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Legends of Rock Guitar
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Tim Cullimore that face you make when a guy plays your guitar in a terrible way!
Scott Smart Its was way funnier when Bill Murray posted this pic.
Brad Spencer If it's Bill Murray then it's ok with me.
Joe Pearce that face when your a miserable twat
Kian Sparkes "Is that the key of Z#m, Bill?" ;)
Mario Alberto Roirigo García, ese eres tú xD
Paul Groot Rory van der Graaf Frank Zutt Thijs Zwart
Legends of Rock Guitar
Legends of Rock Guitar22 hours ago

A "LIGHT FLAME" '59 'BURST -- ONLY $330,000

Plus a mere $1,000 for shipping!


Frédéric Hélios Christophe, Matthieu, Thibault, on se cotise, seulement 330.000.000 =) ?!
Jerry Zollman I'll take it if they take checks!
Brad Spencer Will you take an IOU?
Gunnar Sørensen Christ...
Aus Resident Very nice!
Richard Good Will double in value within 10 years.
Nick Birchall Will you take a tenner a week lmao
Mark Heimert I'll take two
William Monach Jr. Why not making it an even 350k Anyone who has 330 easily has 350
Denise Barrett Way over priced!
Bob Hafer Tony DiLeo Andrew M Clark Jr. Rich Dushok Christopher Capozza Tom Olewine Rob Toulomelis Mike Perkin David Perkin Scott Marshall Bonaskiewich David R Warmkessel Mark Klotz Mikhall Myers Jerry Pandelios Starting bid is...
Nico Bellisario Giampiero Ingargiola e ciao ciaoooo maareeeeee
Dean Hernan Marcus Hernan What say you?
Sinisa Nikolic Logan Nikolic
Legends of Rock Guitar
Legends of Rock Guitar24 hours ago


For nearly 50 years, people have talked about Phil Keaggy in hushed tones. He's often glided under the radar of fame, more of a quiet legend than a rock star, but make no mistake -- few...

Dave Johnsen Happy birthday
Legends of Rock Guitar
Legends of Rock Guitar2 days ago


Born 115 years ago on March 21, 1902, Edward "Son" House was one of the legendary Delta blues guitarists. He played a wicked slide and had...

Legends of Rock Guitar
Legends of Rock Guitar3 days ago


Clarence Leonidas "Leo" Fender died on March 21, 1991 -- 26 years ago today. He didn't play guitar or bass, but still helped invent a line of guitars, basses, and amps that changed the face of pop, rock, blues, R&B,...

Theodore Pierce Right on.
Neil Bingham The master himself. RIP
For Now Records Who else? <3 ?
Legends of Rock Guitar
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Legends of Rock Guitar
Classic Rock & The Dark ϟIDE Of The Oϟ
Chuck Berry, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards — Guitar Jam [Live at Chuck Berry’s 60th Birthday Concert in 1986] [http://wzlx.cbslocal.com/]: Chuck Berry - Guitar, Vocals Eric Clapton - Guitar Keith Richards - Guitar Steve Jordan - Drums Johnnie Johnson - Piano Chuck Leavell - Organ Joey Spampinato - Bass Chuck Berry practically invented the terms “rock god” and “rock icon”. Without his showmanship, catchy songwriting and pioneering guitar work, this whole rock & roll thing would not be known as it is today. The rock world realized this at least as far back as 1986, when Chuck celebrated his 60th birthday in style with two epic concerts on October 16, 1986 featuring plenty of famous guests. Filmmaker Taylor Hackford filmed the whole thing as part of his documentary Hail! Hail! Rock & Roll celebrating Berry’s legacy in rock music.
Alberto Parlade What a f....ng jam! Chuck B had a blast. May he Rest In Peace.
Ádamis Andrade Deus e seus arcanjos....
Ken Wareham Clapton does not want to be there.
Joubert Jean-michel Du plaisir beaucoup de plaisir.🎸
Will Rivers Wow
Philippe Soler Comment s'en lasser?!!!
Mathew Chapman Steve Gilmore
Legends of Rock Guitar
Legends of Rock Guitar3 days ago


An estate in Alabama, viewed from above. The shape of the garden and grounds look strangely familiar ...

Joe Sage https://nestquestdirect.com/buy-of-a-lifetime-with-a-starting-bid-of-0-the-largest-house-in-the-state-hits-the-auction-block/
David 'Sam' Mulvey Who's house.
Michael Philpot My house :)
Dave Chapman how old is this? he hasnt been able to play for about 3 years and doesnt recognise what a guitar is anymore. massively underated , one of the 'wrecking crew' played on hundreds of hits before his solo career.
Scott Brooks That sucks. Because he could really play. Alzheimer's is no way to go.
Dana Hill Jeffrey Powell look what kind of guitar he's playing!
William Kessler He's still alive
Martin Kolesar So sad.
Cédrik O'Brien Fvck you alzheimer
Ulf Gyllner Sooo sad