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We caught up with Full Frontal with Samantha Bee before tonight's Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner to discuss how she's coping with Trump in the White House and the likelihood that he's going to get us all killed.

Jj Massey You people are ALL NUTS! Wow this is what Rolling Stone has become!!!??? I'm definitely unfollowing this pg ASAP! You guys should be kissing the ground the guy walks on, not nitpicking about every little thing you can find. Trump this & Ivanka least he's trying to protect his people! Tell you what we'll trade our complete traitor of a prime minister here in Canada for Mr Trump!!! You can have him anytime!!!! And trust me (and millions of Cdns!!!!) when I say that then you'll really have has something to complain about or actually infinite things to complain about!!!! We're trying to get the governor and general to remove him from office for high treason there's tons of petition circulating and a Million Man March in Ottawa on June 3rd and 4th. He only got in because of his connections and money. Mr. Trump use his own money to campaign and had to fight killary. He's not politically correct and that's refreshing because the politically correct or fascist you are ruining this country and yours!!!! And if you're too blind to see that, then you ALL need to open your eyes & see the truth of Islam and how they're trying to dominate the world! It's all in the Quran - Read it. A lot of their Imans preach hate in their mosques- against Christians Jews, blacks, LGBQT, and of course women! So everyone is an Infidel that isn't them. And they are told/brain-washed/programmed to kill the infidel. If you guys are alll so LIEBERAL, don't you care about all these other minorities or is it only the Muslims that get your totally misguided sympathies? You need to quit trashing Trump and Ivanka and get behind them before both our countries become Muslim states. Or join he new world order under George Soros or both. Is that what you really want for your country?????
Dom Brown Poor people deserve to die for being poor. Everyone deserves to be exploited. The rich should eat the poor and the poor shoudl worship the rich. That is americas ideology. And if u vote repubcalin u r voting for more.
Jimmy Braum She is an annoying hack who should never have had a show. This was even before trump.
Eka Nucubidze conservatives in shock: Schwarzenegger just launched major anti-trump project that will change everything!
Amy Beaird I love you Sam Bee! ❤❤❤❤
Qristi Sikhashvili 5 questions Trump needs to answer in his new tax plan
Rachael Rolf We're just waiting for the sentencing.
Followill Gilmore Kabbale Fish on hook, #son_of_D.
Misho Mado Fed up with trump’s lies, Neil Degrasse tyson just publicly shamed republicans
გიორგი ტაბეშაძე Baby Trump wants to hunt pregnant – this is disgusting
Khato Khidasheli Top senators announce plan to take down donald trump. do you support?
სალომე ზურაბიანი Twitter explodes over trump’s surprise at the demands of being president
Nino Sabiashvili Her dirty secret is out! the washington post just busted Ivanka Trump in a major scandal
Na Ti This will leave you speechless! Trump just made the dumbest move of his presidency yet
Natia Bedukadze Trump gives up on bullying china, goes after canada instead
Tam Hug Alicia Long
ანა სიხაშვილი Her dirty secret is out! the washington post just busted Ivanka Trump in a major scandal
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Rolling Stone2 hours ago

Following the Fyre Festival fiasco, Seth Rogen revealed that he and the comedy troupe The Lonely Island were secretly working on a movie that shared a similar plot with the canceled fest.

Markus Karjalainen That festival was a real mess from the start. Having an idea without actual planning and doing anything to get it to life...better just stay back don't ever take part in any kind of a festival where they need help with anything..
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Jean O'Brien an error box pops up when i press share
Jason Quinn Yaaawn
Nick Cal Conspiracy
Peter Zeppa Chelsea
Jenne Dijkstra Tom Bleijenberg Douwe Slootman
Rachel E. Andrade Prabha Sharan
Connor Keegan Ryan Saunders
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Rolling Stone3 hours ago

Happy birthday Willie Nelson! Check out these 20 essential songs from the country icon.

