'll prob advance to Final 4 for first time ever because people think they are overrated...don't really care tho, when's baseball start?
Thai Samsombath They play in a weak conference, but they do have a few good quantity wins. Florida, Arizona, Iowa st. They won't win it all though.
David Curtis 1 loss does not warrant them losing their number 1 seed. BYU isn't even a bad team. If they don't get the number 1 seed, while winning out, then the tournament selection committee needs to be changed
Jason Laputka All this does is bump them to a #2 seed. UCLA gets the #1 out west. If some others lose elsewhere, they may get #1 but doubtful. The committee was hoping for this loss.
Rob Weinhold No, my expectation of them fizzling out in the Sweet 16 is the same as before the loss. It doesn't matter what their seed is.
Matt Thomas Why do people always think they are a title team? Anybody that's plays Pepperdine twice is not the team to beat. When you play teams like Duke, UNC, Kentucky, etc. twice then I'll take you seriously. They have the softest schedule of any team in the top 50. He'll they wouldn't finish top 6 in the ACC. The ACCs bottom 3 are better than their conference's top 3.
Ashton Campbell As if ESPN actually knows anything about college basketball. You're all dolts. Zags will be out after the first weekend. #Overrated #FS1isBetter
Hashim D. Horne Why do people act like Gonzaga isn't good over one loss?
Geno Nazzaro Even if they ran the table the are gone in the 2nd or 3rd round.. Doesn't change anything for me
Jason Morrow No way do they deserve a number seed in the tourney after that loss! BYU is not even rated!!!
Robert Rouhana Their still gonna do well in March. They're a good, disciplined squad
Nolan Wyatt Rhodes No cuz I expected them to lose in the sweet 16 anyways best case scenario. Cupcake conference
Taylor Powell Still far and away the top team in every advanced metric outside of the Internet troll poll
Evan Kolden People had expectations? If they got a tough 8 or 9 seed they'd be out S16
Wesley Wilcox I think everyone but you guys at ESPN knew Gonzaga was overrated as all hell
Alex Alvarez Overrated just like they been all the other times they were a number one seed in the tournament
Dan Rhone No but it will confuse the prediction for the NCAA TOURNAMENT Selection Committee on whare Gonzaga should be seeded...
Greg Hartman Playing in a weak conference will be their downfall come tournament time.
John Hunt Blah blah blah blah blah. You "experts" fawn all over Gonzaga every year, and every year they don't live up to your hype.
Jared Harlan One day they will play a real team and get their second loss. Somewhere around the round of 32
Ryan Ward Good team. Probably not top 10 good. They'll have the opportunity to prove otherwise in March.
BJ Arra One loss makes Zags a Fraud. They will fold and Head Coach Few will trample court in his Birkenstock sandals.
Jon Gladwell The expectations were to lose in the 2nd round... so no changes.
JP Piraino Lol, what expectations, like every other year they have no chance
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Maurice King was the first African-American starter in Kansas basketball history.

But for Baylor's Ishmail Wainright, King's impact runs deeper than the court:

Kevin Walker Still waiting for that gonzaga recap.
Zacqrey Woods Beautiful! Cassandra Wainright
Oliver Barry Zach Steinberg watch this
Alejandro Mendoza ¡ATENCIÓN, AMIGOS FUTBOLEROS! Mi nombre es Alejandro Mendoza, como ven en mi perfil, mi propósito es informar sobre todo lo relacionado con el fútbol y la actualidad en el mundo futbolero. Pido de FAVOR que revisen mi perfil y den ME GUSTA para que me puedan apoyar siguiéndome en este pequeño proyecto. Saludos.
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Height is just a number for Nate Robinson:

Donnell Perkins He got blackballed out of the league for his on the court antics. The kid can still ball though. Hope they let him back in. NBA felt he was embarrassing the league by always jumping on players and other stuff.
Cody Auen They should show his massive blocks on those same big guys lol
Brian Izzo When this dude got up and showed Yao Ming the door!
Jarred Parke RJ Wiker William Ortiz looks what Nate Robinson did for the 87ers last night. Lol
Brad Maze "why is it that so many men of small stature have more courage of men of size?"
Cori Johnson I've never seen height as an advantage when playing basketball.
Nick Folk How can you not count the time he blocked Yao ming in this
Christopher Babin Christopher Gaeta Didn't you mention him the other day
Louba M Igor Headline sounds corny asf
Garrett Rasor I only saw one big man confused
Zachary Loy Pugh Amen to that just like I say age is just a number
Doron DeBurr lol he went under Edy Tavares
Raul Rojas Still doing it in the D League
Nehemiah Jenkins Don't forget Yao!!
Darren Cousin His athleticism is ridiculous...
Nick Mahon aaa!..
Sbonelo Mazibuko One and only!!
Jalen Huey Cobb Mike Southerland look at Nate
Alex Rodriguez Lupe Paz
Autumn Smith Nathan Smith
Cory Pelton Jake Darcy
Danny Moore Tyler Seymour
Eddy Flores Adrain Tiene Jugo
Mitchell Starr Austin RindfussJacob Tobey Connor Mahoney Jonny Gomes Zachary Fayne
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Who's it gonna be?

Thoai Nguyen Well, if they're drafted by Philly, there's a good chance they won't even play their rookie year at all, so. ..
Cody Auen This blows my mind how they classify 2nd and 3rd players as rookies. He's had a year of NBA practice and teaching. He's not a rookie anymore... he's developed chemistry and timing with teammates. If you don't play your rookie year you shouldn't be allowed to win rookie of the year.
