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Whether you knew him as the "Game over, man!" grunt from Aliens, the sadistic older brother of 'Weird Science,' the polygamist patriarch on HBO's Big Love or any of his dozens of compelling cameos or clutch supporting roles, Bill Paxton was always a reliable presence...

Rémi Charron Frailty!!! YES!!! A movie where even few critics understood the twist! A great directorial debut. I hope that movie gets more attention at some point because it is one of the best thrillers ever.
Chris Hinson Jr. With all due respect to the deceased, Paxton was absolutely horrible in "Aliens." Very good in more than his fair share, though. RIP Mr. Paxton.
Hunter Dufort How about his sleazy used car sales man in True Lies? So many memorable roles.
Katrina Wil How sad, I really enjoyed his movies very much, especially in Apollo 13..thank you Bill for all your wonderful films, a great actor, will be so sadly missed. As Tom hanks said in the movie Apollo was a privilege to fly with you.. My prayers to you and your family.
Mimi Voetter Andersen What a shock! Especially loved him in Aliens, One False Move, A Simple Plan, Frailty, and of course.....Big Love. RIP my fellow Texan.
Jaysen Pauley No love for his iconic role as the president in Independence Day?
Floyd Brookman "Simple Plan" is one of the greatest movies never seen - I recommend it to everyone - Paxton was excellent!
Alex Gaca Hudson sir, he's Hicks.
Wayne Sapp Morgan Earp in Tombstone
Chad Farris He died before he found the Heart of the Ocean. Damnit Rose.
Theresa Buswell What a good guy. He will be missed...I still quote his lines 💛💛
Tyanna Dorion Thanks for including Frailty! Hands down my favorite Paxton role.
Luiz De Togni Lima Keith Richards going to bury all the younger generation.
Chris Conley I am a big fan of his work in Aliens and Terminator and Titanic rest in peace Bill
Linda Josey He'll always be Chet to me.
Kevin Patrick Frailty.
Marc Bergeron For me his Best movie was A Simple Plan with Billie Bob Thornton
Mary Elizabeth Bill Paxton was the best thing about True Lies. Hilarious
Sam Donaldson D'you spit in this?
Phillip James RIP: Bill Paxton
Mike Stewart Ben White he was in Weird Science! Good call!
Matthew Sanders predator 2
Chris Aukerman Twister
Анна Соболева Эх (
Gerardo Reynaldo rest easy now, Hudson.
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James Cameron, who frequently cast Bill Paxton in the films he directed, has penned a tribute to the late actor following Paxton's death at the age of 61.

Jeff Goheen Besides all the major movies he was in like Aliens. Weird Science. Terminator and Tombstone to name a few some of his lesser known movies were great too like Frailty. A Simple Plan and Trespass
Mike Kippax As if last year wasnt bad enough ! The loss of Bill Paxton is right up there. As with millions of people i and my family loved his work , from all accounts a consummate professional and a good human being. Our sincere condolences to his fans , colleagues and most of all his family. RIP Mr Paxton .
Darren Braddock RIP Bill Paxton, always been one of my favorite actors. Been watching your movies since I was a child.
Nicky SouthernBeauty Flores My condolences to his family and friends...I just saw the commercial for his new show "Training Day" which is premiering in March. Gone too soon and he will be missed.
Erin Hoffman Official Even though I never personally knew Bill Paxton, Prince, David Bowie, George Michael, and all the other great talents who have died over the last year, or anyone who passed too soon, like Freddy Mercury, they were all part of my life. They were guests in my home, friends visiting through the radio and TV, bringing me joy, laughter, etc. I know there are no guarantees for a long life, and they lived longer than many, but these lives were all cut too short.
Larry Mckitrick I always enjoyed your movies Bill I will truly miss u on the BIG SCREEN god bless u if u see my bother tell him I said hi and I miss him!
Norman Mcfadden This makes me sad he always made his characters believable . Enjoyed his role in the movie Near Dark , he played a murderous vampire who uttered I hate it when they aint been shaved while killing his victim.
