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musicmagTom Kent’s Music Magazine is the six hour program dedicated to giving our listeners a different fun filled experience every single hour of each and every weekday night. It’s appointment driven radio making each hour unique.

At 6p each weekday evening, it’s “What’s This World Coming To”. This is our time tested feature highlighting some of today’s unique and fun stories with your brand of interactive listener driven humor. At 7p, it’s the “70s at 7″ with “My 70s Show” featuring all 70s all hour. At 8p, it’s the “80s at 8″ with “Lovin’ Life, Livin’ the 80s” with all 80s hits all hour. At 9p, it’s “Your Live Request Show” where our listeners get to program the music and pick the songs all hour.  At 10p, it’s “The Classic Hits Countdown” highlighting a different theme of top songs each week.   We top off the evening with “Double Play Doblay” at 11p with an hour that’s twice as good as any other because every song set features two great artists or groups back to back!

I’m pouring my heart and soul into every single hour. WE know you’ll love this show!


Tom Kent is a radio veteran whose worked at some of America’s greatest radio stations including the legendary WLS CHICAGO. He’s been nationally syndicated since 2002. On March 16, 2008, Mr. Kent started TKRN, the radio network that bears his name. Since then the network has expanded into a 24/7 entertainment power force with multiple shows and various personalities in a variety of formats broadcast on hundreds of stations! Each product is designed to entertain and enlighten with the sole purpose of ending boring radio! Take a look below and see what today’s broadcast experts are saying about the Tom Kent Radio Network.

Tom Kent
Tom Kent10 months ago


Bill Regan Please update your streaming links page so we use it to listen live on the internet. Thanks!
Sean Ramage Thanks tk your the best
Joyce Coles Demet Miss you on the Sunday morning show on my local station, 102.1! ! !
Bill Regan
Sean Ramage Hey toucan what do you think about the remake of the ghostbusters song performed by fall out boy and Missy Elliott personally I like the ray parker Jr. Classic version better
Zachary Aaron Truckin Tom
Tom Kent
Tom Kent3 years ago


Paul G Mikusa Good grief Tom where you been
Donna Canter Goforth Wondering where you were!! LOL
Wohali Adado TK! 'Bout time you posted ;) ♥
Mike Bode Apparently "TK TK TK" is "journalese for facts yet 'to come'".
Kimberly Blackburn Listen to The Ultimate Party around the campfire, love your energy! TKTKTK
Jose Martinez Can you play love train
Jose Martinez Hey tom
Mike Hirsch Just back from Destin. Got a kick from hearing you again.... Mike in Ohio
Sean Ramage Well toucan since David bowie and Glenn Frey recently died maybe you can play there music this Saturday night
Jose Martinez You're mean and iam not calling no more
Jose Martinez U didn't play my song
Jose Martinez Iam never calling again
Jose Martinez You're a ass
Don Smith lol
Sean Ramage Tom Kent is a very intelligent man
Tom Kent
Tom Kent4 years ago

What's your favorite song on the Ultimate Party?!

Gregory Balteff i am proud to know this fine gentleman ...i love his energy, and am proud to say i am sometimes heard on his show as the inspirational poet !!
Shawn Kevin Nights on Broadway is hott
Melissa Layton "(Shake Shake Shake) Shake Your Booty", "The Chicken Dance", "The Hokey Pokey", "C'mon and Ride the Train", "Lady Madonna", and "What Is Life"
Tina Hoppe I like your comments and agree with them
Tina Hoppe 3ws is my and my dads favorite channel
Jose Martinez You're a ass
Jon Brooks
Tom Kent
Tom Kent4 years ago

Yo, yo, yo! How many are rocking with TK TONITE!?

Wendy Murray I love to listen to you! You sound like what DJ's "used" to sound like. And that's a good thing! You make it fun!!! Keep making us smile!!! God Bless you!!!
Melissa Layton TK, please play "The Hokey Pokey" by Ray Anthony and I appereciate it, thanks TKTKTK.
Tom Kent Wendy and Melissa: XOXO! THANKS!
Pamela Fischer-Lee I am rocking! ! Can you play either the Babys Everytime I Think Of You or Milli Vanilli Girl,You know It's True? ! Thanks,love your show! !!
Cheryl Lowery Love this show😀😂😉😉😉
Jose Martinez Iam very sorry for calling u sir i will call u tom kent can u play song from the Eagles please tom kent
Micah Shaw I enjoy your show EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT
Tom Kent
Tom Kent4 years ago

"SHARE" and "LIKE" my pic so we can get more fans here. The more the merrier! Oh yeah, who is ready to party TONIGHT?! - TK

Melissa Layton "The Chicken Dance", "The Hokey Pokey", "The Train", "The Bunny Hop", and "The Limbo", TKTKTK.
Shelvin Trahan We love your program always TK
Christie Thompson You are cute
Jose Martinez You're a ass
Jose Martinez 550000
Jose Martinez Youre a ass
Jose Martinez You're very mean ass
Micah Shaw i have been trying to get a hold of you every Saturday NIGHT ARE YOU STILL THERE
Elizabeth Culligan Hi oh yah I'm Rady to party bye lizzie culligan 10:09