Donald Jennings Ball is good but he will fall from grace when he enters this league! I still feel Simmons has a better chance and especially sitting on the sidelines this year and being part of the sixers team. Reality check for Ben and he is going to come out swinging!
Chad Hunt It's clearly gonna be Ball. He's better than Steph, he's probably gonna win MVP also. Dads who live their lives through their kids don't exaggerate
Chris King I don't know why it's so hard for people to understand that if you haven't played in an NBA game, you're a rookie. Yes, Simmons received training and msy have developed some team chemistry, but playing in a game is a completely different endeavor. He's a rookie guys. And in my opinion has the best chance to win rookie of the year because of his off-court training.
Kevan Pierson I'm betting it won't be neither one of them. I think Simmons is all hype. He might be slightly better than De Angelo Russell.
Eliakim A Rio Are you guys crazy? Simmons has been training like a pro for almost a year now. He has already been through the process. He has a much greater chance winning ROY. Simmons will be a starter and average at least 30 minutes a game.
Benjamin Dudley Well if philly drafts lonzo, it will be Simmons since lonzo will be injured and have* to be a 2nd year rookie. Ha redshirt rookie?
Joseph Peloquin Neither can shoot, but Simmons looks like he might be a decent playmaker. Ball still hasn't really convinced me that his game can translate to NBA success. If you can't shoot, you better be dominant in other areas.
Jb Knox Right now it's Simmons until we know whether Ball ends up playing behind Thomas & Smart in Boston during a contending season. Players don't get long leashes on the floor after mistakes in scenarios like that.
Rob Gilchrest Ben Simmons probably has a better chance but It'll probably be another player all together. I know both are very talented but I've only seen Simmons play a couple of times and I've only seen highlights of Ball.
Jacob Beauregard Simmons needed a reality check, this may give him something he's never needed, heart and determimation to get back and prove himself. He's always been the best and just coasted on talent
Rob Ert His 2016 W-2's might argue against Simmons being a rookie in the 2017-18 season, but if not, his year of NBA training should definitively give him the edge in his 2nd year pursuit of "rookie" of the year.
Jesse Stewart Simmons, he will have over a year of time already adjusting to the NBA schedule/lifestyle and however much limited practice with his teammates amd working on his shot.
John Perez I think both Ball and Simmons will be good, but Simmons has more of an advantage because of his size and skill set. The only thing he needs to work on is his outside shot.
Aj Ciar lonzo ball's dad
Des Farquharson Ben, he's been around the team and learned the plays so his transition will be seamless. Lonzo will have some grace period before he starts to dominate
John Keenan Osborne IV As a Sixers fan, I think Ball's shooting gives him the immediate edge. That being said, with time I like simmons potential more
Olórin Tharkûn Ball pops is going to hurt his chances lol. He talks too much. Simmons if healthy will win it. He is the more dynamic player.
Michael Cofojohn Simmons, by a wide margin. Has the NBA body. Don't sleep on Malik Monk. UK players have had a pretty good track record lately.
Richard Kinzer Ball isn't going to be any good in the league. Slow, unorthodox shot, and he is not athletic in any way. He will be a Shaun Livingston at best.
Shawn M High Sr. The Ball brothers need to tell their pops to sit down and shut up. I think 1 day he will have a slice of humble pie, if not 3.
Jack Riley Daddy's boy will start maybe 2 or 3 games. I forsee an injury (physically or mentally, especially if he gets drafted by Philly) that not even his papa can save him from.
Leonardo Villarreal Simmons so far, we haven't seen who drafts lonzo ball first, then we will talk about who will have a better rookie season. Like what if he gets drafted to the celtics his stats wouldn't be the best but if he gets drafted to lets say the magics where they dont have a player avg 29ppg, then his stats would be better than if he was drafted by the celtics (not saying going to be horrible stats but they wouldn't be the best rookie stats) Just wait until he gets drafted then we can talk.
Ric M Payne for you big dummies the definition of a Rookie is a FIRST YEAR PLAYER has nothing to do with how long a team has a your rights which is why European players who have pro status are still considered rookies their first year playing in the league, if you want to re write the rules get drafted or signed, become head of the players union and then change the definition of what Rookie status means...otherwise shut the hell up....
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Kelsey Plum became the new Division I women's scoring leader, after she dropped 57 (!) points on Saturday.

Nick Judy They blurred the background out because they didn't want to show the only 10 people there to watch the game.
Tyson Michael Ammon Hatch Second post about this. Meanwhile: BYU beats number 1 in the nation and it's still crickets. Carful, your biases is showing.
Lynne Gray Congrats to Plum! Note: All women's basketball stat records should include an asterisk if in the category when there is a greater accomplishment by a player that participated in the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW), prior to women's basketball joining the NCAA. Lynette Woodard of Kansas scored 3,649 points from 1977-1981. She and others set the standard!
Alex Sanford
Austin Lenard I bet the people complaining about them showing this story twice are the same ones who get hard at the sight of the hundreds of repeated Brady stories
Russell Kelley Male chauvinism runs deep in you high school bench warming water boys!! You are seriously butt hurt that a girl scores more points in one game than you did your whole career. She set a very impressive NCAA record in the one category that everyone judges success by, points scored. Give her the credit she has earned for a brief 10 seconds and then you can get back to reliving your HS glory days, as that is obviously when you peaked in your life!!
Arthur Smith I love it. We always talking about how all our women do is watch drama shows and spend 💰 on clothes. We need more women that can hoop and fix on cars with us
Zachary Andrew Conklin Why do people with no biceps to speak of continually flex like that?