MA LA Allen Unbelievable loss... his academic work is among the great actors with a full career. The Curse of three celebs rang true.. Colmes, Butner (of Fox contributors), and now Bill Paxton, all in their early, mid sixties.. either cancerous or complications, knowing the inevitable, doesn't lessen the sadness for a loss of life, leaving families with a void, each of us must endure, many times in our lives. I hope everyone realizes, cherish each day in support of those around us. Appreciate all the interactions of our lives.
Wayne Hummel looked him up a few weeks ago on imdb wanted to find out about the training day t.v. show. there goes another one he was an awesome actor my favorite was his character in "aliens" "twister" was awesome to and him playing the sargeant in "edge of tomorrow" was hilarious :)
Kimberly Galvez The interaction of these two men created a lifelong love of great memories for generations to come. Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world!
Lucy Charles Pate My favorite movie was Twister. Praying for his family at this time.
Van Rhine RIP Bill Paxton. A great actor and your talent will be missed
John Mcmullen we got 🐮 .. I could watch twister over and over .great guy and actor rip bill 😕
Sandra Nobles does anyone know what his surgery was for and what the complications were he was so young
Ellen Reza So sadly send pray for his friends and Familys.🙏🏻😢 sorry for loss and Thanks for actors enjoy the movie.
Jesse Cody Herman Noo!! He was one of my favorites! Hudson from aliens is one of my all time favorite characters. Carlos the jackal in true lies, rest in peace Bill
Duig Duigman Naan😰RIP Bill Paxton :( so funny in WeirdScience!!sad day..
Cathe Losee My sister and I Loved him in his new series Training Day.. Rip Bill Paxton ...
Andrea Nicole Desillas Thank you James for Titanic. You brought Bill and his wife together through your creation.
Ivan Arellano "My name is Chet and I didn't think it was whales dick honey" RIP Bill aka Chet 🙏🏼
Parker McPhee that's it, man. Game over, man. Game over! :( Rob Skelly
Mark VonBank he will be missed so young to be taken so soon. Rest In Peace Bill Paxton.
Linda Miller the good ones are leaving us too early god bless you Bill you will be missed by all
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Bill Paxton, the veteran actor who starred in Big Love and appeared in films like Aliens, Twister, Titanic and Apollo 13, died Saturday following complications from surgery. He was 61.

Jared Clifford I've seen Twister no joke nearly 400-500 times. It was my favorite as a kid 😭
Matthew Myers I loved him in Weird Science as Chet! " did you spit in this" " how about a greasy pork sandwich served in a Dirty Ashtray" " and for god sakes would you cover up" lol😢 and of course he was great in Twister!
LaMonte Rigmaden "Game Over Man Game Over!" One of my favorite lines. May he be well received in the higher realms.
Cathy Eschenbrenner Steinbeigle So sad :( loved him in True Lies as the sleazy car salesman - He will be missed RIP
Valeria Macias Nooooo. "You can't explain it. You can't predict it. Sometimes you gotta look around and see what you have right in front of ya." "What do you mean?" "Me Joe. Ya got me." -Twister Goodnight, Bill. 💔
Sandra Jean Krna He played in a movie quite a long time ago called A Simple Plan. If you haven't seen it you should. It's one of those movies where one thing leads to another to another and the plot just gets more screwy.
Sarah Noel So sad! I loved Bill Paxton! Truly a great actor and he seemed like a guy with integrity. Gone way too soon! RIP!
Robert Clark Excellent actor......especially enjoyed him in the Big Love series.
Jennifer Stewart Incredibly sad. He was one of those actors that made movie fans feel secure about what they were watching. Classic guy. So young. Condolences to his family.
Laurel Dutrisac-Ferris A tragic loss! I could listen to him and watch him all day. I was looking forward to this new series training day. RIP to a truly refined actor, Hollywood will be at a loss with your passing.
Andy Perez " Remember what I said about people seein' a bright light before they die? It ain't true. I can't see a damn thing." - Morgan Earp Tombstone RIP Bill Paxton
Kristy Cav Omg omg omg omg noooooooooooooooooooooo I fell in love with him in Twister! I've seen it maybe 35x, this is really sad. So young!!!!!!