Neil Dickinson Happy Birthday Willie Nelson A crusty old geezer named Willie Is a singer, just like Mickey Gilley And a writer as well Just like Patti LaBelle And an actor, like Jennifer Tilly He was born on this day long ago Down in Texas, where hurricanes blow On the coast every year Causing anguish and fear When the rivers and lakes overflow Willie joined his first band as a tyke When he boldly stepped up to the mike In a polka quartet He played many a set Back when movies were all black and white In college he sang and got paid While he mastered the tricks of the trade That he wished to pursue As he hoisted a few In the honkytonk bars that he played He quit school to seek fortune and fame Starting out in the radio game Spinning tunes on the air With a natural flair But to sing was his ultimate aim In Nashville he played the guitar For Ray Price when he wasn’t a star Then they both made it big Playing many a gig Early on earning tips in a jar Willie’s writing drew massive attention And it helped him begin his ascension To commercial success And a fancy address And awards far too many to mention He wrote ‘Crazy’, a tune Patsy Cline Recorded at age twenty-nine As her signature song About romance gone wrong She was clearly ahead of her time Now old Willy’s spent 84 years On this Earth through much blood, sweat and tears With his velvety tone Both afar and at home He’s still music to millions of ears
Kelly Ann Teresa Young Great, but "Mammas, Don't Let Your Babies" was also co-written by Patsy Bruce. She should be credited along with Ed Bruce.
Alex Michael You forgot the last thing I needed the first thing this morning. You suck rolling stone.
Daryl Strickland Happy Birthday Willie🎈🎼🍄 ENJOY! We Love you man❤️
Billy McCawley Happy birthday Willie, have a token on me...:)
Dianne Campanelli Happy Birthday to the very best. Many more 🎂😍
Pat Swords Happy birthday!
Norma Costelloe Happy.birthday Willie Nelson
Joe Curry You left out one of my favorites, "Mr. Record Man"!
Donna Wiant Happy birthday Willie Nelson!!
Angie Lamonte Willie Nelson 🇺🇸 Happy Birthday To You 📦
Jackson Carl Reid One of the best concerts I've seen
Sudheer Singh my aunt­­ makes­­ $93 every­­ hour ­­on ­­the­­ pc­­ . She ­­has­­ been ­­without ­­a ­­job­­ for­­ seven ­­months ­­but­­ last­­ month ­­her­­ payment­­ was­­ $32439 ­­just ­­working ­­on ­­the pc ­­for­­ a­­ few ­­hours. COPY AND PAST>>>> w­w­w­.­s­a­l­a­r­y­-­j­o­b­2­.­c­o­m™
Anne Leaf City of New Orleans - special song to me, love it.
Nancy Macias happy birthday willie love R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
Zunom Torebor Yiuuu
Вадим Викторович Cool! I watched the movie "The Thief" (1981) today
Grahame Huntley they are all essential 100 plus albums
Christina Varland Bastien Love you Willie
Monique Lavigne Xwellie have nice d'autres
Billy McCawley Toke
Theresa Buswell Michelle Oas💛
Jan Palmer-Jozwiak Lynette K. Drummond
Justin Ouellette An American icon
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Stephen Colbert congratulated America for surviving Donald Trump's first 100 days as president on Friday's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. "After this, we can not bring him back to the store without a receipt," the host said.

John Lewis Johnny Carson and Jack Parr are rolling in their graves because of what the late night talk shows have become.
Charles Fladger 100 days of complete chaos.
Joe Bartek There are some very dark days ahead.
Steve Huffman Hey.... We survived 8 years of a Muslim communist con-man! TRUMP is a huge relief!
Ann Chryssikos McBroom one hundred days down, 1360 to go.
Paul Andre Taylor I really miss his old show.
Jim Sheldon Don't congratulate us, mourn for us :(
Sudheer Singh my aunt­­ makes­­ $93 every­­ hour ­­on ­­the­­ pc­­ . She ­­has­­ been ­­without ­­a ­­job­­ for­­ seven ­­months ­­but­­ last­­ month ­­her­­ payment­­ was­­ $32439 ­­just ­­working ­­on ­­the pc ­­for­­ a­­ few ­­hours. COPY AND PAST>>>> w­w­w­.­s­a­l­a­r­y­-­j­o­b­2­.­c­o­m™
Oscar Hills IV Facts don't make you a racist.....Some folks just can't handle the truth! SIGN UP NOW at (We keep it 100 on there). Also you can download the app at the App Store 🎉 FYI- F**K #Donaldjtrump
Ernest Bavyvoy Not everyone did! Some working ppl was deported...
Keith van Heyningen F-OFF you RACIST,SOCIALIST POS's.
Steve Schimmel Not surviving - Thriving !!
Kevin Hull Is this crap supposed to be funny?
Sadie Mae Sirius ^^lol
Fran Mills He's an idiot!!!
Beth Murphy Ward
Tim Murphy Kelly Bradford Geffert
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Rolling Stone5 hours ago

Happy birthday Jerry Seinfeld! Look back at our 1994 feature where the comedian discusses Seinfeld, his stand-up career and more.