Darrell Yancey For all the guys that dog women's sports what are you doing lol sitting at home? Playing pick up at the community center? These women are balling night in and night out and going to the next level making money lol
George Gstacks Wilson Next post will be kelsey plum got selected overall #1 in the WNBA draft
Jerry Boothe Congratulations to Kelsey Plum. I will admit I do not watch much BB. But I did watch some highlights and she appeared to score from anywhere.
Andrew Scott Say what y'all want .. 57 points is 57 points and she worked for every one.. Congratulations to her mane I love women that play basketball
Jordan Domenech I gunna need to see a genetic test to see what kinda chromosomes "she" is working with. 😂
Rico Daubman And no one cares about women's basketball.
Billy Mason But can she beat the girls HS transgender wrestling champ??
Timothy Gagnay And next year she transfers to Connecticut to help them win more games.
Kody Smith Number one Gonzaga goes down but ESPN wants to talk about this? ESPN is such a joke lately.
Jerry Trevino Ok so whens football start again
Ricky Stewart This just in...... Kobe Bryant now IDENTIFIES as a women. Joins New York liberty women's team next season!!!!!
Xavier Alviso I'm only player that can score and team knows it, let's feed her for the title. Lame
Chris Stowell Let's see this team beat uconn then see if she flexes lol
Adam Hamilton All while making a sandwich, amazing!
Carson Gregory Thats a whole lotta lay ups
Kori Drury What horrible comments ...
Matt Pizzano Can't believe she's not playing for UCONN.
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Derrike Core BRO get YO DADDY out all the practices, delete all your coaches numbers out his phone, and tell him to be your dad not your AGENT! Smh better than Curry? He won't even be better than SETH CURRY. Get on some where Mr Ball, you only making his head that much bigger and you know what will happen if he don't live up to the HYPE
James Malloy My son will play for the Celtics only, he's only 2 but has quite the jumper on his playschool hoop.....
Jack Neary "I want him to be a Laker, but I wasn't saying he's only going to play for the Lakers." –Melania trump
Austin Guglielmucci Pops is ruining this kids career. Shut your mouth and let him do his thing.
Matt Elliott My guess is this guy is trying to live vicariously through his son and wants everything to go just like he dreamed for his own life, but didn't happen. He apparently can't let his son's play do the talking. Needs some duct tape over his mouth.
Cristobal Guapo Any hoopers out there that want to be a hooper and stay a star, and don't have to worry about daddy trying to be all in the videos, all on the court, interviews… come to the Lake Show!
Kylie Copenhagen For a dad that has seem to do wonders for his boys he really seems like he is trying to put a world of pressure on his oldest son. Just sit back and enjoy the talent and well round young men you raised. Why put unnecessary pressure on your son? Lonzo and his brothers need to sit their dad down, thank him and tell him to shut his mouth!!
Aaron Myers I hope my senses are wrong... But sounds like this kid could be a head case when things don't go his way.
Michael Reid This dad is ruining his son. I'm not cheering for injury. But I'm rooting against him just solely for that fact to prove his dad wrong that his son is average. A parent is meant to be confident in their son/daughter. But don't live through them simply because you never reached the pros. There's being confident in them that they will be great, as you sit back and watch them play. But do not shoot your mouth off time and time again saying that your still college player son will be better than one of the current top players in the league, and that he'll only play for lakers. Your son will play for the team that drafts him. Your son doesn't draft the team. People will cheer for his son to be average, solely because of him being this kind of dad. His other son is already exceedingly average because he doesn't know the first thing about defense.
Bill Wiesmore I have only watched Ball play twice, but each time I have seen him, including tonight, I don't understand what the hype is all about. I hope the Celtics don't draft him.
James Willard He'd have a better start to his career with the Sixers rather than the lakers. With Ben Simmons playing next year and Embiid becoming a pretty good center, I think he'd do well with them instead. But that's just my opinion
Victor Gonzalez Mr. Ball, let your college son be. At this point in his career, you need to cut the cord! Stop going to the press or any social media outlet. It's ok to say, "No comment." When you are asked a question.
Steve Tucker Dude an idiot. His son should tell him to stop talking. He is making a fool of himself and causing undo harm to his children. Sit back and shut up. You've done your job , your children are in college or are guaranteed to be in college. Your job is done for now. Shut up before you make them all cancers before they even get to the NBA. Moron!
Miguel Resto I'm sure Lonzo loves and respects his pops but you have to wonder how he truly feels about the non sense Lavar has been saying the past few months. Pops wants him to play for the Lakers so he can attend all the home games, which I am not so sure that's a good thing for Lonzo.
Michael Payne Feel sorry for whatever team drafts him in the next year. His stats are good but not great, and an overzealous dad. I could be wrong but I doubt it. Plus coming into a bunch of smash mouth NBA players. Good luck
Joey Figueroa This man is going to ruin his kids with his mouth. His kids are a great talent, no doubt at all. But let them develop and stop talking about their futures like it's yours! Stop living through your sons old man.