Ben Winfrey "Paxton was also one of only two actors - Lance Henriksen being the other - to be killed by a Predator, a Terminator and a Xenomorph from the Alien series." That would be awesome to be part of those movies. He was always great in his roles
Latanya Williams Noooo I love him he is one of my favorite actors!! I'm so heart broken right now 💔😩😢😢 I was just watching his new show Training Day 😩😩 Sending my prayers to the family Rest In Paradise Bill Paxton 👼🏼🙏🏽🙏🏽💔😢😢
Melissa Lewis Incredibly sad. He was one of my absolute favorite actors. I still use the line from his Chet Donnelly (Weird Science) character when wooing people out of a hangover - "How about a nice greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray?"
Claudio Paolos Oh no 😭😢😪 I know him for twister, aliens, weird science, chet, near dark, titanic, predator 2, true lies, the terminator, commando, Apollo 13, tombstone, & 2 guns great movies but why at the age of 61?!?!? 😞 man bill R.I.P well see each other in the after life 💔
Craig Thompson Can't believe we just lost a Icon just like this, one of my long time favorite actor. Once his pic or name was associated with a movie title you knew your money would be well spent. Massive respect to Bill he is American as apple pie and then some. Great American. Will miss that smoothing voice of his. Long live Bill Paxton in his movies. An American, American.
RoBert J Miller WOW! that is a shock; I watched every episode of that show; was also good in Hatfields & McCoys. People used to confuse him with Bill Pullman..but his career seemed to be more.
Saket Chaturvedi R.I.P Bill Paxton, I remember him from movies like Twister, Aliens and True Lies. Can't believe he's gone, Game Over, Man.Game Over.
Dan Valdez He was on March Marion pod cast earlier this month, very humble, loved hearing his story of seeing President Kennedy in FT. Worth hours before he was killed. sad loss
Hector Romero Erika Sofia crazy you 've been watching Big Love and I just watched Aliens the other day. We talked about the big difference in characters and how long he's been an actor.
Susie Knapp Kellinger So much love for him today, so beautiful to read. Then there are all the Hollywood haters coming out on Facebook because of the Oscars and political issues. Please a moment of silence.
David Lemmon I just lost it, I can't believe it. He was one of my faves. He played so many parts I cherish, especially Aliens, Tombstone, and most recently Edge of Tomorrow - Live, Die, Repeat. I grew up with Bill Paxton......
Melanie Shubert An actor who enjoyed all his roles and didn't take himself too seriously; a rarity in movies. Rest In Peace and thanks for the many good moments.
Shawn Mims 'why don't you put her in charge!' The biggest laugh line from Aliens. A movie that otherwise scared the crap out of me. I've enjoyed this dude for decades! Way too young! His work will live on in multiple All Time Classics. You'll be missed bro. RIP
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Oh Hello Show comedians John Mulaney and Nick Kroll opened the 32nd Spirit Awards with a monologue that poked fun at Mel Gibson, Donald Trump and Steve Bannon.

Danny Wood Sooooo much triggered shaaaaaade on this thread! Hahaha. Settle in, my little trolls: you're going to be the butt of the joke for at least another half century or so. Also, that's called 'killing' and no they're not sorry a bunch of lowlifes don't get their humor.
Edward Ryan I hate Trump too but Nick Kroll needs to stfu. The only reason he is in "the industry" is because of his father. He isn't funny at all and his comedy central show failed because it was him playing dress up while telling bad jokes. Just shut up already. Its these far leftists that created the voters that voted for trump.
Holly David That Mulaney guy needs to be one of the Kraftwerk guys, in a movie about their music and rise to fame! I want Flula and Sheldon from BBT as two more guys; I can't figure out who should be Bartos, though :/
Michael Morris What is it with actors are they not bright in the haed. Try and hear what people are saying dick heads
Mike Keenan #LockHimUp #CrookedDonald #DonaldTheDevil There are more - just have to see what he called his foes. Funny - they are so much more fitting this way. :)
Steven Andre These clowns are paid to perform not to spout there political side. Shut up and entertain me clown.
