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For nearly 55 years, Werner Herzog chronicled the weird, the wild and the obsessed. With two new films coming out in April, he is showing no signs of slowing down. From crazed conquistadors to 3D cave tours, here are 10 Herzog films you need to...

Adam Huckel Great choices. Happy People: A Year in the Taiga was fantastic as well.
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After four days of hearings, all we know about Neil Gorsuch is what we already knew: that he is a widely respected judge, and one who is lauded by the extreme right because of the results he reaches and his backwards-looking way of interpreting the...

Paul Hilton Not to mention his repeated refusal to name the dark money company(s) that spent $10 million to get him here.
Kay Casey How is it okay for a man under investigation by the FBI to appoint a judge for the Supreme Court!?! This is just unreality
Rosie Coleman Arsehole
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Les Amazones d'Afrique is a supergroup of 10 remarkable West African female performers, including international stars, local heroes and up-and-coming musicians. Stream their debut album in full below and read what they told us about the collaboration.

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In March 1997, America was shook by the strange story of Heaven's Gate that included mass suicide, wild public-access-style videos, an obsession with U.F.O.s and, in true late-Nineties fashion, tracksuits and matching Nikes. They also had a new recruitment tool: the Internet. Here are 10...

Max Morin This is one of the weirdest stories in American history. Up there with Jonestown and the Manson Family. Didn't they all sterilize themselves because they thought they were aliens and aliens don't have genders?
Jim Gordon This is not unlike the phenomenon of Trump. Desperate people hinging their hopes for the future on some ridiculous dogma or absurd deity in the belief that embracing and following them will result in their own salvation and brighter future. It never ends well.
Angela Gallant I don't know I think Jonestown to me was one of the most brutal moments in history that happened because of a cult but this one is definitely pretty shocking as well. This one sort of makes me think about Scienctology and makes me wonder how far their willing to go as well.
Kim Henshaw Dozier Fry I always wonder how people could into such Bullshit, till Trump was elected.
Mark Henderson If only the entire 45* administration would do this...
Shawna Seddon Seifert Why don't you learn how to proofread! There are at least 2 spelling errors in this article! You should be a shamed!
Brad Hardisty That's thorough. But, too many typos. You need an Editor or go back to College.
Darius Henry Any cult that required its member to cut off their genitals is a cult you should stay away from.
Steve Mestayer Charles Darwin thanks them for their contribution to our future.
Roland R Tbthreeothree I know, don't follow a man blindly because his charisma might make you think he knows everything. Brain up.
David Miller This happened a couple towns over from where I'm from, bunch of freaks.
Josh Daniel god this was all they talked about, the HG cult and who killed JonBenet Ramsey. media fodder for months.
Ayxa Correa Soto This case shock me back then and i wonder how people with education could into a cult like that. And that guy is kind a creppy
Caitlyn Beley I was 8 years old and this terrified me. That guy was so creepy.
Sam Tam Last chance to evacuate planet earth before it is recycled
Zach Humbert Thomas Tomeo Jon Park I've got a date with heavens gate!
Peter William Lennon Nor do I care... Crazy ass leaders, crazy ass followers... Typical end to a crazy ass set of crazy ass beliefs. Where do these crazy ass people come from???
Diedrick Rucker Nathaniel Rucker this was the headline the day you were born
Cherie O'Neal SHAKEN. Not shook.
David Bussin Was this ever made into a movie?
Tara Allbritten Typos made this unreadable!
Monty Todd Herb Applewhite looks like Roger Stone.
Amy L. Emerick Their kicks were fly though...
Jonathan Webber "shaken"
Kathy Schiavo Krueger Melissa Faulkner Brian Krueger the Heavens Gate Away Team.
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After three decades of using the same computerized voice, Stephen Hawking searches for a fresh tone, auditioning a group of A-list actors in a hilarious clip created for Comic Relief: Red Nose Day. Watch below.

Theresa Salisbury Oldham That would have been funnier if it had been three minutes shorter.
Lisa Kirschenbaum Kandrach Dr. Sheldon Cooper!
Terri Linn Laws Michael Caine is perfect!
Scott Pilling Brennan Risling how cool would this be if you were the voice of Stephen
Brian Doherty Samuel L Jackson!
Eric T. Gott Must use pee wee Herman
Suriya Srisa-an Darth Vader /James Earl Jones with the effect
Nancy Brankis Really terrific!!!
Lea Ann Pugh Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
Christodoulos Kokolios I want Arnold Schwarzenegger
Kimberley Duncan-Swigart 😂🤣🙃
Josh Graves Shoulda gone with Vin! Chris Brigandi
Kim Rehner Christopher Walken...just saying🤓
Cat Massey Love this! ❤
Jarosław Waligórski Michael Caine :D
Rich Dickson Now that, was very disappointing. :-(
Diana Apollonia Bravo!!
Ramon Bozorgi
David Headley Anyone but William Shatner...😵😵
ਪੁਲਕਿਤ ਸਹਗਲ My Kylie is also there 😘😍♥️❣️
Carey Lynn "no"
Connie Clark Bless his pea picking heart.
Pamela Hegarty Jim Parsons!!!
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Future Islands enlisted New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's sign language interpreter to sign in lyric video for new single, "Cave." Watch below.

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Popular YouTuberJon "JonTron" Jafari recently caused controversy after spouting far-right views during a YouTube broadcast. Now the creators of the upcoming 'Yooka-Laylee,' have dropped the voice work he did for the game.

Noah Wellington inb4 "Free speech is dead! The liberals killed it!" Nope, it's very alive. But that doesn't mean it can't have consequences
Scott Daley I discriminate against conservatives in all walks of my life now. At the public beach the other day I refused to give up my free parking place to anybody but a liberal. That public beach is socialism and conservatives hate socialism so I'd ask if they were conservatives or liberals and if they said conservatives I told them to just move on. They were pissed, TFB.
Matthew Craig Whenever I want to listen to thought​ provoking political ideas then a gamer on YouTube is always my first choice.....
Kevin Golden He's free 2 say what he wants and they are free 2 not use his voice anymore because he is now unpopular because of what he said
Ryan Clark While I don't agree with his views, that's kinda overkill don't you think
DoctorParker Carbine Regardless of whether you agree or not with what he said it is well within the rights of a company to choose not to associate with someone who is sharing a lot of political views.
Ethan Dyer While I don't agree with what he said, I think this hurts the games following more than it does him
Michaela DeBenedictis What did he say?
Eric Stacy Jr He said nothing wrong
Rick J. Carioti Free speech only applies to the left.
Ken Collins So much for free speach
Alan George Wrecked.
Matt Navarro Lol that hurts.
Daniel J Hemmerle I've literally read this before it came out
Tyler Stanley Rekttttttttt
Tuncay Tuncay Kakık Add me ladies lonely don't have a girlfriend,lonely I don't have a girlfriend
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Check out these 14 great new albums you can hear right now, including Paul McCartney, Betty Who, The Jesus And Mary Chain and more.

Bach Bishop What's the worst thing to come out of Europe since the Black Plague? James Blunt
William Whitmire Jacob McMullin Betty got mentioned by Rolling Stone ☺️
Ahmed Anssaien 0
Tuncay Tuncay Kakık Add me ladies lonely don't have a girlfriend,lonely I don't have a girlfriend