Neil Dickinson Happy Birthday Jerry Seinfeld A funny old bugger named Jerry Can afford a Rolls Royce or Ferrari With his massive net worth It’s the day of his birth So tonight he’ll eat, drink and be merry... He was born on this day in New York To a family that didn’t eat pork In the comedy game He’s earned fortune and fame Like another old coot, Martin Short He began doing stand-up routines In Manhattan and Brooklyn and Queens Where he polished his craft Drawing many a laugh With the talent instilled in his genes The Tonight Show booked Jerry to play A quick five minute bit in L.A. By the time he was done He had hit a home run Ed and Johnny were both blown away After that there were offers galore To perform both at home and offshore Jerry's wry observations Drew standing ovations From laugh seekers shouting for more Near the end of the Reagan regime Jerry followed a hunch and a dream Of a show on TV He approached NBC To propose an unusual scheme So a show about nothing was pitched And the network elites were bewitched By its singular theme But it wasn't foreseen How their coffers would soon be enriched Larry David, a colleague and chum Was a part of the deal from day one With his singular wit Soon the show was a hit From the ludicrous stories it spun Seinfeld ran nine remarkable years Boosting four mediocre careers To the level of fame And artistic acclaim Of the actors in Frasier and Cheers These days Jerry is taking it slow With a lucrative revenue flow From the royalty cheques That his agent collects For his client, who's rolling in dough
Nelson Miguel Best sitcom of all time...
Dana Fontenot Best show in the History of Television! Happy Bday Jerry!!! Thanks for all the joy your show has brung to me🎂
Margaret Bailey Cooley Still my favorite. I never get tired of this show.
Ruth Williams Becca Evans our hero's bday!!
Daryl Covern A show about nothing!
Richard E. Torres Timeless Comedy !!
Chris Stephens no more soup for you!
Steve Topalian I'll get u another pen like the one klompus gave u 😜😜😜😜
Ruben Aguilar Popi peed on my couch ?!?!?
Andrew M Langton No soup for you!
Scott Gerace I hope they do the reunion show
Lance Ball These pretzels are making me thirsty!
Chris Deaton i dont wanna be a pirate!
Z I N A <3
Bretta Stoddard Nancy and Marcio
JM Díaz Rob Luisen
John McKessy Danny Cogan Ronan Leonard
Erin Watts Tyler Watts
Dale Stinson Jr. Taylor Stinson Billy Adams
Donna Jfdi Oliver Shane
Tim Patrick Mark Longfellow
Emily Hopkins Kate Hopkins
Melissa Flores Jimmy Lugo
Joselo Castro Alejandro Bonilla Cortez
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Rolling Stone6 hours ago

Bruce Springsteen sat down for a Q&A session with Tom Hanks as part of the Tribeca Film Festival. Devotees of the musician turned out in droves, selling out the theater and filling it with long, deep chants of "Bruuuuuuce."

Rick Barton it was fun to watch Bruce campaign for the pig in a pantsuit named Hilary, then we all went and voted for President Trump/ Shut up and sing Bruce. No one cares what else you have to say.
Doreen DiSibio Stovenour I love the angry faces. If you can't just scroll through without an angry face for two of the great artists of our time, I'm just not sure what there is to thumbs up about. Can't make some people happy, no matter what.
Julie Marie I think Born in the USA brought him more forward into the general music community. I know that's when I started to really like him. I still love those songs. That was when I saw him in concert. So he might feel ambivalent about the album but that's the one that really brought him forward.
Dan Ditzler Would like to know what both these gentlemen had to say about Jonathan Demme (RIP) and Philadelphia given timing of his passing this week. Not my favorite Bruce movie song (The Wrestler is) but an excellent moody complement to the film.
Mike Lanzalotti Born in the USA is my least favorite record of his, just saw him again last Sept at a 4 hr Philadelphia show, guy is amazing
Georgine Gorman Thanks. There are so many memories surrounding this man and his music and I didn't discover it until I was in my 40s!
Lee Underwood Great songwriter and musician, phenomenal performer and after getting to meet Bruce last November, one hell of a nice guy.
John Gregory Davis heard a rumor bruce and the esb will be touring Trumps banned countries..Syria first stop.
Sharon Daugherty Bushnell Love them both!!
Deb Ashton Two of my favoritest people 💁🏻❤️😘❤️😘
Cindy Saldivar Ramirez Absolutely love these two! 🤗
Cla Risse Xavier mais tu l'as sûrement déjà lu !
Michele la Gioia Lxd Non z
Claudia Ojeda Love love these two 💜💜💜💜
Doug Bizjack Man Crush.
Dale Benedict 😡...why??
Rachel Hyland McCaffrey Omg!!!
Laurel Panchuk Right there with ya BRuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!
Michael Kaup Hanks' interview was pretty terrible.
Bruno Rocco Miletic O.T.T.!👌
Victor Ortiz
Janne Berg Ping Per Wernolf ( ja, du har redan sett den)
Amber Mercedes Elliott Rhys These two 😍
Jane Carracher Jess Lomas this is the dream.
Osina Soumete Amayal Soumete Murual Soumete Nelly Ina Wae Soumete twee bazen 😎
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DMX entered a rehab facility Thursday night, just days after he postponed a string of concerts due to a "medical emergency."