Francisco Scaramanga I can clearly see the L tattooed on both their foreheads
Terry Hill They're so bad in entertainment they didn't get an invite to the oscars!
Billy Sutton did georgio soros approve of their tripe before they put it on?
Elizabeth Martinez Gee how long did it take Hollywood to forgive Woody Allen? At least Mel Gibson admitted he was wrong, apologized for his behavior and continues treatment. As for Woody Allen I've always enjoyed films, but as a person he disgusts me after what he pulled and yet Hollywood still honors him. Hypocrites.
Maegan Salazar Rachael Davis uhm John and nick please host every award show!
Cindy Sweat Not watching any award shows. Hollywood can keep all their hate and political rhetoric to themselves.
Chris Fafalios Sarah Fafalios this is really funny
Sylvia Lopez They were boring....
Gregg Bassendowske Funny
Jayna Griffith-Horine Tiffany Sargent I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!
Martha Landers Just more trash
Joseph Calderon The Spirit Awards... who?
Jenni Graham They killed!!!
Rachel Heinze I wish Mulaneys show wasn't cancelled.
Henri Haag Brilliant 😃
Karen Doyle Yawn..........Trump bashing getting boring snowflakes.
Mary Kowalsky Sorry...attacking people is just NOT funny......
Tony Decatur Idiots!
Lin Smith Fabulous! Great work.
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The war of words between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma escalated Saturday when the latter dropped "Shether," a vicious, seven-minute diss track using Nas' classic "Ether" beat and aimed at 'The Pinkprint' rapper.

Kimmy Henderson So, let me get this straight. Some of you get mad when Rolling Stone reports about politics. Now they are actually reporting about music and some of you are still upset. I'm confused now. Can't have it both ways. Plus, the publication was started by a bunch of hippies in the 60's during the Vietnam era. It's very essence of being is rooted in politics and music. The two actually do go together.
Len Semaia For the non hip hop heads, lemme explain...this is like nickelback shitting on pantera, and pantera putting out a song that destroyed nickelbacks career...chalk one up for the good guys
Kenny Thomas Lol at these comments. "If I don't listen to it nobody else does". You're not the only person in the world.
Jose Olvera Remmy Ma has always had a smooth flow. She has never been a pop rapper so she will never have the fame and sales of one. I think she's underrated for sure.....
William McNea Remy ma who ???? Bitch is irrelevant didn't even know her till you mentioned her. And to use another artist to back up your lame rant that's pathetic. Girl see the exit over there.... use it. You basic
Phillip Latham Lol from these comments...rolling stone is not the ideal audience......
Tanya Lott It was magical! Every. Single. Word. 😂
Amidu Dadi Jusu It's funny when people assume that the only music worth talking about is the one genre of music they listen to in their mom's basement... It's quite telling. I don't listen to screaming rock music but why the hell will it bother me if something was being reported about screaming rock music?
Samantha Wright-White Eagle Why don't these rappers just battle it out freesyle instead of challenging each other for a fight or having to work on a track with recycled beats directed at each other? Are they afraid that their talent doesn't really speak for itself? They have to rehearse their beats and rhymes because they can't freestyle? LOL
Juan Francisco Carabajal This reminds me of that time when Courtney Love talked s**t about Gwen Stefani and then Gwen released "Hollaback Girl" owning the charts. It's always fun to see these things happen.
Charles Crawford guess I'm gettin' old. Cuz I don't know who any of these non artists are for one, and I don't give a damn about them fighting and spewing their senseless drivel !