Aaron Cord So many of these athletes' parents and wives put them in horrible positions from trying to use that person's celebrity and fame to put themselves in the spotlight. just shhhhh, no one cares what you or Steph Curry's wife thinks
Jeremiah Williams This wouldn't keep happening of they would stop finding him and asking him questions lol. Just let your sons play and be proud. He keeps talking and putting all of these expectations on them. I think lonzo will be good but when he gets into the league next year he will just be another rookie behind Westbrook, curry, Thomas, kyrie, wall, Lowry, cp3. The list goes on. Let him develop. Let him play and see how things go
G Scotty Scott The kids pop is gonna black ball him and mess up his career. Teams not gonna deal with him cause of his dads big mouth. Or a team will draft him and place a wedge (a woman or agent) between them to keep Dad out the way
Albert Millard He's getting annoying. Might ruin your sons draft stock by talking this nonsense. It's one thing to be supportive of your kid but it seems like your living vicariously through him and you need to realize hes a college ball player. Pretty good prob a lottery pick but that means nothing. We'll see how he fares in the NBA
Samuel Mote I hate it when people correct my comment when I make a typo and I have to edit it. Then people can still see my error and make fun of me all over again. Grammar isn't really a big deal, alright?
Ralph Géhy Daymel Lugo Von S Cur why is this guys dad getting so much attention? Son might end up being another Michael Beasley or Greg Oden or a long list of others.
Mary Core Cant imagine what he would he have to say if Lakers pick him up and their record remains the same. Looks like this Dad might not be happy as the team rebuilds. He will be blaming everyone else.
Rick Sovis This dad is trying to over promote his kids so he can feel relevant himself. It is time for him to shut up and cheer in the stands and everyone to unfollow his social media so we do not have to read about it
Michael Williams Dad wanna be a star ....let the boy live..ole boy hasnt even been drafted yet and the nba execs are already sick of this dude....fall back pops
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Manny Pacquiao says an agreement has been reached with Amir Khan.

Dustin Robertson Pac is a good dude who does great things for the Philippines. Meanwhile, we're about to pay 200 bucks for PPV for a track meet between Mayweather and McGregor.
David Isa Khan will come out whooping Pacquiao just like he was Garcia and Alvarez then one good punch and he'll hit the floor. It's a shame, skill wise Khan is one of the best around. If he didn't have a glass chin he could go toe to toe with anyone. But that's not his reality. If he loses to Pacquiao, it will be his last fight.
JC Colom Pacqiauo would have fought every welter in his era Mayweather, Cotto, Mosley, Marquez, Bradley, Margarito & Khan. Floyd avoided Bradley, Margarito & Khan. Khan won the sweepstakes but Floyd instead picked Maidana.
Leonel Cabrera Jr. This just proves boxing is dead. Two wash up boxers, great.... 😑
Freddy Rh This is actually stylistically a great match up.. but business wise it doesn't make much sense. If Manny wins they say he was suppose to win, if he looses Pacquiao career will be over, same for Khan. Would have like to see Pacquiao vs Crawford!
Isiah Bugg This is a fight I've been waiting for. Khan has a glass chin; Pac man is "allegallegedly" off the dope; and both are seasoned fast punchers. I think Khan can take him if he stays outside.
Caleb Musayev Many blessings in fight, Pacquiao! I know you'll manage to take Khan out even if Khan has speed. 👏👏👏🌟🌟🌟👊👊👊👊👊
Rafa Dominguez This would of been intriguing before the Garcia knock out.... he should've fought crawford this is just the last leg of the the manny needs retirement mo ey tour
Jonas Sabri Khan won't outwork or outspeed Pacman, his only advantage will be his size and the fact that he's the bigger man of the two. The fact that they both used to be trained by Freddy Roach is a plus for Pacman with Roach in his corner. I will watch the fight for sure, both men been knocked out by heavy hitters in the past, Pacman has learned from it while Khan probably doubt his own chin more.
Ivan Velez But why...? What's the point of figting? You got beat by the best. Don't put yourself out there to possibly lose by someone inferior to you. Makes no sense.
AAron Brumley He's fighting the dude from Star Trek?
Albert Myles Jr. We just saw Khan KO'd by Canelo. Way to take on a real challenge Pacquiao.
John Bernard Namud Kenneth taga america yung kalaban niya kasi siya ay "amir khan"
Victor R. Galloway Now did espn mention anything about the fights of 2017 that happened so far? No bc espn boxing coverage is pathetic.
Tyler Adams Soooo what does retirement mean in boxing? Just a way to get huge checks
Jeff Pronto We just have to enjoy the last fights of Great PACMAN...we all know once his done fighting...we're all gonna miss him.
Eric Jonas I thought his passion for boxing was on the back burner to assist Duterte with his death squads.
Grace Leslie Totally want to see this one! I feel Amir might beat my Pacman Jocey Stones
Ryan Rose That's a easy win...khan is good don't get me wrong but not ready for that fight...
Brian Ruiz If Khan loses, it would just prove Mayweather's point on why he didn't fight him.
Eugene Boot Pedrosa Jr. Pacquiao vs Khan would be better than Pacquiao vs Horn... may the next matchup
Jaime Gloria I hoped Khan knocks out Manny really cold ala Marquez so he could talk to his god in heaven if it's time to retire again.
Jaime Gloria Both are stealing money. They can afford to get beat up gor your easy money. PPV?, hell no!
John Mendoza Another mismatch! Crawford or the winner of Thurman vs Garcia would've been a better fight for Manny!
Chinda Phengpaseuth boo who the hell wana see khan.. at this point should rematch marquez
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"My teammate didn't want me to be great."

Jason Shrestha I hate it when people correct my comment when I make a typo and I have to edit it. Then people can still see my error and make fun of me all over again. Grammar isn't really a big deal, alright?
Antonio Carbó Fontánez Don't let this distract you from the fact that this copyrighted broadcast of the National Basketball Association may not be retransmitted, reproduced, rebroadcasted, or otherwise distributed or used in any form without the express written consent of the NBA.
