Legends Of Rock Guitar

Legends of Rock Guitar
Legends of Rock Guitar4 hours ago

Ummmm ... no. Just no.

Steve Verdier Uuuh...time to set the pipe down!
Mike Morgan No so so wrong
Davide Grazioli Giuseppe :D
Ethan Morrow Ben Tosh
Will May Jordan Sinclair
Legends of Rock Guitar
Legends of Rock Guitar6 hours ago


He passed in 2003, but American-music icon Johnny Cash was born on this date in 1932 -- 85 years ago.

Dressed in black, Cash celebrated the darker side of the country-music genre, singing...

Legends of Rock Guitar
Legends of Rock Guitar23 hours ago


Among the world’s greatest guitarists during his lifetime, flamenco-crossover guitarist Paco de Lucia blew away fans all over the world with his sheer, uncompromising mastery of the instrument.

Better yet, it was all...

Legends of Rock Guitar
Legends of Rock Guitar2 days ago


Born on Feb. 25, 1943, the Quiet Beatle would be turning 74 years old today. As great as Lennon and McCartney were as songwriters, many fans still think of George Harrison as their favorite Beatle.

Ron Marostica if you haven't listened to this album you should. .. immediately.
John R. Edwards Still have my original vinyl copy :))
Paul Monger Top album 👌
Arnelle Pires miss you George.
Michael Philpot Dont forget the concert for Bangladesh. I still have my orignals i miss him and his music happy birthday my Brother
Legends of Rock Guitar
Legends of Rock Guitar2 days ago


New study concludes that, without the bass, our brains don't understand the rhythm and chord harmony of songs. Read on:


Sean Allen What utter bollox!! So if you listen to say, spanish classical guitar, our brains cannot work out the rhythms or chord harmonies??
Steve Dube Guitarists are a dime a dozen. An outstanding bassist is hard to find.
Dave Forness Lies! It's all Lies!! LOL jk
Fernando Leporace Jimenez Mike Round mama mía, cómo estamos, se nos va jajaja
Jeff Muhle Yuppers! I knew that!!
Arnelle Pires love the bass. wouldn't listen to just bass. come on
Aus Resident so, the key to music is to have a good bottom!
Chrissy Wissy I told you! Now do you believe me!!!
Chrissy Wissy Go Marta!
Ian McDermid I already knew that
Ted Hilland Mike Hilland blinding you with science!
Ingolf Beyer "the Professor" Geddy Lee....outstanding!
Liz Leblanc Pour toi Alain Gauthier Jack
Frédéric Hélios
Terry Bell The scientist must have been bassist hahaha
Bernard Chambers Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....
Paul Fernandez Monie Monie...
Torben Christensen Tommy Hygum Sørensen
Thomas Cunningham Ken N Carol Wilson
Jeff Lillquist Arthur Daly
Scott Erick John Talmage
Chrissy Wissy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_Xy_pD_Or8
Chrissy Wissy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRusbYIyRNI
Gary Weiss Charles Satterley
Kevin Viscioni Heather Raye
Legends of Rock Guitar
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Cool post from legendary guitarist Bill Nelson, contemporary solo artist and leader of the '70s art-rock band, BE BOP DELUXE. Here are Bill's reminiscence's about the Czechoslovakia-made Futurama line of solidbody guitars:

Patricia Cox Cool!
Legends of Rock Guitar
Legends of Rock Guitar3 days ago


After nearly five decades apart, JOHN FOGERTY has reunited with his beloved ACME Guitar, a Rickenbacker 325 he owned in the late '60s and wrote such iconic songs as “Proud Mary,” “Fortunate Son” and “Born...

Graham Sutherland Did I read that correctly? He lost it under the Christmas tree for five decades. Had he stopped celebrating Christmas 🎄
Eric Johnsen :Dnz sz.. So how come he didn't have it for fifty years?? 🤔
Pat Boyer Hope he got the wife something as special. Congratulations !!!
Lynne Doll James Thorhaug thought you might appreciate this reunion!
Paul Smith Great voice
Steve Quinley Sr. Wish he would come to town🎸🎸
Legends of Rock Guitar
Legends of Rock Guitar4 days ago


Born 73 years ago on February 23, 1944, Johnny Winter became one of America's greatest blues-rock guitarists, up there with Duane Allman, Billy Gibbons, Carlos Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and a handful of few others. During his early '70s...

Forrest Bishop I think Johnny was up there before most of the players listed... Just saying 🍄
Peter Couture Owned every JW albums and most of them more than twice. Happy being still alive and well myself.
Pierre Laliberte Ain't no forgetting This guy, I've been a fan all of my life and I saw him play in the late 90s at Bluesfest in Ottawa where i was blown away that he still could shred the fuck out of his Steinberger... yeah it was a Stein - i didn't see a Firebird on stage, but what a show that was. He may have passed on but to many he's still alive and well!
Hugh Ian Johnston Saw him at the pacific colosseum with his brother Edgar. Great show!
Andrew Stone Rafael Alvarez