Marie McCoy Envy and refusal to allow younger artists their time to shine is wack... So is attempting to start a bunch of conflict between young fans (so they can go fight at clubs and get slaughtered by police) instead of appreciating the fans you have...Remy disgusts me with this weak slave attack on her fellow artist and for playing into the worst stereotypes about women of color perhaps while she was locked up nobody told her the female rappers have diversified rather than show division in the black community and having weak battles that lead to violence they are collaborating and everybody is finding their own niche and letting their talent stand for it's self... I'm going to need you to make some appearances at local schools and teach young black women how to avoid unnecessary violence and avoid going to prison instead of focusing on trying to tear down an artist because you feel threatened but you can't get attention any other way I'm not going to look up your government name but I'm going to tell you directly how I feel as a woman in your age group like I said yesterday attacking the younger artists is like Trey Songz battling with John Denver or Luther Vandross get your life and let them have theirs... man I used to love your music but you are two different kinds of performers and what you are doing is wrong
Amy Ren'ee Hawthorn Words I heard the most and unexpected ones bitch, ass, nigga, coochie,Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey. Definitely a dissing song. 😀
Keneatha Simmons It's amazing that stupid people would put someone, who has such hate for herself and her race, on top. In ten years i want see what will be the next industry "put together doll" and nikki will be looking just like lil kim, with they big ass faces.
Jenna Valdez Remy went in on her! Fresh out of jail and back to getting Grammy nominations! Remy is the Queen 👸 hands down!
Eugenia Berg Ugh white people stay wanting to be the center of attention. What? Y'all mamas didn't hug y'all enough. 😂😂😂😂
Ceyda Bulat All I know is I really am tired of seeing Nicki Minaj's giant ass..
Drew Hart That was.....terrible. She rhymed ass with....ass. Like even Desiigner was like 'I can do better than that'.
Javier Spartikus Malave If Remy Ma bodies Nicki on a SECOND diss track, then we REALLY know that Nicki and Meek were meant to be together... 😂
Irene Marce Who's Rémy Ma? She's not at Nicki Minaj's level, so #totallyirrelevant
Ian Harrison Oh for the days when Diana used to compliment Tammi, Aretha was friends with Martha, and Lena laughed with Ella.
Melody Ackroyd Omg rolling Stone you really have an article about this ? Come on have some integrity
Chris Couturier *gets out of jail* I wonder what I should,do with my time now, oh yeah start beef.
Christina Nelson Remy Ma is Biggie Smalls reincarnated.
Nicholas West Preziosi I respect anyone that exposes Nicki Minaj for the boring played out rapper she is
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The annual quarterback carousel, when NFL teams swap around available QBs through free agency and trades, often draws attention but actually tends to lead to some of the least-important transactions in hindsight. A team is more likely to regret their big quarterback acquisition for one...

James Christman Cutler, Romo.......doesn't matter where they end up, neither have ever been capable or will be capable of leading any team to a Super Bowl.
Jeremiah St.Clair Rolling Stone really needs to get out of the sports reporting business.
David Camby Shaffer Come on...the bears haven't won since 83...we don't want Romo..
Jared Zupancic 😂😂😂 kapernick.
Nancy Hammond Cutlers loser ass needs to go.
Mike Keniley Romo to Bears??
Jeff Kisley cutler sucks and if you want a qb thats always hurt take romo
Christopher Chacon Dan Stransky Mike Nelson
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One of the two members of the Syrian civil defense unit The White Helmets that planned on attending Sunday's Academy Awards has been blocked from entering the U.S. due to the travel ban.

Emily Cooke Our national shame continues. Unite against the hate and discrimination!!
Matt Wright Khateeb had been issued a visa to attend the ceremony with Hollywood's biggest stars. But Turkish authorities detained him this week, according to the internal U.S. government correspondence, and he suddenly needed a passport waiver from the United States to enter the country. The correspondence indicated he would not receive such a waiver. There was no explanation in the correspondence for why Turkey detained Khateeb. READ THE ARTICLE. Neither Trump, nor the White House are to blame for this person's ability to enter the U.S. If the filmmakers card so much, they would have made sure his papers were legitimate. He also should have been in the states already, not the weekend of the event.
Joshua Werstler Good they shouldn't be able to attend. The white helmets is a bs group that coincidently saves the same people over and over. But then again it's an NGO funded by the west.
Cathy Cooper This is not new. I know someone from a European country who won a Prestigious award for his documentary. He didn't get to come either. This was during the Obama Administration!