Dustin Ryan Rhodes "Jokingly"
Mike Smith Yeah, LeBron has a lot of help...,🤔 But can't win a game without him...
Andrew Steven Wells These players act like they don't check box scores during games but clearly he was pissed as soon as he didn't get that rebound they showed it in slow mo
Namsoo Mike Cho Rockets wins the trade deadline this year. #LueWilliams
TJ Herrin
Khris Shen This is why Wade isn't top 5. Couldn't even get the triple dub. #netsnation
Kyle Sherrill Life lessons from D. Wade, not everybody on your team wants you to be great💯.
Chris Gunter
Ken Johnson Chase Richo Phil Atkinson look it even happens in the NBA. Lolol
Stephen Hellmig It could be worse; he could think that Earth is flat.
Mark Lacheta The cavs made more of an effort to get him the triple double than his own teammate
Bomi Smile Adeyemi its good to see some fun and joy in the Miami Heats after a long run of bad games this season...
Fernando Delatorre Don't click on edited, I wrote something humiliating.
Rickey A. Marlow II Plot twist: he really wasn't joking tho
Drake Albarez D. Wayde best shooting guard not named Mj or KB EVER!!
Adam Galley Great players don't blame teamates...
Antonio Bellido 😂😂😂
John Fabian Westbrook would have the guy on waivers.
Andrew Spitzack Where's a DJ Khaled meme
Kris Yocum I've seen this a lot lately......
Rome Barnes Yeah Yeah Yeah warriors lost to 3 1 lead get over it
Primitivo Virtucio He's not joking , he's dead serious
Joey Blaze He looked pissed but tried to laugh it off
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His ENTIRE BODY went through the defender's legs.

Devon Michael LeSure In bigger news, you didn't know Nate Robinson was in the D League
Kevin Ledda Now let's just take in how Vince Carter dunked OVER a dude that tall in the Olympics
Grady Hughes Zach, Action Jaxon better have something to say about this 😂
Jonathan Harrold Something you'd try if we played basketball Taylor Harris 😂😂
Daniel Derouen Aj, Bruce, Eddie, I'm doing this the next time we play
Noah Hernandez He's 3 foot 1 that's why he did that. Oh look another setup for a Warriors joke
Jimmy Koah Can't go the hard way if there's an opening between the defenders legs
Griffin McKesson 😂😂😂 if he doesn't get on in the league he can still hit up the globetrotters CreCrestian Johnson
Phil Groves Dave Hill - we were talking about something similar last night!
Devon Varney Jordan Johnson now that's splitting the defenders lol
Mike Snyder Caleb Joshua Thomas did you see this? Cavs will need him against the celtics!!
Jackson Gayler Lol why they playing at like a high school... Andre Zuloaga
Ben St Pierre This is literally like when Timmy went through the other team's legs in Fairly OddParents.
Michael Lee That was amazing and the big dude probably s***ed himself wondering what just happened
Bryan Wong Hunter Dubis that guy in 3rd grade?
Matt Kobel I love watching a 20 second ad for a 15 second video
Zach Fischer Kyle video I was talking about last night
Garrett Leahy Will Wedge lil nate
Ricardo Benipayo lol good scape move!!!
Jeffery Neil Rice Clay Corbett this reminds me of you!!! Lol
AAron Brumley He's 3'9". So there's that
Matt Pizzano Who said being 5'9" was bad?😂😂😂
Austin Alexander That could be Lebron's playmaker 🤔
Enrique Nieves
Jordan Michael Vickers I thought he was going to play football
ESPN shared ESPN College Basketball's photo.17 hours ago
Gustavo De La Torre As a Wildcat fan myself, UCLA's defense impressed me the most and I gotta give them credit because they did really good job boxing in and out offensively and defensively! Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose! It's just a matter of luck, but hey we've been doing pretty good throughout the entire season! 🐻⬇
Daniel Soto 2 years in a row, 2 home win streaks snapped. Ouch! Thank you Bruins! (Hate saying that) lol. A civil war win and it's back to back! #GoDucks
Toryn Bentlage Arizona needs to be better offensively and needs to do better on defensive rebounds if we want any chance of doing anything this year. It will honestly be tough. I am hopeful because we have played really well against quality teams but not sure we are quite good enough. I do think some of the foul calls in this game were garbage but that's every Pac-12 game we have the worst refs.
Craig Hamant Zona needs to learn how to attack to ZONE!!!!!!!!!!! Trier should have the ball in closing seconds... feed the hot hand... horrible last play
Neel Arora What a joke...airball to effort on the boards...handed oregon the 1 seed...reeks of another first round exit waiting to soft
Matthew Elekes Arizona couldn't penetrate that zone of UCLA. Really the difference in the game right there
Matthew Burke Andrew Ding and imagine how good they'd be if they had one of the better ball brothers
Tyler Walker Jerry Sweeney Danny Walker they keep winning. That's what I like to see
Ron Simmons Yet Bilas stated that the ACC champ jumps 3 higher ranked Pac-12 teams for the last #1 seed. Damn homer!
Diante Crudup 🤷🏾‍♂️ Haters say "overrated" when UCLA loses, but hide when they win 😂😂.
Marcos Antonio Hinojos Thank you, UCLA-Oregon Fans
Matthew Hidalgo Soft game from Arizona. Gotta box out and want that ball more.
Dianna Nelson Hewlett ESPN sure liked the 🐻
Johnny Grigsby Congratulations Bruins from a Kentucky fan.
Hugh Guidi Jr. UCLA best team in college hoops!
Xaiver Beaudin Arizona is overratted af
Sef Coriz
Hal Singletary Maybe Jay Williams knew what he was talking about!