Bart Lis I wish him well and I hope he never stops trying to get sober. Best of luck.
T.a. Kernos Rehab Counselors are reporting it's extremely difficult to open the lines of communication with DMX.. He just repeatedly tells them, "Mind your business, Lady!"...
Steve Knight He was starting to lose his mind, up in here, up in here.
Anna Adams Talented guy. I hope he beats this before it beats him.
Charlene Watson It takes courage and strength to get help. Well done Sir. Wishing you the best.
Alex Haynes Please don't do him like Prince after that Atlanta show. I don't wanna find out next week that DMX is dead next!
Zunom Torebor Chill bro, stay strong God Is In Control
Lise Landi Lizzie Kate damn good thing you already went to see him and lost your wallet
Emily Van Devender Dylan Lopez the aftermath of that vid you were showing me
Michael Curtis Such a gifted wordsmith... pray that he beats his addition. Been there, done that. 30 years of sobriety done one day at a time.
Melissa Whelpley Did you see this Greg Campbell? Hope he can get clean and off that crap...
Jason Michael Good for him I'm glad he at least did positivity for his life and went to the hospital. He needs help it's a disease
Tristan Copeland Lol yea all these rap artist thinking thier hard. Look at Lemmy, Keith, keidis. Kind of funny
Sean Vasquez hes been battling addiction for a very longtime. i wish him the best.
Jeff Mount He told us years ago we were making him lose his mind up in here. Maybe we should have listened.
David Hersh Addiction most certainly qualifies as a medical emergency. Best of luck to him in his recovery.
Mark Gardashnik All good. He can have his own festival in the Bahamas when he gets out.
Dylan Hearn Tyler King still presidential material imo
Amanda DiNicola Jolene Reynolds good thing he managed to make it thru your concert 😂
Toni Kartikis Wishing him strength in his recovery
Chris Staton He on that powder, bad.
Eric Marley X Gonna give it to ya!!
Murray Elias Dog bites man.
Tyler John Harney Who's still buying tickets to a DMx concert anyhow?
Charlie Dornfeld He knew he was in trouble asking for trap beats
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Rolling Stone18 hours ago

Ozzy Osbourne will reunite with longtime guitarist Zakk Wylde for a summer tour that marks the 30th anniversary of when the two first collaborated together.

Patrick Winkel well he couldn't read the teleprompter about 10 years ago, what will he have now, a milli vanilli show? Cmon Ozzy, give it a rest, don't get me wrong I love him, but cmon...
Christian Arial Ozzy should throw his support behind younger bands of merit. There's something to be said about "passing the torch" at the right time.
Ryan Hendershot When Ozzy passes away -- which I hope is a long time from now -- will the headline read that he's reuniting with Randy Rhoads?
Thomas Raven Ozzy was the weak link in the Sabbath tour. Some nights he was passable, others atrocious. Doesn't he have enough money yet?
Buck Oleson Saw Zakk Wylde cover for Dickie Betts in the Allman Brothers Band, he was dynamite too.
Melissa Whelpley Id like to see this one . Havent seenOzzy since Black Sabbath tour. Zakk KICKS ASS!
Pax Tracy Ozzy, Ozzy, can barely put a sentence together or walk. Time to throw in the towel.
Greg Harmon Sharon is trying to squeeze every penny she can out of Ozzie's legacy!
Neelloc Niffit Btw Rolling Stone it's Carterville, IL at Walker's Bluff for the solar eclipse. It's in Southern Illinois. There is no S in the spelling.
Jason Hoffman He had to prove himself when he was young so should the young bands.
William Schafer Zakk absolutely incredible at Experience Hendrix 2017 - Fox Theatre in Detroit.
Charlotte May Riley 😍 Wonder if he'll add any UK dates because if so I'm definitely there! 💜🖤
Edgar Ortiz Great, now we need Sharon and Zakk to run their mouths about Maiden, and my fave band will get even more massive.
Ricardo Del Angel Wasnt his last tour his Farwell tour da fuq does he know if hes coming or going 😂😂
Shane Rippy Yep i hope they come close 2 st.Louis maybe a road trip thanks Holly Shafer Taft cant miss this show
Jonas R. Ledang Kristoffer Hylland Skogheim guttetur. Meg, deg, ozzy, zakk. Blir konge
Jordan O'Connor Ozzy Osbourne reunites with pinch harmonics
Curt Pence
Jeffrey P. Coaltrain Gonna be front row center at The Legendary Buffalo Chip... Cant wait!
Amanda Wittenauer Ray Raines just in time for your birthday.
Amber Ortiz Sapphire Fuego ! Sturgis this year 🎉
Katie Edwards Dian - We saw Zakk last year!
Diana Jurgens Look at those youngsters! ;)
Nick O'Mara HOORay!
Mike Chiurazzi I'm in Brother.