Buster Bentley Ok. So I just watched the documentary THE WHITE HELMETS It is devastating too see what is happening there. Parts of the film made me cry. BUT!!! Why is the documentary not explaining why this happening? Why are they showing mostly children being rescued? Why are the women not being filmed? And when they are it is for a brief moment their faces are covered. Women are wearing long black clothing everything covered. Why are they not showing what ISIS does to it's OWN PEOPLE?! What they do to Christians. It is half the truth to pull at your heart. It is terrible terrible what is happening in Syria. I cannot imagine living thru something like this. Maybe if leaders had done something much earlier to stop ISLAMIC VIOLENCE like mr wonderful obama !!!! This would not be happening now. I am sorry but better to stop this crap on someone else's land before we have to have the same happen on our land. I worry about American children. I worry about America first. Watch this documentary & think "what if this happens on American soil?" before you make a decision.
Susan Robinson This is pathetic. This malignant administration does not represent me, an American born citizen of the United States. Ignorance and fear will not make you safer folks. We are all one people, whether you like it or not.
Mary Ann Laffoon Was he a member of the White Helmets or did he just film members of that group? BTW...he wasn't blocked because of the 'ban'; he was blocked because of something found out about him.
Herb Fulmer to bad so sad . Just because they were in a movie they still have to go threw our security before entering the states . Has nothing to do with race has to do with what they have to do to come to the states .
Claudio Paolos Denzel Washington will win his 3rd academy award like a true American gentleman since casey has to deal with all the sexual abuse or harassment allegations around him !!!!!!
Keener Nancy Sorry bout his luck. White helmets is total bs. Watch an learn . Ty President Trump. But this time it has nothing to do with our President or government. If you don't have the right paperwork (legal paperwork) well guess what ? Your not coming here. They are fricken terrorists themselves. And why? Is this total bs story getting an oscar. You dumbfucks take off your blinders. SMDH!!!!!
James Hastings Essay on trump We should all find donald trump troubling because he barely knows how to read and write, he has no attachment to god or country. He's been divorced twice, two failed marriages and is on his third marriage to someone 30 years younger. Hes never had a monogamous relationship with anyone. Hes never really been a father because those children he did father were entirely brought up by nannies and their own mothers. Donald tended to see the children only occasionally until adulthood. He generally hates socializing for very long because hates people. He an obsessed and chronic womanizer. He's simply a poor businessman with no ethics and absolutely no morals, hes trashy and gross and disgusting. President obama is one who really loves and cares about the world, a world he knows intimately. Trump doesn't care about the world and doesn't really care about knowing about any of it. Trump has never had pets he doesnt like animals. Trump is severely learning disabled and because of that disability he not only can't read very well, he can barely read and write. His speeches are written at a fifth grade level and even at that child like level he has to practice reading them repeatedly. Again he can barely read and write, when he speaks off the cuff his grammar is so bad and so disjointed that at times he's totally incomprehensible. In school trump consistently made bad grades and was always being called out by teachers for inattention and he would often just not show up to class. It's a combination of never being able to read very well, being ADD and growing up in a family where every wish was given into and where even his teachers tended to bend over backwards to please the family. So his inability to read turned into an inability to learn and hence he doesn't know or care much about the world. Hes always been to able to counter his obvious inability to know much about the world by hiring people who do. But the presidency demands a singular ability to know something about the world and at least a rudimentary ability to communicate, and he simply cant. To get thru high school and college and business school trumps father had to hire dozens of tutors, his father's organization was constantly talking to professors and deans cajoling and convincing them to have his son pass courses, courses that he never studied for because he hated reading because he can't read very well and he can't concentrate on anything for more than 10 minutes because always hes had such extreme attention deficit disorder. He couldn't take exams and failed weekly tests and was only barely passed by those schools by his father by both throwing money at the schools and threatening them. He's always had people to write everything for him and read everything. Trump has absolutely no hobbies and he has no interests outside of making money. Hes not interested architecture or art. He doesn't read books nor does he read newpapers. He doesn't like travelling, he doesn't like foreign foods, he doesn't like theater nor does he like classical music. He doesn't like mountain climbing nor sailing on the high seas. He doesn't like attending church and apparently he has no metaphysical beliefs. He doesn't like going to concerts and he hates museums because he hates history. He doesn't speak a foreign language nor does he play an instrument. He doesn't play games nor cards nor does he do crossword puzzles because he has absolutely no interest in those things. He hates eating out and only eats steak and hamburgers at two restaurants when he does venture beyond his gold guilded penthouse. He doesn't run nor does he enjoy walks, he doesnt exercise at all. Hes never played a sport except in high school nor donned a military uniform. Hes never done charity work nor has he given very much to any NGO. He doesnt really like socializing for very long and only plays golf rarely and only to finalize a deal. He's not well educated and again does not read much nor can he write well and has an understanding of world of an adolescent.