Matthew Holderbach Please take Bill Walton back, Love BIG XII
Ashleigh Benoit Excellent game!
Brian A. Hsu their big guy got benched in 2nd half... lol.
Jamy Lawson blaming the refs already lol
Patrick Doyle Bad Finsih Cats
Charles Franklin #UCLA
Brian Damon Bring the title back to the West Coast
ESPN18 hours ago

Carmelo Anthony for the win!

Jose Paredes Weren't they booing him a few weeks ago , NYKs got the sh*ttiest fan base
Steve Smith Omg they beat the 76ers?!?! Who needs a championship when you can beat Philadelphia? !
Hector Reyes A win....Against a low budget mediocre team -76ers. Carmelo is not a superstar, only a scorer, not a leader, doesn't play defense , doesn't create, or doesn't make his teammates around him any better. This team is the way they are because he doesn't take command in NY, like Lebron does in Cleveland, like Kobe did in LA and like Jordan did with the Bulls. 4 years of straight losing with Melo. Rebuild around KP & Hernangomez, we would look more better and attractive doing that.
Jordan Jenkins Seriously, Knicks fans are some of the worst fans I've ever seen. Booing at draft nights, booing their players. No loyalty nor real support.
Scott Fernelius He sure clanks a lot of them off the rim though. Eventually it's bound to go in. Nice work, Melo.
Norman Washington They blew a double digit lead again....come on it shouldn't keep coming down to this
Durrand Ashford Yeah he did owe them one for gettin gsme timed huh?🤔🤔... what was white dude name again😂#McNuggets?... Philly Uchiha
Eric Elliott They almost blew the game😂 1 bad pass away from getting beat
Tim Knapp That's the 1st W😱W NYK have a LONNNNNNNG way to go 2 become RELAVANT again
Mike Gabriele Who cares what the most overrated player in NBA history did?
Ryan Caron Why would they blur his mouth for telling the other team what a great job they did in the game??
Morgan LeClair At least the Knicks faithful get some good to go with the bad.
Joey Keenan Yes!!!!! And now, all of you can watch as the Knicks make a late season run to make the playoffs!
Edwin Perez Me7o was good today
Jwuan Rodriguez-Murphy
Mike Laidlaw Best player in the NBA!! So clutch!
Braulio Villalobos hahahahahawa the knicks fans cant even to tanking, screws 9th pick .
Chris Poblano Idk why he's still taking game decision shots
Joel Espn Who is on the sixers roster again
Eric Radford
Mario Calabrese hes suppose to hit that shot
Juan Teq-illa Morales Still a bum
Eric Douglas Hoskins Congrats you earned your paycheck for the year!!!!
Frank Cook Ehhhh...
Mike Krushka 24 and 35, 12th place.... Good job Melo
ESPN18 hours ago

DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis look like they're clicking early.

Eduardo Cornejo Now they just gotta figure out how to play the other 3 positions too.
Mike Smith Too bad they haven't figured out the whole "L" thing 😂😂😂
Liam Fahy William Melican I could not have said it better. "How do you stop this, how do you guard this." They have the potential to be not only the greatest front court but thee greatest duo in NBA history!!! I'm legit scared if they can bring on some 3 point "warriors" lol
D'Antae Weathers All great players take awhile to mesh and really get it going. Look at GS,,Lebron with MIA,etc it'll take awhile to find the formula but after they find it things are gonna shake up in the West.
Cody Lakes They will attract other players to come join... a couple guys like (Nick Young, Aaron Gordon, Jabari Parker, Zach Lavine) all upcoming free agents... then sign John Wall in 2019 as an UFA
Keyser Soze They 0-2 but if cousins re-signs they should be able to build a good solid team around them in free agency I'm sure they got plenty of salary cap money
Kenny Robertson Just need to figure out how to score more points than the other team now.:-)
Kris Griffith And they lost I keep telling u people this isn't gonna work it's just gonna be cousins and Davis doing it all everyone else is scrubs besides holiday and he has stunk since cousins got traded here he was doing really good a few weeks before the break
Carlos Lopez They just need a solid pg or even a shooting guard and they can be a mid seed playoff team!
Joey Faraon You don't guard that. You just hope they miss and be ready to rebound.
Zach Zavoral Losing to one of the worst teams in the NBA. Yep. Totally clicking.
Jesse Muckinhoupt Would love to see these guys get a good PG to go along with them.
Paul Suttle If they get some shooters and another playmaker they could be something
Nick Vaughan The Pelicans have the front court solved. It's the other stuff that's lacking
Manuel Gutierrez Michael Bradford-Ramirez see if we had another big man this would be you guys
Ricko Gsxr Rosario Nola needs a few more players around those 2 they can be dangerous
Steve Wayne They lost.
Joel Broker Too bad Mavs are winning
Jason Hopkins Who cares, they lost the game.
Steven Bradley A central shouldn't never pass the ball
Jesse Carter And losing again
James Andrews They gonna lose by 30 again?
Dominic Tweed Now they need 3 other players and a bench
Arun Singh Hope they click enough to get a win!!
Domenic Mascis Ummm....yeah...two insanely talented dudes would click!
ESPN shared SportsCenter's post.19 hours ago
Jay Espinoza Well she's a guy so..
Chris Helfrich So a boy beats a bunch of girls and people are cheering? I should have thought of that years ago and I could have been girls wrestling champion also. It's wrong on so many levels
John Napariu Don't let that distract you from the fact that in 1966, Al "Touchdown" Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game for the Polk High School Panthers to win the City championship game...
Luke Carpenter
Eric Johnson Literally the 1st sentence: " A 17-year-old transgender boy completed an undefeated season Saturday by winning a controversial Texas state girls' wrestling title in an event clouded by criticism from those who believe the testosterone he's taking as he transitions from female to male created an unfair advantage." So all of you saying, "he's a guy" are incorrect. It's a girl using testosterone treatments. Which would get you a lifetime ban from basically any sport.
Jason Leach This whole trend started with the 90's movie classic "Ladybugs"..thanks Rodney Dangerfield🙄
Joel Dailey Stallsworth Ummmm if she wants to be a boy shouldnt she wrestle boys. This is a non story. Its a lil girl that is taking meds umm like testosterone which makes her stronger unfair advantage right????
Jordan Rhea As she is transitioning from female to male, she said she wanted to compete with the boys, per article. What I didn't see, was why not let her? Since she identifies as a he, it's make sense to compete with guys in my opinion.
Brent Olson This is a mental disorder and should be treated as nothing but....bathroom and locker rooms are separated by physical gender and that's the way it needs to be
Jeremy Backman So some dude beat the chick's in Wrestling because he said he feels like he's a girl? How bout he felt like he couldn't compete with the boys so he decided to be a girl. More likely.
Tanner Rose If only all you idiots commenting hateful stuff would have actually read the article. It's a girl transitioning to a boy. The state wouldn't let him wrestle other boys, which then gave him an unwanted unfair advantage. And y'all are so concerned about bathrooms.
Chad Miller This isn't a male. It's a young lady on testosterone who has Gender Identity Disorder and believes she is male, in spite of her DNA and genitals reflecting reality. Fortunately in Texas we haven't completely lost our minds yet so she has to compete as a female... because she is female and always will be, regardless of the hormones she takes or mutilation she does to her body. Unfortunately her family is supporting her in her mental illness and is giving her testosterone instead of therapy. That's the saddest part of it all. That's where Texas screwed up too. She should be treated as a female taking performance enhancing drugs, thus not allowed to compete, and also not be allowed to compete with males because, in spite of her mental illness, she's a female. This isn't complicated at all, but nowadays, who can keep up?
Gabriel A Castillo Make sure y'all catch me on NBC while I work on my WNBA career. I'm going for mvp this year, just gotta score more than 40 points for the whole season and I'll be a shoe-in.
Susan Thomas Hey folks...don't let science and understanding of hormones stand in your way of being ignorant. It's when I read feeds like this that I understand why Trump got elected.
Brent Gregory I know failing ESPN is loving this. I see a 30 for 30 episode and a courage award at the espy's. Then another million people unsubscribe with in a month.
Michael Noone Some unbelievably stupid and ignorant comments on this article, which shouldn't surprise me. The poor kid (already going through a lot for someone so young) wanted to wrestle boys but wasn't allowed. Some seriously nasty people commenting.
Brenda Massie Deuell Can non-transgender females take testosterone and still compete legally? Not sure the regulations. I would be impressed had she/he competed in the male division. Not impressed she/he competed in the female division while taking testosterone and won. Just saying. And if she wants to be a boy why is she not competing in the male division anyways? And does this mean a boy taking estrogen can compete in the female division?
Stephen Foster Nope, she took steroids so she should be disqualified. She's a she that has mental issues and also has a difficult time understanding rules. Or we can abide to these misfits and let the majority of the people suffer for a very very small fraction of the population. Nope
David Velchansky Come to Michigan where it don't matter if you're a boy or wrestle your weight period! Girl who weighs 125 will wrestle whoever weighs 125 boy or girl....Simple.
Scott Allen God created this girl to be a girl, not a boy and thats why she isn't aloud to wrestle boys. Trump was elected because things like this should stop being news ESPN W really. There should not be a community of this ungodly creation. In the beginning, created Man and Woman. To love one another, not to change into what has happened in this world and what has been allowed in this world, as immortality not narrow mindedness. People have twisted Gods creation into what Satan intended, for it is also said that Satan will have temporary reign over this domain until a time will come that God will end it all and sin and immortality. Don't forget what you've read. What is written then in the bible, doesn't mean it changed with time. Sin is in our nature but people need to strive to lead people to God not away. Sin has been and will be in this world. No one is perfect and God knows this but he didn't make a mistake in the GENDER OF HIS CREATIONS
Ryan Botts Taking testosterone is the same as steroids and she shouldnt be allowed to wrestle bc it isnt fair to the other females. Why are the rules being bent to please a few people who arent sure about their gender and create a totally unfair environment for the rest of the population. Start a transgender wrestling league
Kyle Sullivan The one thing I'll say about this, from what I understand transgender people see themselves as what they're transitioning too, so if 'she' really sees herself as a man she's a hypocrite for giving in to the rules and wrestling women as a "man."
Nathan Griffiths My problem is this is already a confused, unbalanced hormonal teenager like the rest of the teenagers in the world. We all went through the gauntlet of life to identify ourselves. But to make a decision on gender identity at such an age when still developing towards adulthood is not logical thinking. Atleast wait until you balance out before making such life altering decisions. Its better to make a decision when certain than to just take pot shots in the dark to see if it feels right.
Christopher Hilpipre In 1994, in Iowa, we had a girl on our wrestling squad. She competed with boys. I dont get it. Its not a big deal. They should have let him compete with the boys.
Jim Martin Until you can add a chromosome , there is no such thing as a "transgender boy". She is a girl on steroids. Her parents and doctors should be prosecuted for child endangerment!