James Hastings Where have been asleep for 40 years? This is all common knowledge, weve all known trump intimately for 40 years, he's been around for 40 long years, we know everything about him. I have friends who went to school with him and other friends who worked in him hotels and saw him close up and personal. You really don't know who he is do you? What a shame.
Bob Jaeger Look at all these new reasons to be proud to be an American!
Steele Lasoman This is the best year for black people. Finally another nationality/race/religion is taking our place. Not one negative comments on blacks since trump been in office. Even employment is at all time high for blacks. Thank you TRUMP
Frederick Eugene Feeley Jr. JUST A SMALL MINDED MAN. Live it New Trumpistan. He took the Nazi train going to D.C. Just a small handed fool. With a PhD in how to be a tool. He took the Nazi train going to D.C. A Russian in a smokey room, the smell of espionage and a lust to rule....for a couple million they share the alt right and they go on and on and on and on......strangers in Washington.....up and down the fourth Reich. Searchlights, resistance, America's Free no MOOOOOOOOOORE!
Vince Klock Great news! Maybe now we can find a way to ban Michael Moore, Streep, Looney Clooney, Rosie, etc.
Rosann Stein Johnson If that docu wins we'll know how ill-informed Hollywood actually is.
Barney Mcilvaine While other countries open their hearts to refugees Trump hides. WEAK and afraid. Uniformed and silly. 5 deferments don't make a leader.
Sue Janecky The travel ban is horrendous. But, so is the propaganda of this film. So...
Frederick Eugene Feeley Jr. Blinded by the right. Coked up Il Douche makin' policy in the night. Blinded by alt-right. Breitbrats running scared of anyone who aint white...
Ron Stresing So what? Do some research, the "white helmets" are not neutral as you might think. They are active participants in the Syrian war.
Jody Fernandez Not one of you bitching would let a family of refugees stay in your house.
Cathy Prince I thought the travel ban was overturned...Or blocked..Or whatever..
JillAnne Hicks Oh ya, that's right.. Hollywood actors and their cronies are supposed to call the shots for the United States foreign policy... LOL!!!
Barry Robinson I will have a Coke. Don't care if it's the fuckin pope. Not vetted. STFO.
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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the documentary Hillary's America both picked up four Razzies to dominate the 37th Golden Raspberry Awards, Hollywood's annual celebration of the year's worst films.

Tom Dougherty He always looks like he's suffered some serious brain trauma.
Justin Prochnow Of course a true document about everyone favorite con woman is disliked by liberal Hollywood. Lol turning a blind eye is like ignoring a man or a woman getting mugged and just keeping walking.
Chris Clutter Wasn't he sentenced to psychological counselling by a Federal Court? Any word on the results?
Donald Tuohy Can we deport D'Souza?
David Ratz Dinesh D'loser.
Dan R. Anderson Is he still wearing an ankle bracelet?
Andy Long Shouldn't he be in jail?
Edward Terpstra Furthermore the supreme court is ruling on whether this film and the clinton campaign can be considered a war crime,crime against humanity...
Mike Wright So-o-o deserving......
Safari Francis Idiotic article! You build a rocket to go to Mars and take a detour to moon for reason you leave us guessing why
Nels Labansky Haha. "Eligible".
Pamela Malland Priceless!
Darrell Strickland Shocking
Jeffrey Daniels Aaaaand here come the right wing conspiracy theorists
Wayne Gernon Kelli Silver .... 🏆🏆🏆🏆
Stagger Lee Batman v Superman was ok.
Rose Kirk Deport democrats!
Nia Delgado Steven Smalley 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
Kevin Hauber Samuel Peters