ESPN19 hours ago

"You're only good because you've got Steph Curry, KD and Klay Thompson around." -Paul Pierce, who says he was the one who started the trash talk.

Jackie Moon Says the guy who had Ray Allen, Garnett, and Rondo
Kyle Gordon lets be real. Put Draymond Green in Denver or Brooklyn, they still ain't going nowhere. Put the celtics Paul Pierce on any of those teams now= game changer
Justin James Delfin oh please. don't act like you would've won a championship if you didn't have ray allen or kg or rondo
Gary Shapoff I couldn't agree more. I've been saying this for the past 2 years. Draymond Green is no more than an average player on a great team.
Kha'lee Gooden It's the truth lol
Andy Nelson Didn't have KD last really ? You had 2 other HOF players an a point guard that was great for that system. #youaintKOBE sorry lol
Richard Wyatt As a Celtics fan, I promise you pierce held his own before the Big 3.. his numbers were consistent around the top of offensive categories, and dragged his team to playoff appearances. Unfortunately he was void of national attention, as the Celts were an afterthought during that time frame. He will be a hall of famer. Green will just be a very good player when it's all set and done.
Tray Blake Incorrect draymond makes all their games possible because of his ability to control the piece of the pie being shared he is the center piece of that team and without him they probably wouldn't function at such a high level
Bryce Alkire Pierce didn't have to depend on other to get it done. Pierce rarely complains and plays like a man. Draymond is a baby and wasn't anything until two years ago. Paul pierce is a HOF and has been great his whole career and draymond won't come close to having a career like PP
Scot Soanes Anyone who is trying to trash Paul Pierce over Draymond Green, has no idea about basketball. Either you didn't watch Paul Pierce in his prime, or you just don't know basketball. Draymond Green isn't even close to being in the same class as Paul Pierce. Paul Pierce is a future Hall of Famer. He carried the Celtics for years and was the best player on those great Celtics teams (with Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett)
Drew Owens Draymond Green is straight overrated who can't win the Defensive Player of the Year so this year he and the Warriors are on campaign to plead for it. Win it on the court and shut up.
Jordan Stevens All you Warriors fans are so dumb The Truth is 10x better than Green will ever be. Shut up! Over half of the so called "dub nation" probably doesn't even know who Jason Richardson, Baron Davis, Mitch Richmond, Chris Mullen, Tim Hardaway and Rick Barry smh you guys are the worst fan base... #3-1Lead
Khalil Baird Exactly what happens when you give role players too much attention they start to act like a superstar or franchise player trade him away from golden state and you'll see for yourself exactly what I'm referring to who is draymond compared to Paul Pierce
Jay Paul Yall stupid smh. That was Paul Pierce team not kg or ray allen. He was the one putting up 40 not no one else. Dreymond 4th man on the roster lmao not a comparison. Coming from a LeBron fan I hate Boston at that. Also dreymond will not be a hall of famer
Alex Flores The Truth is, check your lineup! You had KG, Ray Allen and Rondo.... they made U relevant.... since U lost them..... you have been irrelevant! #AINTNOKOBE #NOFAREWELLTOUR
Jay Manzano Pierce is going to the basketball hof. At this rate Green is going to the soccer hall of fame.
Mark Jones lol Draymond was putting up good enough numbers in the Finals that he would've got MVP if they had closed the series out. Shouldn't try to trash his game just cause Pierce is salty that Draymond was honest about him not being Kobe.
Anthony Brickman How are there nearly 700 people who agreed with this? Paul Pierce was a star player for years before they got Allen and KG. Granted he didn't win any rings without them but even with all those guys on the team Pierce all around was still the best player. Draymond Green is the 4th best and is not even close to the other three guys.
Carlo Fuentes Trash-Talk 1) Verbal abuse used during competition to upset the opposition. 2) To verbally abuse the opponent during competition. 3) Insulting or boastful speech intended to demoralize or humiliate a sporting opponent. LMAO! Get over it, Pierce! Dray got you really good with the trash talk during the game! Doesn't matter what you've been saying, game ended, you took the L! Also, I really don't get why a lot of people are arguing about Pierce's legacy at the same time, comparing their accomplishments. That's irrelevant! You played, you get trashed talk, you move on!
Ryan Thompson Everybody shut up about the Boston big 3. Pierce was an all-star without KG, Allen & Rondo. And nobody knew what to expect or really believed in Rondo going into that era of Celtics bball. He was an experiment at that time. I remember Gary Payton saying any point guard could win if they had Rondo's starting job. Why? Because Rondo couldn't shoot & didn't need to shoot... Just had to spread the ball around.
Antoine Worsham Paul pierce been super corny since his Boston days just retire already u got a ring cornball plus the Clippers ain't winning one no time soon
Yahir Marta He said the truth. What is Draymond Green going to do on an average team? He will just rack up his technical fouls and get ejected. He wants to act like he's some superstar player.
Kewl Kalv Kasey Brown he might be right .. ppl in the comments talking about he had 2 other HOF players but Pierce been a solid player without them
Justin Chambers Anybody that thinks Draymond is better than Pierce doesn't know basketball. Yeah you can say Pierce didn't get a title til he had KG and Ray, but I bet money Green would be nothing without Steph and Klay, and now they got KD too?? Lets not forget the crap Pierce had for teammates for so long in Boston.
Yuniel De Varona Some people are just idiots. Paul pierce was the man in Boston for many years, even when they got Garnet and Allen,he was still the main offensive threat even got finals MVP for it. It doesn't matter what Green say or do he will never be the player that Pierce once was.